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For some reason, the emails are not being sent, the DEMO email was sent fine several times, but when I set the time to 15min, 30min, nothing happens, logs are not sent, testing on 2 different virtual machines.

Any ideas on why ?

may be net problem or firewall setting..

Well, one of them seems to be working now, After changing all the settings and resetting them again, its sending out emails, but when set to 30minutes, its sending every 1hr, not every 30mins.

yeah …min 1 hour restriction to send email

Is there a way to create a pre-configured auto-installer ?

no.. sorry for that …you can expect in major update…

6. REQUEST: Better Logs, right now, logs are kind of hard to read, maybe send them as HTML, or something like that ?

Is there an email, skype, gtalk, where I can contact you ?

skype id : mukesh_singh003

Any updates coming soon ? better logs needed please, and there are some bugs on the emailing logs, etc…

thank you.

thanks for purchasing…. update with new features soon!

After installing nothing happened, The “Uninstaller” got thrown away by Norton And I have no idea what to do next, Something’s fishy !!!

check docs.. hit hot key…

HI friend ? no working? I buy and use windows 7 and windows 8 and no open? no working? Help me

check documentation….. hit hot key…

check documentation….. hit hot key…

Do you still have the sourcecode forsale?

currently i removed from sale…

if i want install on my pc, need unistall antivirus?

nope.. it ill install with out uninstall of antivirus..

Hi.. You make a new update ? :)

not yet..ill out soon

Is the webcam feature available now? Thanks

not now

I installed application, but application is not opening

send me suggestion if i find it valid then it ill remove in upcoming update..thanks

hi i have a small business plan. Check your mukesh@

check skype

check framework setting or run as admin

The password does not work.

read the doc again…and then click the button not enter

I purchased expecting some updates :(

sorry for delay in update..

Hi, I’ve just purchased. So that you know, it is recognised as malicious on Webroot, thus I cannot extract the zip. Bes wishes

To clarify I am not calling it out as useless. I mean that it is in fact detected and removed during installation attempt :)

thanks for info.. help in upcoming update.

Hi, I am looking employee monitring software and found your, plz let me know this software will work with window 8, 9, 10,11 or mac computer. plz reply me

checked on win8, not for mac

so this will not work with window9,10 and 11 right?

Is this with source code?