Discussion on Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Discussion on Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

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This will cause spamming. It makes more sense to have an email validation option. Admins may end up being hit by spammers. A user may also accidentally enter the wrong email address, so it they do not receive the email, they could go back and reenter their email address

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hello! Can I customize the fields? I need name, phone, mail and also a multiple choice question. Is it possibile?

Unfortunately, No.

Possible to use this with Contactform7? Basically fill out a custom form with multiple fields, and after submission content is unlocked?

Also does this support Google recaptcha?

There are no such features.


Nemean Purchased

The plug-in doesn’t seem to work anymore. The following code appears: if (opl_cookie == “ilovelencha”) {jQuery(”.opl-content”).removeClass(“opl-hide”);} else {jQuery(”.opl-container”).removeClass(“opl-hide”);}

Anybody an idea?

Of course it works. Chek my demo. Seems you inserted shortcode into the place, which represent its content as a text.


wupples Purchased

Why hasn’t this plugin been updated in over 2 years?

It works!

Hello halfdata, I inserted the optinlocker form on my website. After I submit an email, it does not redirect me to the link that I entered. Instead the button disappears and changes into the shortcode below. Can you help me fix this? Thanks!

[qbutton size=”medium” style=”” text=”Uw gratis staal link ” icon_pack=”” fa_icon=”” fe_icon=”” icon_color=”” link=”″ target=”_blank” color=”#ffffff” hover_color=”” border_color=”#ffffff” hover_border_color=”” background_color=”#fda428″ hover_background_color=”” font_style=”” font_weight=”” text_align=”center” margin=””]

This shortcodeis not related to my plugin.

Hi. Is it possible to have two different optin forms? our client has this set up for a general page, but would like to use it on another page with different a different email response.

Hi. UNfortunately no.

Why hasn’t this been updated in over a year?


Does this plugin have the capability to recognize a special url to unlock products. My idea was to include in the welcome email a link for them to access their freebies. In case they use a different browser or their cookie expires they can get everything unlocked by clicking on the link.

Does your plugin have the ability to do this?

Thank you and have an amazing day!

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Ok, thank you.

Hello, I inserted the optinlocker form on a webpage. When i am logged in in wordpress i can see the form on that page. However when I logout, the form becomes hidden. This means that my website visitors will not be able to see it. How do I unhide it for everyone?

You said that you already submitted your email, that’s why content unlocked for you. To see locker again – clear cookies.

Thank you, I found out that on my website it works the other way around. So enabling soft locker mode makes the form invisible while disabling soft locker mode makes it visible. So I disabled it.

Now I had to deactivate w3 total cache in order to make the plugin work. Is there a way for me to keep using w3 total cache?

If you use caching plugin, enable soft locker mode. Clear cookies and you will see the form again.

Could you add Mailerlite? Thx

Hi. Unfortunately at that moment I don’t have such plans. But you can try Green Popups with Inline Content Locker add-on. Try this demo:

From what I understand, if I have freen popups 7 and also Inline Content Locker – Green Popups Add-On, then i dont need this plugin? Its for those who dont have those 2, right?


I have a few presale questions:

1. Is it possible to integrate this plugin with Sendy through an API? 2. I use Learndash to protect my content. Logged in users (paid memberships) get access to all of the content on my website. Is it possible to set the plugin so it does not restrict this content to anyone that is logged in? 3. Is it possible to set this up as a double opt-in? We want to be sure we are collecting real email addresses.

Thanks, -Rich

Hi. Unfortunately there are no such features.

Using contact form 7 – I currently redirect the user to a thank you page, can I have my content protected on the thank you page, and unlock it if the user has been directed from the contact form?

No. There is no such feature.

I would buy 5 licenses more if you’d add Klayvio integration. We have emails there comming from Shopify. We need to go there from Klavyio as well.

Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have such plans. I recommend you to use Green Popups + Inline Content Locker Add-on to have the same functionality but with Klaviyo. Please check demo:

Hi, it’s able to browse all the subscriber by each content? e.g. Content A have 100 subscribers, B have 60 subscribers. which means each content will have individual subscriber list.

No. Once subscription form submitted, all locked content become available for that user. There is no reason to subscribe 2 or more times.

Any plans for MailPoet support?


Pre-purchase question. Can I customise opt-in form to change it design?

Even if I custom main css file in the plugin?

You can modify CSS-file as you wish.

Also you can modify the following parameters through admin dashboard: Box background color, Box border color, Font color, Font size, Input field border color, Input field background color, Input field background opacity, Input field font color, Input field font size, Button color, Button font color, Button font size.

If it’s enough you don’t need to modify CSS file.

Good afternoon, I would like to know if the plugin uses captcha for spam protection.

Thanks in advance, regards

You don’t need captcha. This is not a form. This is a set of separate fields handled by javascript and ajax. Spam robots can’t see and submit this “form”. ;-)

I’m not finding a way to use shortcode to hide the contents of a page built with Visual Composer. Any idea what to do?

I’m not familiar with VC, but I think you can wrap your content with 2 HTML blocks. First block – open shortcode. Second block – close shortcode.

I messed up the editor, I’m using Live Composer. But I tried to insert html blocks with the shortcodes but it didn’t work.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Live Composer. I can’t advise anything.


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