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Hello, plans to purchase a module or an entire theme under side pizzeria, but I question whether the product can add two prices?

eg. PIZZA MARGHERITA small $ 2 | large $ 3

2) Can you do that when the contract was the possibility of paying by bank transfer in advance

Hello, sent a mail a minute ago please check your inbox. If you did not receive it do get back to me. Thank you and best regards

I have not received an email

Please do check again i resent it now

Do you have a demo of the admin area rather than snapshots?

Hello, sadly no we do not.

Thank you and best regards

bought the theme. not very intuitive or easy to use. Wasted several hours of my life

Helo, I am very sorry to hear about your issues. Did you try opening a ticket at http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com maybe your support staff can make your experience a bit better? Thank you and best regards

using the plugin only and finding it pretty good to be fair. The theme that is integrated with is not well set up. Looking at the CSS as want to change the delivery address to pick up time and also change the knife and fork icon to a coffee icon. Any suggestions please

Hello, can i ask which theme are you using. Actually it would be better for you to open a ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com so our support staff can help you better. Thank you and best regards

Is it possible to accept bookings without login-in into wordpress?

Hello, yes it is. If you buy it and need any further help, please do open a support ticket at http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com

Thank you and best regards

Is there any reason why the total Price has a Round Up with only one Number after the comma? Where can i change it? I would like to have 2 Numbers after comma.

Hello, thank you for contacting us. Please do open a support ticket at http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com so our support staff can better assist you. Thank you and best regards

already did. Thnx

Fantastic, thank you very much!

Hi, Is it possible to add custom fields / form items to the order form?


thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately there is no such option. You can only set which field is required and which not.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Best regards

Good day,

When I click on the icon with the knife and fork on smaller resolution screens e.g mobile phone the menu opens, but the knife and fork icon is hidden so it is impossible to close the menu.

So it doesn’t work properly and in a responsive manner?


thank you for contacting us.

We received your support ticket and also checked your site. The problem is with theme menu (header), which is covering x button on mobile. We will reply on your ticket and send you custom css. You can expect it during tomorrow.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Please post the CSS code here, I cant find it in my ticket?

.order-menu-wrapper {
    z-index: 99999 !important;
@media (max-width: 779px) {
    .order-menu-wrapper .order-menu .mobile-close {
        display: block !important;
@media (min-width: 780px) {
    .order-menu-wrapper .order-menu .mobile-close {
        display: none !important;


I really dont understand why this plugin doesn’t work. Also there is no proper documentation showing how to add a menu item?

When I add a menu item in the backend, it doesn’t show on the fly-out menu?

Please can you explain how to add one simple menu item to display on the fly-out menu item?

We have responded to your ticket on Freshdesk. Please continue the discussion there. Thank you.

Thank you, but still not fixed


Please can you assist, I would like to choose my own order of my menu items at the moment it is ordering it by alphabetical order by default, this is not how I want it ordered, I would like to choose.

Hello, please take a look at http://anpsthemes.com/ordero-documentation/#menu-shortcodes (you can set the order on the elements) and http://anpsthemes.com/ordero-documentation/#menu-settings (category order can be set inside the menu settings).

I check and the code

order ASC You can choose ASC/DESC.

This is for the menu headings but either ascending or descending ?

The example below will order the items descending by date:

[anps_menu orderby="date" order="DESC" /]

For orderby you can use: date, id, title or name. For order you can use: ASC or DESC.

All custom style settings are available withing “Settings” -> “Ordero” menu in Wordpress Dashboard.

I dont see the Ordero in my admin?

Please check for me?

“Settings” -> “Ordero” only appears on users that have the role set to “Administrator”. Make sure you are viewing from an administrator account.

PRESALES QUESTION I am looking for a menu plugin that I can use on directory website where I have multiple restaurants represented. So I will need something that be used for a variety of restaurants on the same site with the same plugin.

Also looking for a plugin that will allow the end-user to search for a particular food item and find all the different menus (restaurants) where they can find it.

Will this plugin do this?


thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, our plugin doesn’t have such feature. Here you are adding all menu item as custom post type.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

pre-purchase question: 1) I like the menu layouts I see on the demo, but is it possible to build simple 1,2&3 column menu pages based off menu items as posts? 2) are there options to show/hide images with menu items or link to images (Lightbox)?

If you can provide a link to either or both of what I’m asking, I appreciate it.