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Good. Congratulation.

Presale question..

Will the form saved the data for each forms created?And can they be shown in each different pages for each forms created..

And do I have to buy the ARForms or its included?

well, all entries are saved in database and you can view them in form entries page. there you can view them form wise. as well as you get chart too.

and yes you must buy Arforms first. paypal pro for arforms is just an addon to arforms.


You should do a better design for forms, something trustable, not simple inputs.. If you know what I mean..

Anyway, good luck with sales!

just released paypal pro. plus its just an addon for arforms. we have given lot of different forms in arforms.

but thanks for suggestion, i would create better form when i get some free time. :)

Hi there, pre-sale Qs: 1. does it come with css style, in other words: after we install it on our website will the forms look the same way your preview form looks like?

We really like it, can we use this as a stand alone on it’s own domain and have it just a form for visitors to fill in and pay with paypal??

best regards

paypal pro for arform is Addon for main plugin Arforms. which can be bought here

Arforms is full set of form builder with huge range of form styling with lots of options.


Are Subscription Payment cancellations and other user settings handled in paypal or wordpress?

no, anything after the transaction is not handled here in this addon.

Hi there, pre-sale:

Can Paypal Pro for Arforms work with a regular Paypal account or it requires a Paypal Pro account?

Thanks, Tatiana

no, sorry both are completely different things.

So that means that I can use the plugin and connect it to a regular Paypal account like I do with WooCommerce. It does not require to have Paypal pro in order to work? Another question is that if I can integrate it inside the Arforms in order to submit the payment at the same time I submit the form with client information?

well, to conect with regular paypal you need to have paypal addon. paypal pro is specifically for paypal payment pro method.

Hi, this plugin support $Pesos Mexicanos?


sorry but not aware of pesos mexicanos

Hi there,

My client has purchased this plugin and asked me to implement it. I was hoping you could give me a run down of requirements in order for this plugin to work. Does the website it’s being added to need to be secure? I assume you need a PayPal Pro account, correct? Is there any other requirements?


I just bought the Paypal Pro for Arforms plugin with the Arforms plugin. I installed both of them, and the Arforms works fine, but the Paypal Pro not. I called Paypal to ensure that their information was correct and they verify that for me, but they said that the form is not even trying to communicate with them. So, I need to know how I can fix this problem. I even set the plugin exactly like the example in the instructions to ensure that it was not my mistake and the credit card info still invalid every time I try to test it with a real credit card.

have you mapped form in paypal pro addon??? kindly read paypal pro addon’s documentation once. if you still unclear then please open ticket and i will check on that.

Also we are using a Paypal Pro account

yes, i was about to ask that make sure that u r not confused with paypal and paypal pro. but you just informed :)

hello, i have problem in the form , Please enter correct card details. even it’s a real card



kindly open support ticket and our tech team will look into your issue.

Do I need a paypal pro account for this to work? Can I use this with a regular paypal account? Also, is it possible for users to add their own amount they want to pay, without making it a donation? either with this or your other paypal plugin…

No, regular paypal account wont work. yes

Hi, just purchased this addon. I do not know how to set the AMOUNT! Do i set a field in the form with price? The documentation provided with the plugin doesn’t say anything about that.



please open support ticket. our tech support staff will assist you.


I cannot open a ticket because there is no ‘License certificate & purchase code’ option in my account. I just purchased this plug-in and I an unable to see an option to set the PayPal Amount. Under Amount, it gives me a drop down to select a Form Field. No option to set actual dollar amount.

And although I did purchase the item, the purchase code is not being accepted: [removed]


you have bought both right?? Arforms and paypal pro addon. just making sure as some people do such mistakes.

assuming that you already have ARforms, just go to download page of codecanyon here

and there you will see your product list, there you will see button to download purhcase code etc. just find purchase code there and register with our site using it.


you should be careful with your purchase code. should not put your purchase code publicly as this public board.

for such information contact me using message box if our profile page.



Question 1: Hi there, does this support API interrogation, to update DB with order info?

Question 2: Does this support the NEW SDK from PayPal, to allow “ADVANCED FRAUD PROTECTION”


first let me clear that Paypal pro for ARforms is just addon to arforms so you must have ARforms to use this addon.

now to address your question.

1. Paypal pro works with api only but update database with order info, i dont think its readily available.

2. I need to check on this with developer on how its implemented

Let me begin to let any perspective buyers know that absolutely do not purchase this product. We were a believer after we purchased the forms plug in, however after purchasing the Paypal Pro plugin we’ve found it does not work correctly nor is there any support or documentation for the installation. We have some tried to submit a ticket because we have purchased four months of support, however in the ARforms support module is says it will not give no support because it has expired which is incorrect. Any way we have lost a few customers over this, I do not want anybody else to have the same issues. We will add this full report to our blog and video to back up our claims of not to use this product. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME


I am sorry to know that you have faced trouble. We are known for our good support so there must be some confusion here. And also paypal pro addon comes bundled documentation which you can follow as its just ONE Page configuration. in codecanyon there can not be any single product which can be sold without documentation

I still appreciate you mentioned that you like arforms :)

One possible reason could be is if ARForms support is expired then this may have happened. please give me your purchase code etc through message box of our profile page here

and i will check and try to sort this out for you. You can always contact us through our profile page if something wrong on helpdesk.

The way you put comment here is like out of anger and with feeling of been cheated. Please do not feel that way ever. we will do everything possible to help our customer. In fact in some case if your request is out of support scope then also we will clearly explain you.

so, please contact me soon as possible.

The documentation does not support any front end configuration details, -THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS. If you are disputing this, I am more than happy to screen shot every page of the documentation for indisputable legal proof. The lack of support is the deal breaker dealing with this company.

you must not put your purchase code here.

And your ARForms support was expired that is the reason why it was asking for correct purchase code. i am trying to assist you so, so, stop writing lies here that we are not giving support. And regarding documentation if you think it is not detailed enough then you need to inform us for that as well and we may add more details in future.

But if you have different agenda of just take out your anger here then i don’t think i will be able to do much for you.

so, please follow my instructions and contact us using message box

and provide more details on what exactly happening when you try to configure paypal pro. I will not be able to provide help here in any case you need to follow our procedure.

Hi I want Currency Thai Please help.


tretanz Purchased

Hello, I bought the Paypal Pro for Arforms. But i got the error ‘Please enter correct card details.’

I tried to open the ticket but I can’t submit it because of I don’t have purchase code of Main AR FORM.

Yes because paypal pro for arforms is Addon for main plugin ARForms. title itself says it. so, please get arforms and install it and then it would work just fine.