Discussion on Password Generator

Discussion on Password Generator

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I’ve replied to your email already please.

I have replied to your ticket. Kindly let continue the discussion there.

Hi there. How I can access directly to word based generator through link?

Not yet possible at the moment but I’ve considered it for the next update.

Thank you. When we can expect the next update? :)

Definetly next month.

Hi there, Can I get help for installation?

Yes you can get help with installation. Raise a support ticket here: Also don’t forget to add your purchase code when raising a new ticket.

Does it require Note.Js to run ?

The ready-to-upload files do not require Node.js to run as they’re html files. But you’ll need Node.js installed on your local machine before you can make changes.


kavaa Purchased

Hi, Want to exclude these symbols; ijIJ[](){}#$ but it does not do that. Also bought the app changed the app.js file and rebuild it but no luck.

Is there a specific format that the exclude needs to be in?


kavaa Purchased

Cannot do that your emails are not working :-D I don’t get a confirmation email to confirm my account…


kavaa Purchased

Your ticket system; Did not accept strong password :-D And email link did not work, but got in it somehow. Please check

Main issue have been fixed and update submitted. Thanks for the other feedback too. It’s very much appreciated.

1. I want to set minimum value 2. Currently minimum value is 6. Is it possible? 2. I want to remove Language option. Is it possible?

Please reply 2 pre-sale questions before my purchase. Thank you.

Hello, Thanks for reaching out. Current customisations does not allow that because a lot of people wanted that. If you prefer I can customise yours for you when you purchase.

Hi, developerspace I have 2 more pre-sale questions 1. Does this script need Database to operate ? 2. Do you plan to update it in the future (it’s under-updated for 6 months)

Hello, Thanks for reaching out.

1. This script doesn’t need a database. It is developed in ReactJS so everything runs in the browser. 2. Yes, there’s an update in the pipeline. There were few things that was delaying the update.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that, an update as been submitted and awaiting review.

How come there aren’t pages like privacy policy, cookies etc included in the script? Also, how does one install the script on a hosting plan?

The script doesn’t use any third party script or captures any client details at all. Password is entirely generated on the client side.

Any questions users might have can be addressed via the faq underneath the generate password button.

Hi, you have a beautiful script, just quick question please, wheres is the place for advertising? and this script with admin panel or without? Thanks in advance

Thanks for the compliment.

This script is written in react and at the moment react applications are unable to pass the google adsense review. I’ll update the script once everything changes.

Also, the script is client side only which means it doesn’t have/need an admin panel.

Can i also run ads on the site

Hello, Kindly use the form on right sidebar of our profile or you can visit the support tab above and use our support platform.

I contacted you. Please check mail

It’s done.

Question : How add a link inside 1d6229b4.chunk.js description :: n=”bla bla link ” . Happy new year!

You rather have to include the change in the src > App.js file and then follow the instructions in the docs to create a build version for production.


In this script you use the Math.random() function .. but the MND says:

“Note: Math.random() does not provide cryptographically secure random numbers. Do not use them for anything related to security. “

Do, the “random generated” passwords with this script is secure?

Thanks for the reply.

We are only using Math.random() to only generate random numbers and not encrypting anything sensitive. Secure passwords should always contain special characters, letters and numbers so yes passwords generated with the scripts can be very secure as long as it contains special characters, numbers and letters.

How can I modify this and add text etc ?

Follow the development process in the documentation to make your changes and then continue to the building for production instructions when done with making the changes.

Thank you for your help and thank you for being constructive to customers on a regular basis. But I should also note that it would have been more useful to know in advance what level of programming skills I would need to have to operate the product I purchased after purchasing it.

Because this software is not for beginners. In today’s world, most people assume a Wordpress-like level of user knowledge, and that requires far, far more.

I still wish you good luck!

Thanks for the honest feedback. I must say though that this is a react based product and requires very basic level react skills to make changes. Your issue with the quotation marks is the same in every language including WordPress (PHP)

I will try to find a better way next time to avoided situations like this. Don’t hesitate to email for any new suggestions. Cheers!

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your work on the update! Just a quick question, because I did not find any info about it in the documentation; How shall I do the update not to loose the mods I’ve done before to the previous files?

Thanks, Gabor

I meant here: “I apply this” the HTML code fot the aphostropes.

It’s really is the same in every programming language… See the examples below:

‘This isn\’t a mistake’ or “This isn’t a mistake”

Notice the difference between when the opening quotation is single quote and when it is double quote.

Hope you undertand.

It’s really is the same in every programming language… See the examples below:

‘This isn\’t a mistake’ or “This isn’t a mistake”

Notice the difference between when the opening quotation is single quote and when it is double quote.

Hope you undertand.

Dear Developerspace,

Thank you so much for the responsive support that you have done for me yesterday! I hope your way of doing will bring you a lot of success.

For the comment of KeniVinh; I must agree. The code should have some space for the additional text to make the site a bit SEO-friendly (at least).

Best regards, Gabor

I appreciate the feedback. And thank you for the suggestions. I’ll work on it and submit as part of the next update.

The software is great but unfortunately can’t write an introduction below, it will help my website to be known to more people.

For example:

Hello, I don’t understand what you mean please. Can you make it more clearer? Thank you.

Can your software write an introductory article right below?

Oh okay. That is something I plan to add to the next update. Trying to find the best way to display it while still having a simple UI.


I just purchased your script which I like, but I got 2 questions, please help.

1. There are no language files in the “build” folder. How is it possible to translate the script into other languages using the files from the named folder uploaded? 2. How can I add my own css? When I add html tags into the index file, it is not looking nice.

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards, Gabor

Hello, thank you for your purchase. Kindly use the support tab to request for support. Thanks again.

Oh, yes and sorry. It was a mistake :)

What about RTL And Arabic Lang, is it Available?

The script is not multi-language but it can be translated into your language just by editing one file. Visit for a translated version.

Can that be installed on a website? I would like to install it on my website, so customers can use it to create their passwords …

Thanks very much. Before I buy, can you please check your app on iPhone or iPad … The “Generate Password” button is not (same color as background) visible. Can that be corrected?

Yes that can be corrected. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll work on it submit as update.

Hello, I just returned my vacation and wanted to let you know, this issue has been fixed in the lasted update. Thanks


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