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would like to be able to feed this to woocomerce autoresponder or woocommerce members is this possible?

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Hi there – can the form fields be changed to include “company” for example?


Is this plug-in compatible with WordPress 4.4.1??

Yes. All my plugins are compatible with latest WP. ;-)

Pre-sales question.

I won’t ask if I can “change the form fields (eg to match my Mailchimp list) so it’s not just name and email” as this is seems to be the most FAQ here and the answer is “Unfortunately nope”. Understood.

So could I just ask:

1. Do you have any plans to add such a feature in the near future (given the clear and understandable demand)?

2. In your opinion would a competent professional developer be able to modify the plugin to provide such a feature relatively easily (eg within 2 days) or would it be more complicated than that (understanding that such a modification would not be supported in any way).

Many Thanks.

Thanks – one more thing if I may:

What if an email address is already in my Mailchimp list? Is there a proper sync or does it get duplicated?

MailChimp doesn’t allow to add the same e-mail several times.

ok – thanks – bought anyway – nice plugin.

Shortcode approach causes probs with several pagebuilders – would be great to have option of locking / unlocking content using a class instead (eg I can apply a class to a section and use that). I know it doesn’t have this but a suggestion.

Thanks for idea.

Do you have a PHP or Jquery version of this?


i have visual composer and its leaving the [/optinlocker] on the bottom because its separated in the code

You need use shortcode properly. Wrap content without overlapping shortcodes.

inside visual composer – has modules that are built in , and its giving me this error http://frontmidback.com/ceo-interview/ so i need a short code inside of it, its holding the jwplayer that is inside the modual of visual composer but showing the item its suppose to be protecting, and showing the shortcode http://frontmidback.com/ceo-interview/ as seen here http://frontmidback.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/optin.jpg

ok thanks its working now

Are optins unique? Meaning if I lock content A and someone unlocked content B they won’t have access to content A? Or does one unlocked optin unlock them all?

Once user submit email, all locked content will be unlocked.

I can’t find this plug in to download in wordpress. What’s the name of it?

I don’t understand what you mean. This is WP plugin. Install it as regular WP plugin.

Can I get my money back then? If this is the kind of support I paid extra for, I don’t want to use this plug in. I am going to find a better plugin elsewhere. Please send a refund.

1. Authors can’t send refund. Contact Envato.

2. What’s problem with support. You asked something strange and not clear.

Just dosn’t work. Still saying that I need to do some configuration. But don’t say where. http://prntscr.com/b2wnr8

Provide access to WP dashboard. And I’ll tell you what you are doing wrong.

I sent you the WP logins to your email

Thanks. I recommend you to read notification that you see on top of settings page. It’s said:
The following error(s) exists:
- Redirecting message is too short
Fix it.

Hello, how can I translate the error messages ? Thanks

Plugin is translation ready. You can translate it using standard mechanism by createing po and mo files. Please google how to do it.

Pre-sale question – I want to lock all content on all posts and pages except a few specific ones. Can this be easily achieved with this plugin?


Hi, I’m considering buying your plugin !

I have a WooCommerce site which I use mostly for couponing. My “add to cart” buttons are basically ways to be redirected to pages with the coupons applied.

Would the plugin work in this content? If so, how would I proceed technically speaking ? Should I go in the editor, find the piece of code relative to that button, and put the markers there ?

Best, Samy

Hi. I don’t think the plugin fits your requirements.

Hi, are you saying that you can’t use the plugin to hide the “add to cart” button ?

Seems I didn’t catch exactly what you mean. You can wrap desired content with shortcodes (read description) and hide any content. Of course you can use shortcodes only in areas which handle shortcodes.

Pre-sale question:

“Remember subscribed visitors: plugin remembers users who already subscribed the page (using cookie).” If I have multiple posts and each post is public but has a downloadable PDF attached that I want to lock for users who haven’t subscribed. If the user subscribes one one post, will they then have access to all the locked PDF’s? Or will they need to re-register on every page?

Once subscribed, all locked content become available.

Will this work with Interspire Email Marketer?


I need to protect a video. In a previous comment, you explain to do this:

[subscribelocker] <iframe width=”853” height=”480” src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/FcfWsj9OnsI?rel=0” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe> [/subscribelocker]

I did exactly the same, and it does not work. Any clue why? Thanks.

URL? If you use any caching plugin, switch my plugin into soft locker mode and clear cache.

Thanks, it works. Great plugin by the way!

Very cool looking plugin – does it work with ActiveCampaign? and if Yes, does it support adding Tags to the contact record?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature, but you can consider Layered Popups with this add-on. It has what you need.

I have a resource page with downloads in an Essential grid. I want a user to be required to subscribe before they can download but they need to be able to see the grid item. Can I wrap each item in the shortcode so its still visible? Or is there a better way of doing it?

I don’t think this item will work for you.

Hi there. You plugin looks like what I need, just have one pre-purchase question.

Are the email form and hidden content separate elements? (My goal is to have one signup form at the top of a page, which when submitted, with reveal various download buttons on a page)

Or.. will the signup form show up everywhere I put a hidden download button?


Form is displayed everywhere you locked content. Once submitted all locked content become available. Please try demo to see how it works.


Your plugin looks very useful. We have two questions please:

1 — Is the “Regular locker mode” activated by default (because there is only one checkbox for the “Soft mode”)?

2 — Does the “Regular locker mode” block any bots, spiders, crawlers ? In other words: Is the content under the “Regular locker mode” completely hidden in the internet?

Thank you!

1. Yes. You can enable/disable soft locker mode. 2. Correct. But in this case you can’t use any caching plugins. Because caching plugins can’t cache 2 versions of the same page (locked and unlocked).