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pre-purchase question – assuming that there is still no functionality for Active Campaign?

How about direct export to google sheet? or Zapier with Zapier Webhook URL?

There is no such feature. May be Layered Popups + Opt-In Locker add-on will work for you. ;-)

Any plans to include additional autoresponders such as MailerLite, ConvertKit, etc?

Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have such plans. But you can try Layered Popups + Opt-In Content Locker Add-On to achieve the same functionality. Layered Popups has integration with MailerLite and ConvertKit.

Dear halfdata, I’ve enjoyed your excellent plugins in the past and I’m glad you did an opt-in locker the right way. Going to purchase.

One additional feature would be super-awesome: The possibility to add a custom tag field to Mailchimp (in order to enable custom automations).

greetings, Ritchie

Hi. Thanks for idea. I’ll include it nto todo list.

Purchase question, can you create custom forms for mailchimp? name, email and phone?


I bought the product, but I am not able to block the items on a page or only for post texts? if i can do items on a page what should i do? visual composer use.

Plugin blocks content located between shortcodes:
Blocked content located here.
If you want to block whole page, it won’t work.


Am I correct in saying that the log doesn’t record what has been downloaded? It only records who has downloaded items.


Hi. Yes. I contains data submitted by user.

(sorry, originally posted on the wrong plugin) Can I nest the shortcode? For example, I use a shortcode for my download buttons.

I’d like to do the following:

[optinlocker] [download_id=xx][/optinlocker]

Would that work?


And if the person uses a none existing email ?

It still will be unblocked.

I’m really enjoying using this plugin.

It would be very neat, and make this plugin a lot more powerful, if custom redirects could be defined.

For example:

[subscribelocker redirect=""]...content...[/subscribelocker]


The reason I suggest this is for segmenting users and sending them to different download pages. The …content… that is locked would be a download button which is shown for the user if they return to the website later.


I want a plugin like this… For example; “I posted a article and it is locked with plugin. Someone can read with payments.” Can i do that with this plugin?


How about sending emails to users who has submitted contact data? to ensure that users dont put fake emails or dummy emails?

There is no such feature.

Hi. Does the plugin allow to choose which groups in Mailchimp account the user is subscribing to? It’s OK if it can subscribe to all groups only. I bought another content lock plugin on CC and it doesn’t support the group subscription on Mailchimp.

Does this plugin verify that the user is in Mailchimp already? Or verify that the email is actually valid?

Also, is this plugin compatible with Beaver Builder? Thanks!

Hi. There is no such feature.

DeysonO Purchased


Are subscribers added to Mailster automatically or do we have to do this manually?

Thank you and have an amazing day.

Hi. They are added automatically.

DeysonO Purchased

That is great! Can we add to a specific list in Mailster?


hello I have a problem when I link mailchimp, all excellent but the mails are not saved automatically in mailchimp

Thanks. Please pay attention to field MMERGE1 and MMERGE2 in your MailChimp account. They are set as mandatory. But plugin sends only EMAIL and NAME field.

I understand, but as I was saying, emails from gmail arrive without problems, but corporate emails or hotmail emails do not reach the list of mailchimp

I don’t think so. I’ve just tried both GMAIL and non-GMAIL addresses. For both of them MailChimp return:
[type] =>
[title] => Invalid Resource
[status] => 400
[detail] => Your merge fields were invalid.
[instance] => c90d8f40-8dcf-4b8c-9b88-dc62659b9c85
[errors] => Array
        [0] => Array
                [field] => MMERGE1
                [message] => Please enter a value
        [1] => Array
                [field] => MMERGE2
                [message] => Please enter a value
So, make sure that MMERGE1 and MMERGE2 are not mandatory.


Is it compatible with swift performance lite cache plugin?

Hi. It must work with any cache plugin. Just make sure that you enabled Soft Locker Mode.

are this plugin support mailwizz email software


dezirre Purchased

I’m not finding a way to use shortcode to hide the contents of a page built with Visual Composer. Any idea what to do?

I’m not familiar with VC, but I think you can wrap your content with 2 HTML blocks. First block – open shortcode. Second block – close shortcode.


dezirre Purchased

I messed up the editor, I’m using Live Composer. But I tried to insert html blocks with the shortcodes but it didn’t work.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Live Composer. I can’t advise anything.

Good afternoon, I would like to know if the plugin uses captcha for spam protection.

Thanks in advance, regards

You don’t need captcha. This is not a form. This is a set of separate fields handled by javascript and ajax. Spam robots can’t see and submit this “form”. ;-)


Pre-purchase question. Can I customise opt-in form to change it design?

Even if I custom main css file in the plugin?

You can modify CSS-file as you wish.

Also you can modify the following parameters through admin dashboard: Box background color, Box border color, Font color, Font size, Input field border color, Input field background color, Input field background opacity, Input field font color, Input field font size, Button color, Button font color, Button font size.

If it’s enough you don’t need to modify CSS file.


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