Paradise Slider - Responsive Bootstrap Carousel Plugin

Paradise Slider - Responsive Bootstrap Carousel Plugin

Paradise Slider - Responsive Bootstrap Carousel Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
A set of responsive carousel and slider of bootstrap like thumbnail slider, image slider, multi items slider, video slider, parallax slider etc with new features. Paradise slider is made with bootstrap carousel. We have made more than 130 ready to use real life examples of different sliders. We have added many new functions that were not available in bootstrap carousel. These functions include:

  • Touch swipe enables
  • Parallax effects in slider
  • Controlled Slide Duration
  • Text layers animation effects
  • Controlled slide timing functions
  • Different types of sliding transition effects
Above given functions can easily be changed, just by using different data attributes and classes.

Are you using bootstrap in your Project? If, Yes? Then

Paradise Slider – Responsive Bootstrap Carousel Plugin is perfect solution for your project, instead of using any other slider this plug-in will play a crucial role in website load speed.

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In recent years, many people around the world have moved to a virtual world of Web dynamics. The evolutionary process of tech world has enabled us to flourish in web development and related fields. The Framework provided by bootstrap is really rich and helps out everyone out there to build responsive designs easily.

Packages are ideal rather than single product item

Instead of buying testimonial, full width slider, portfolio and a lot more separately, Pay less for all of these in a complete bootstrap carousel bucket.


All around the world mobile devices and tablets are becoming popular and for that reason responsive website designs are really important. Before bootstrap it was never so easy to create responsive website designs. Paradise slider can be altered according to your requirement.
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablets
The touch function automatically enabled on those devices that support touch.

130+ Starter Templates:

You will find 130+ unique and modern pre made layouts and templates in downloaded pack. These templates can be used easily in your projects and you can create new templates by combining these templates. Paradise bootstrap carousel can be altered according to your requirement.

130+ Documentation Files:

There is separate documentation for every pre made template. That’s why we have created more than 130 documentation files. You will find these documentation files in downloaded pack. This will help you a lot in using paradise slider.

Video Support:

Paradise slider support following types of videos:
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Self hosted
You can easily embed any video from YouTube ad Vimeo slider. You can also easily use self hosted videos by using HTML 5 video tag.

Different Slide Transitions Effects:

We have created different kinds of transitions slide effects. You can easily use and change, by just changing a class. Effects are given below:
  • Slide Left To Right
  • Slide Vertically
  • Fade-in & Fade-out
  • Zoom In
  • Spread In & Out Horizontally
  • Spread In & Out Vertically
  • Clockwise Rotate + Scale
  • Clockwise Rotate + Scale Zero

Parallax Effect:

First time in the history of bootstrap we have added different parallax effects in bootstrap carousel. Now a days attractive and catchy websites are more in the market. By using parallax effect it freshen up site with a great outlook. And most importantly it engages visitors because of it’s appealing structure.

Bootstrap Image Slider:

There are different types of bootstrap image slider that is included in this package. It is the most perfect image slider without any disturbance and enhances the speed of loading the site in no time.
  • Full width image slider
  • Different columns image slider

Bootstrap Thumbnail Slider:

This package includes more than 10 bootstrap carousels with thumbnails starter layouts. We have created images thumbnail indicators for navigation from one slide to another. Automatic scrolling for thumbnails indicators are also added in this pack. You will find different ready to use templates of bootstrap carousel with multiple items in downloaded package. Some features of these templates are as following;
  • 6 columns – Moving One by One
  • 5 columns – Moving One by One
  • 4 columns – Moving One by One
  • 3 columns – Moving One by One
  • 2 columns – Moving One by One
  • 6 columns – Moving with the ratio of two By two
  • 4 columns – Moving with the ratio of two By two
  • 6 columns – Moving all in all
  • 5 columns – Moving all in all
  • 4 columns – Moving all in all
  • 3 columns – Moving all in all
  • 2 columns – Moving all in all

Forms In Bootstrap Slider

The most effective way of getting in touch with your visitors are forms regarding queries and to send information. That’s why we have added the following types of forms in this slider:
  • Sign up form
  • Sign in form
  • Contact us form
  • Billing information form
  • Search bar form
  • Subscribe field form

Table In Bootstrap Slider

We have added the following types of tables in this slider:
  • Pricing tables
  • Different time table and schedules
We have inserted different types of lists in paradise slider with beautiful animation. We have combined bootstrap progress bar and bootstrap carousel in this package. More than 10 pre made layouts of this combination are included in downloaded files. We have also added bootstrap carousel in the bootstrap modal. There are following different types of carousel those we have included in modal:
  • Image carousel
  • Thumbnail carousel
  • Self hosted Video carousel
  • Full width carousel
Videos are the most effective way to share your ideas to your visitors. Many people out there do not like to read lengthy articles but instead they prefer to watch videos. And that’s the only reason we have added video in bootstrap carousel. Paradise slider supports three types of videos:
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Self hosted
We prepared different types of video carousel layouts like full screen background video slider, embedded YouTube and Vimeo slider.

Other Examples:

  • Portfolio bootstrap slider
  • Post bootstrap slider
  • Our Team bootstrap slider
  • Testimonial bootstrap slider

Change Log

--- August 5, 2016 ---

- Launched Version 3.0

- Added 2 New " X " Series Carousel

  - X_024_Shop_Modal
  - X_025_Shop_Modal

--- June 6, 2016 ---

- Launched Version 2.0

- Added 13 New " X " Series Carousel

  - X 011 Text Thumbnail
  - X 012 Text Thumbnail
  - X 013 Image Thumbnail
  - X 014 Post
  - X 015 Subscribe
  - X 016 Search
  - X 017 Image
  - X 018 Image
  - X 019 Image
  - X 020 Partner
  - X 021 Animated Layers
  - X 022 Animated Layers
  - X 023 Animated Layers

- Added 5 New Shopping Carousel

  - W Shop 101
  - W Shop 102
  - W Shop 103
  - W Shop 104
  - W Shop 105

- Updated Documentation

--- May 20, 2016 ---

- Launched Version 1.0

- Launched " X " Series of Carousel

    - X 001 Laptop
    - X 002 LCD  
    - X 003 Tablet
    - X 004 Image Thumbnail
    - X 005 Image Thumbnail
    - X 006 Image Thumbnail
    - X 007 Image Thumbnail
    - X 008 Testimonial
    - X 009 Testimonial
    - X 010 Testimonial

- Updated Documentation

--- May 5, 2016 ---

- Initial Release