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Great work, its awsome! :)



i want this but how to create this

i mean how many images , sizes of the images and will it have a button so that it can move right and left and we can adjust the speed

Hello mohang2000,

Thank you for interesting my script. Right now my demo is using 1 panorama image per point. Image will be like this.


And there is lots of solution for how to take panorama pictures is on youtube.

Adjusting speed configuration is also a very simple. If you buy my script then I will help you with anything beyond my script.

i mean i click the images of the rooms and then i upload to a folder or something in a sequence and this script will render it like panorama

pls advise , best if i can see the admin or how to do it

what is the size of the image for the full screen and resolution etc say 12 mp camera will do this , right or i mean pls tell all how to do this

then can we do say 10 panorama and we embed the same in the pages and when i click the the same i will see that panorama

Hello again mohang2000,

I did not clearly understand you. But I believe you want to use sequence of image instead of 1 panorama image right? Then it’s possible. You must prepare your sequences like this.


Your last question means you want a create pages that touring house 10 rooms right? Then you must create 10 html page. All of your images will be only 1 folder if you want or separated folders. It’s your decision.

I highly recommend you buy this script. And then any problem occurred I will gladly help you with that.

pls can u give me yr email so that i can send what i want

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thanks airthemes. I’m also fan of your great themes.

Thank you very much

It can be used with videos instead of images?

No it can’t sorry about that.

Do you have Admin panel where I can point markers to go to different place? How does everything works?

No it doesn’t have a admin panel. But if you see the documentation there is a brief description to how to find a markers position.

hi! i want to continuous rotation panoroma how can i do ? thanks…

Hello, Sorry for my late response. Can you email me at r.javkhlan@gmail.com please.

Is it possible to place navigation arrows?

Left and right

What do I require?

How I can change the color of pop?

can you send me your detailed question through r.javkhlan@gmail.com please.

Mobile support very bad

Hi there!

Is this also available as a wordpress plugin?

Best regards

Hello, No it’s not.

Hello, i want to ask if this plug in works also with panoramic photos. I have a villa that i rent out and i have from inside some panorama photos from rooms. photos is only around the rooms. i also want to navigate inside the room with some markers, it is possible this?? thanks

Hello Tsiaggos,

For you requirements bellow one is more suitable.


If you have any other question don’t hesitate to ask.

Good Work, wish you best sales

Thank you

Its great script for 360 horizontal. Can it do 360 vertical? Those round images that you can see up and down as much as sideways. Please say it can…

Hello Jcgorospe,

Thank you for interested in current script. But your requested feature is not available on this script.

I highly recommend you this script: https://codecanyon.net/item/webgl-based-multipurpose-360-panoramic-script/7697723

It’s fully responsive and more professional one. I will support it personally.


can i use video 360 not panorama photo ?