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mezpp Purchased

My form page doesn’t go through when using safari but it works properly on firefox and chrome

can you help me check what is wrong with it? I have already sent the form link through your profile contact form last week but haven’t got reply back. I will send the link to you again today



I have replied to your email. Thanks


phiwop Purchased

Dear DDeveloper,

thank you for your great work!

Question: Trying to add a Custom Url Action Button using a specific column value (not primary key) ist not working for me.

Like in your code example :

$action = “http://google.com/?id={col_name}”; $text = ‘’; $attr = array(“title”=>”Redirect URL”); $pdocrud->enqueueBtnActions(“url”, $action, “url”,$text,”booking_status”, $attr);

i thought this code is returning the value of the booking_status Column in {col_name} Action. Debugging this code also return 1 (the PK not the column value) by the way.

I tried to adapt this:

$action = “index.php?site=viewPat&&url={col_name}”; // changing col_name to hash no changes too. $text = ‘’; $attr = array(“title”=>”Edit”); $pdocrud->enqueueBtnActions(“url”, $action, “url”,$text,”hash”, $attr);

returning the column value of “hash” but also getting only the PK.

Is there a solution to solve this?

Thank you very much.

Regrads, Julian


zhathy Purchased

Dear DDeveloper,

I am just about to make a purchase. Previously I have used XCrud, but your product provides much broader set of functions.

If you don’t mind, just one preliminary question: Is it supported to join the same table twice (based on different foreign key IDs of course)?

Example: 1. Main table records define entries of a network connectivity matrix, containing Source and Destination parameters 2. Metadata of different network segments are stored in a secondary table 3. I would like to refer this secondary table twice, once when I populate Source and once for Destination values

Please kindly let me know if it is supported this way?

Thanks in advance for the reply!


There are no direct function available for this in script so you will need to use jQuery for this part.



zhathy Purchased

Thanks. May I ask exactly where do you generate the “Are you sure to delete this record” popup? I would include my code around that.


zhathy Purchased

Nevermind, found it.


I want to apply the same (chekbox) button on this page


Is this possible?

If you can please supply me with code or correct way to apply

I am very grateful and grateful

Hi http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/action-buttons

Here instead of up and down arrow icon,you can pass icon for the right/cross arrow icon

If you would

Do you give me a simple example of the checkbox button

And what files should be dealt with within the DocuCode and edited

Thanks .

Sorry ….

I did not notice a button link with (booking status)

It turns out the example now

Thank you


kaigu Purchased

Question 1.

in this example : http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/load-dependent-data.php

the data binding is okay during the selection phase, but when i save the data , its bringing numbers in the billing country and billing state Example : if i select billing country as USA and billing state as Texas then save the record, it displays numbers : billing country 1 billing state 3. how can i make it display USA and Texas when i save the record ?

question 2.

in this example : http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/table-col-more-formatting.php and http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/portfolio.php Can uploaded pictures have a hightbox effect when clicked ?

Question 3.

in this example :http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/table-formatting.php

on the product description that contains read more. is it possible to combine two fields and display on one modial? example: if i want to display product description and product image on the modial.

Question 4.

when i am creating a simple table on phpmyadmin using xampp, then using the script to generate the form, i have realised that when i perform an entry on the form ,its creating duplicate records on the database, even after placing a primary key. how can i prevent the creation of duplicate entries?


1. You can set key as name(basically value) instead of default key as numbers so it will save the text. 2. This will require javascript implementation. I will try to add it in future versions. 3. Yes, you can combine 2 columns to generate a new column. 4. I have never experienced issue of duplicate record , please check code , might be it is called twice.



kaigu Purchased

hello, can you show me with an example code how to do question 1 and 3 … thanks

Hi, I don’t bought the plugin yet, but I would buy it.

Before I have a question about upload field, is it possible define the path where upload the image? Is it possibile to define a dynamic path, for example path based on currenct ID or other?

The previous version of CRUD did not allow it.



1. Yes, you can define the path of uploaded folder. 2. It is not possible directly but you can use callback function to achieve this.


If we search for record, edit and come back, we lose the search results. The search has to be performed again. This is frustrating and we lose productivity.

Can search be more customized where in we include multiple conditions within same table ?

Is it possible that you will have WYSWIG editor in any future releases?

The demo on site works differently. Is it because it is not like search ? When can this search problem be fixed ?


The last version code is not uploaded on demo site. The search has most of the features but these features are difficult to implement, tracking the search query after edit is bit difficult as complete process is dynamic, we will try to implement it soon.


My date column becomes 0 when updating the record. I think the reason is that the date comes empty. My current date format is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. DO I have to configure the date format fora each table somewhere? 2. How do I hide certain columns when they come for editing? I do not want complete table structure to be displayed.