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Good idea, GLWS :)

Thanks! :D

Great work, GLWS!

Hi, Ex-Themes.

Thank You!

Very creative , good job.

Hi Brandableagency! Thank You!

Hi, great work ! A quick question, will this plugin allow me to scroll through the parallax using my mouse wheel ? and can i scroll horizontally and vertically in fullscreen ?

Hi AlRuh!

As I have explained:

Parallax Engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device. Where no gyroscope or motion detection hardware is available, the position of the cursor is used instead.

This is a type of “mouse parallax” and can use multiple layouts on a page.

It differs from a parallax format using the mouse wheel ( Example: http://beeteam368.com/wordpress/classic-full-width/ )


I don’t get any option to configure parallax in row options, the plugin is activated though


First you check out the documentation here:


And see the instructions below to navigate to the location of the setting in Visual Composer:



Hi NiloySarker.

Thank You!

Hi, I enjoy the addon. I want to know in one layer, I can use an iframe to include more elaborate animations in HTML5 overlapping other layers also animated by the addon.

Hi Symples!

You can send me a sample iframe? ( support@beeteam368.com ) I will try to build and report the results to you.


hello all the parallax effects and video are responsive? thank you

Hi Blob2015!

All are compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

However, video background (youtube & html5 video) on tablets and mobile devices are removed.

“Autoplay cannot be done on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android.”

You can refer to the reason here:



A WYSIWYG layer builder would be perfect

Hi ferretdev!

I know it has limitations (because this is an addon for VC). But if you understand the basic techniques of CSS, it will help you create motion class that attractive.

Thanks you!


I have a grid made with Essential Grid (https://codecanyon.net/item/essential-grid-wordpress-plugin/7563340) and I would like to add parallax effects to achieve this effect http://demo.themebeans.com/designer/. Would this plugin allow me to do that?

Thank you!


Sorry for the delay!

It does not support this feature.


hi, i’m looking for a solution to have a one page theme with Multilayer parallax effect possibility. I wuold like to controll multiple elment like this example: http://boy-coy.com/#home


Sorry, It does not support the features that you’re suggesting to me…


very good job !

Thank you very much.

Nice plugin. I’m not sure why but the brown waves didn’t appear in my demo. Is there a specific z-value that I should set them to?

Hi Silverz!

Thank for contacting us!

Can you send me a link to the website you are configuring?

Best Regard!

just sent you a private message


Before purchasing this plugin, I want to clear the following:

Will I be able to create a website like the link that I have provided here with this plugin: http://www.boy-coy.com/#apps

Waiting for your quick reply on to purchase this plugin

Thank you

Hi, Sorry!

I know the libraries that in your example are being used.

It is a completely different entity to what this plugin provides.

Hope you understand.

Best Regard!

Yeah I do understand, if you could please help with any alternative that I can look for I would much thankful for you.

The whole thing you are seeing (http://www.boy-coy.com/#apps) is developed on a javascript library.

This development is quite costly and time consuming.

Maybe you should have a front-end developer to solve this problem.


im trying to limit the movement on the x axis but not getting much joy, i enter a number into to limit x but nothing is happening

Hi blacc360!

Can you send me the link to the website you are configuring ( https://codecanyon.net/item/parallax-engine-addon-for-visual-composer/13675566/support )?

Best Regard!


silverz Purchased

Hello. is it possible to have the CSS code load externally and not fully displayed inline as part of the source code?


Sorry for delay!

Currently, this can not be changed.

If possible, please send me an admin account and link to your website ( https://codecanyon.net/item/parallax-engine-addon-for-visual-composer/13675566/support ).

I will try to transfer them to the footer.

Best Regard!

Hi.. do you have a set up demo on youtube or elsewhere? would be great to see how you deal with these massive settings possibilities..

Hi Picturgency,

Sorry, I do not have the things you need.

I can send you a trial version.

Please provide your gmail address. I will send it to you through google drive.


Great ! thx. I send you my mail by PM

WOW this plugin looks IN$ANE!! and on mobile! http://beeteam368.com/wordpress/beeteam368-parallax-engine-animation-63851447524620/ How would we create something like this?? (do you have a turorial video pre purchase)?!

Hi SterlingWilliam,

Thank for contacting us!

If you have a Gmail account, send it to me ( https://codecanyon.net/item/parallax-engine-addon-for-visual-composer/13675566/support ). I will send you a trial version.

Best Regard!