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PDFMentor Pro - WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor

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PDFMentor Pro – WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor is a fully integrated, comprehensive and user-friendly plugin that allows the end-user to get a static look of their WordPress-powered website or blog created using the Elementor Page Builder.

Our plugin helps you to generate PDF with the Elementor Page Builder while retaining the same layout and elements on the page as on the website, blog, custom posts and so on. It helps to achieve trust and credibility among potential customers and allows business owners to achieve their branding goals.

What to know before choosing PDF Generator for Elementor Page Builder?

When there are so many PDF generator plugins for Elementor Page Builder available in the market, it can be very confusing to choose the best suit for your website.

Most standard plugins will help you to extract PDF version of the web pages created using the Elementor Page Builder on your website. However, most of these plugins do not produce or support all the Elementor elements. Non-supported elements will be missing in your PDF version hence you may not get the same layout and appearance as on your main website.

For example, if you have a section with 4 columns and drag the elements in these columns, the layout of the PDF will be different from the main page because the non-supported elements will not be visible. The elements will appear scattered and the columns will not be in the same row.

How is WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor Different from others?

Most plugins in the market today are not compatible with all the elements of the Elementor Page Builder plugin. On the other hand, our plugin is an exception loaded with approx Supported Elements, features and compatibility to give you the best user experience having much more than any other in the market.

The most robust and feature-packed plugin ever for Elementor Page Builder, it supports the alignment of Rows, Columns, all Elements and layouts of Elementor. Upon generating the PDF with this plugin you will get the same layout as created using the Elementor on your website. Furthermore, the plugin has several features such as Custom CSS settings that help you to customize the page elements available on the Elementor Page Builder plugin. It also allows you to show/hide the header and footer elements from the settings.

Our plugin will help you download the PDF of any page on your website and get the same layout with all the elements. This way, you do not have to browse the same page again and again online. Just open the downloaded version to read the contents offline whenever you want. Additionally, WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor plugin supports the functionality of Elementor Page Builder’s Basic, Pro, General, Site, Single, WooCommerce and WordPress Widgets for the same layout.

You can drag any element from these Elementor widgets and then download the PDF copy of the page to get the same look as on the original webpage.

Why is Elementor PDF Generator important for your website, blog or online store?

The PDF generator plugin is essential for WordPress sites and blogs built with the Elementor Page Builder plugin that has a very high volume of readable content. Suppose you are running several blogs created with Elementor. Our plugin will help you and your regular visitors download one or more blog pages in PDF and read them later offline. They will get a static look at the pages with all the contents and the same layout as on the blog.

Why choose WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor?

There are so many reasons to choose this plugin over others in the market today. First, this plugin supports all elements, layouts, rows and columns of the Elementor WordPress plugin.

Second, it is much similar to the Elementor Page Builder plugin.

Third, it supports all Elementor widgets in Basic, Pro, General, Site, Single, WooCommerce etc.

Fourth, our plugin comes with a range of powerful features that allows the site owners to add custom CSS, Add/Customize header and footer using WP-Editor, add watermark image/text and much more.

Moreover, it allows the readers on your blog or website to create, download, or print the PDF file of one or more web pages. You can also style the PDF file as per requirements.

Functions and Support of WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor

1. Works with WP Editor

This is a WP Editor compatible editor so the users can access several features on the editor to format and customize the PDF copies for download for reading offline.

2. Flexible and Customizable

This PDF generator plugin offers several customization features allowing the user to get the desired look of the PDF version they want to download. Following are some of the elements you can customize:

  • Adjust the PDF page size and orientation
  • Customize header and footer contents using WP Editor
  • Add and customize watermark text, images or logos

3. RTL Support

This is RTL compatible plugin allowing the users to add and customize the text in right to left typography as in the Arabic language.

4. Supports all the Elementor Elements

No matter what type of Elementor widget is used on your WordPress website, our plugin supports all inbuilt widgets that can be present on any website, blog or online store.

  • Elementor’s Rows and Columns
  • All Elementor layouts
  • Posts and widgets element
  • Portfolio widget element
  • Support Tabs widgets
  • Products widgets

5. Single Product Page

Creates PDF for WooCommerce single product. Just add the PDF Download Button on the single product page and generate a PDF file. It also embraces high-level security which ensures that there is no theft or hacking problem online. To do so you can create a unique password for PDF so that no one other than your users can access your file.

Key Features

Our plugin is specially designed for WordPress websites built using Elementor Page Builder templates and widgets. To ensure you get a clear understanding of the entire set of features and functions you can access with our plugin, herein is the list of compatible features:

Basic Widget of Elementor

Customize the DIVIDER Element and HEADING Element with Custom CSS using WP Editor.

Pro Widget of Elementor

Our plugin supports all elements and widgets on the Pro Widget of Elementor:

  1. Posts Element
  2. Portfolio Element
  3. Gallery Widget Element
  4. Slides Element
  5. Price Lists Element
  6. Price Table Element
  7. Flip Box Element
  8. Call to Action Element
  9. Media Carousel Element
  10. Testimonial Carousel Element
  11. Reviews Element
  12. Countdown Element
  13. Share Buttons Element

General Widget of Elementor

  1. Image Box Element
  2. Icon Box Element
  3. Star Rating Element
  4. Image Carousel Element
  5. Basic gallery Element
  6. Icon List Element
  7. Progress Bar Element
  8. Testimonial Element
  9. Tabs Element
  10. Accordion Element
  11. Toggle Element
  12. Social Icons Element
  13. Alert Element

Site Widget of Elementor

  1. Sitemap Element
  2. Menu Cart Element

Single Widget of Elementor

  1. Author Box Element
  2. Post Comment Element
  3. Post Navigation Element
  4. Post Info Element

WooCommerce Widget of Elementor

Our plugin is fully compatible and functional on all types of WooCommerce websites. To bestow the best user experience to all your buyers, we have included all Elementor Page Builder elements specifically designed for online shopping websites.

  1. Products Element
  2. Custom Add to Cart Element
  3. Product Categories Element
  4. Gallery Element
  5. Cart Element
  6. Products by Rating Element

WordPress Widget of Elementor

  1. Calendar Element
  2. Gallery Element
  3. Cart Element
  4. Products Element
  5. Products by Rating Element

Customization Features

Along with the basic features and supported Elementor elements, our plugin provides a range of customization features that help users to get a customized look on PDF pages at their convenience.

PDF Basic Settings

  1. Set the file name for all generated PDF files
  2. Choose option to hide/show the Page title
  3. Include the featured image
  4. Choose to hide/show the post date in PDF
  5. Show the Post Tags in PDF
  6. Show the Category Lists
  7. Set/change the background colour for your generated PDF
  8. Set the background image for the generated PDF
  9. Option to generate PDF in Arabic language or languages which start from right align
  10. Choose from the options which post type you want to generate the PDF
  11. Option to choose the WooCommerce pages where you want to show the Download PDF button
  12. Protect your PDF by securing it by specifying a password required for a user to open the generated PDF
  1. Easy to design Header/Footer Section of the PDF using WP Editor
  2. Change the Header/Footer content, CSS, Fonts, Font-Size and add Margins
  3. Customize the Header/Footer of PDF as you want, upload logo, write custom HTML for Header/Footer.
  4. You can remove the Header/Footer of PDF
  5. You can remove the Footer page number of PDF

PDF Watermark Image & Text Settings

  1. Add a refined look to the page with Watermark Image or Text on the PDF
  2. Add/Customize Watermark Image or Text
  3. Change the opacity of the Watermark objects
  4. Set Watermark Image and Text Dimension as desired from the settings
  5. Choose to place the Watermark Image or Text at any desired position on the PDF page

PDF CSS Settings

Our plugin is fully compatible with WP Editor so it allows you to change the CSS elements in the CSS file.

  1. Choose from a range of 56 fonts and styles for PDF text content.
  2. Set separate fonts for Header, Footer and Body
  3. Customize CSS for the Header, Footer and Body
  4. Depending on your requirements, choose from 266 available PDF page sizes
  5. Set the Page Orientation in Portrait or Landscape mode
  6. Add custom CSS to PDF Content. Almost all CSS Supported.
  7. All supported Elementor Elements are customizable through custom CSS

Steps to create PDF using PDFMentor Pro – WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor

  1. Download and install our plugin.
  2. Choose the ‘Settings’ as per requirement (see the features and functions section for available settings).
  3. Go to the ‘Basic Setting’ tab under the ‘Elementor PDF Setting’ menu.
  4. Select Allowed Post Type eg. Post, Page, Product, etc. for which you want to generate PDF.
  5. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button at the end of the page to save all the settings.

Essential System Requirements

  • Elementor plugin
  • WordPress 4.0 or higher
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.0 or higher

Translation Support Included

The WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor comes with the .pot file that allows easy translation to all supported languages.

Thank you for showing interest in WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor – RedefiningTheWeb.


18.07.2023 - ver 2.3.0
- Add: Cover Page as image or PDF for all pages
- Add: Send email to Admin or any specific email id
- Fix: CSS files and its implementation
- Fix: Post date on generated PDF
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed
- Compatible: With Elementor 3.14.1
- Compatible: With WordPress 6.2.2

04.10.2022 - ver 2.2.0
- Add: Option to hide related product section and add to cart button of WooCommerce Single Product Template
- Add: Purge cache widget on the admin bar
- Add: Show/hide horizontal line option in header and footer setting
- Add: Option to disable PDF caching
- Enchance: CSS implementation
- Enhance: PDF security option
- Enhance: Different types of password options for PDF
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed
- Compatible: With Elementor 3.7.8

14.03.2022 - ver 2.1.0
- Add: New Templates for WooCommerce Single Product PDF
- Enhance: Templates of WooCommerce Single Product
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed
- Compatible: With Elementor 3.5.6

24.11.2021 - ver 2.0.0
- Add: Disable/enable copy, print, extract, annotation etc option for the PDF in the Basic PDF Settings
- Add: Option to enable/disable Template layout for WooCommerce Single Product PDF generation in the new tab - Single Product PDF Setting Tab
- Enhance: Feature and setting to protect PDF from unauthorized users in the Basic PDF Settings
- Fix: PDF generation of Cart items
- Fix: Layout & styling issues on multisite's
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed
- Compatible: With Elementor 3.4.8

20.10.2021 - ver 1.2.2
- Add: Page break feature for PDF
- Add: Disable copy option in the PDF
- Fix: PDF generation of Cart items
- Fix: Exclude element option in the Download PDF Widget
- Fix: Layout & styling issues on multisite's
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed
- Compatible: With Elementor 3.4.6

10.04.2021 - ver 1.2.1
- Fix: Minor bugs fixed
- Compatible: With WordPress 5.7
- Compatible: With WooCommerce 5.1.0

10.03.2021 - ver 1.2.0
- Add: Feature to generate PDF for WooCommerce Single Product
- Add: Setting to hide page number of the Footer
- Add: Feature and setting to protect PDF from unauthorized users
- Compatible: With WordPress 5.6.2
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed

17.10.2020 - ver 1.1.0
- Add: Settings to choose whether to display the Download PDF button on the cart page, shop page and checkout page
- Compatible: Now our plugin is compatible with the GTransalte plugin
- Fix: Empty PDF issue solved
- Fix: Other minor bugs fixed

28.08.2020 - ver 1.0.0
- Initial Release

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