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Can you have opt ins for multiple lists? Content A tied to Mailchimp list A & Content B tied to Mailchimp list B? I have a list for each of my 4 client groups and their content is very different. Thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Hey brilliant plugin. Nearly everything works fine. The only thing is that I can’t seem to get it to automatically send the entries to mailchimp.

I just already entered my api key, list id and checked “send to mailchimp”.

Am i missing anything? Thanks in advance

Please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check.

Good plugin can the content can be unlocked without actually sharing to social? Click on Facebook Like/Share, close the window and the content shows.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Is Constant contact integration not available?

Inside the shortcode [optinlocker], I would like to display the {email} given. How can I do that ?



Hi. There is no such feature, unfortunately.

Hi, we use your plugin and we send newsletters every week. The problem is, that locker is also displayed to users, who have already signed up and who visits our site via link in a newsletter. The cookie has expired, or they used different device, but locker makes no sense for them. Is there any way, how to switch locker off, if a parameter in URL is email etc.? Thanks

Hi. Unfortunately I dont see that you purchased this plugin.

That’s correct, my boss purchased it.

Please contact me thruogh that account.

Hi, I’d like to know how to install your plugin. I don’t get what you want to mean by “Install and activate the plugin like you do with any other plugins” as all other plugins I have ever bought on Envato have “Installable Wordpress file only” downloading option except for yours. So let’s say I download your “All files & documentation” then exactly what files should I upload to my wp website?

What you downloaded is a zip-archive. This zip-archive is a plugin. Install it.

Ok, I’ll give you simpler question. Does it correct to navigate to “All files & documentation” and download them OR can I find the zip file somewhere else?

Oh, ok I got what you meant. Solved! Thanks!

Hi! I have several pages to download contents. www.graphiclounge.net Is the the possibility that the user only ads his mail only once? and once that he has inserted the email all content is unlocked on the other pages? Thanks!!

Thats Great! Thanks!!

Is it then possible to edit the style with css?

Yes. It’s open source. Some style can be edited through wp dashboard.(colors and font-size). If you know how to edit css files – you can do it too.

Can you please go to www.impacttfs.com.au In there, in the resources tab, I’m really not sure why the resources are suddenly not working with the opt in locker. So everytime I enter my email, it doesn’t work. It just refreshes itself. Can you please have a look? It was working great before. What should I do please?

Seems you use caching plugin. Please notice caching plugins cant cache 2 versions of the same page (with and without locked content). The only way for you is to switch my plugin into soft locker mode.

Great plugin but please integrate Zoho Campaign into it as you did for Mailchimp etc and add a section to import CSV too. I have many friends who want this plugin but I cannot recommend them right now as they use Zoho which you do not have.

Hi. Thanks for letting me know about this system. I’ll learn more about it when I have time.


fususu Purchased

Can I embed it via iframe instead of shortcode? I really need this, because I have two servers, server A is web content, and server B is for email sending. When people subcribe to unlock on Server A, I want the email go to the database of server B, so I can send them some autoresponse emails already setup there.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hello, I’ve inherited a website with this module installed. The challenge I am facing is that despite having complete MailChimp configuration, the submissions are not being injected to MC list.

The API Key works successfully, as it is able to pull-in fields in the back-end. But on the front-end, it is not punching through. Leads are being captured in the Log.

Please advise. Thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately, I dont see that you purchased the plugin. For any support assistance you have to be my customer with valid support period.

Once the form is submitted, all content sitewide that is wrapped in the [optinlocker]...[/optinlocker] tags becomes available to the user, is that correct?


You don’t support Contact Form 7?

No. It’s separate plugin.

Plugin support is still available?


Could I integrate this with my own mail provider? I live in Brasil and would need to integrate it with my own… I have a developer.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.But plugin is open source, so you can modify it as you wish.