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Nice work. Best of luck with sale. :)

thanks a lot…........

Should probably be in JS area, not CSS, considering it doesn’t work without JS.

thanks for idea, But In here I focus CSS, JS use from Bootstrap Validator.

Thanks, for suggestion. Now item is JavaScript Category

Welcome to CC, nice work.

“Pagli ” :)

I love slim design so much. hope good sale on your first items.

Wow!!! Really Good work. Clean and Simple. GLWS ;)

Buyers can go to http://cssbeautify.com/ to unminify their CSS. Chances are that anyone buying a product like this would want to make a least a few changes to the CSS…

thanks, I will change

Basically I write css pre processor less code. u must see less folder.

Overall, great work. This should save me some time. I have a good first impression. Now, please allow me to look under the hood :)

thanks for impressed me

Do these forms doesn’t required database? I want to create members area page by providing login/signup options to my visitors.

not require database, if more question. add me on skype, username: sporsho9

Looks very promising, All the best.