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This plugin is pretty much what I am looking for. Will you be making a version for OC 2? Also would you be able to modify this to include 2 calendar fields one so they can select the pickup date and one for a drop off date? Thanks

This extension works with OC 2. And to perform the additional modification, please email us at developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

If I buy you the module, the files for OpenCart ja will be available for download on the Envato site? Or you will have to install the version for OpenCart on my store?

The downloaded version shall work directly. However if you face any issue our support team will help you as always.

I would like to suggest one small addition for this module, we have custom made items for sale on our website, eg business cards, promotional products etc., so it would be beneficial in the form for the customer to be able to send us artwork or descriptions in pdf or eps, ai or jpeg formatted files so we can quote on their required artwork on our products. Can you incorporate a file upload ability into the request form in a future update? (this could be turned on or off in admin) I know there would be a lot of people that could use this feature. Thanks for your consideration.

Yes, we can perform custom development to add this feature. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

I want to buy this module but I need a modification. I don’t want the quote list to be displayed/enabled. When the button request a quote is pressed I want a popup to show(after the customer selected all required options for that product) where the customer can insert their name, e-mail, phone number and a comment. Can this be done? Will this work with any theme? Thank you!

Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the quote.

Presale question : Can I enable the feature automatically if the stock is 0 or do I have to manually add the “request a quote” button on each product ? Do I get email from the customer’s list of request a quote ?

You need to enable the Request a Quote button for each product. We can perform custom development if you need any other customization at additional cost. You can see the requesting customers list here : http://solvercircle.com/docs/opencart-add-to-quote/#!/admin_reply_status

Hello, it looks a good module. i have some questions before purchase it. 1. Is it support journal theme? 2. Is it possible to change the color to fit my current theme in Frontend Product Quotation List? 3. Is it possible to popup the Quotation List every time the user click add to inquiry button? thanks.

Looks like you need some customization, specific to your site. Please email us for a quote. Thanks :)

our site is redgift.com.hk

We replied to your through email already :)


For OpenCart 2.0+ , i need an extension to create individual prices and stock levels for each of the product variations like different sizes & colors, instead of having to display each variation as a separate product. Stock Reports should show the stock value and the cost price and sell margins. Exportable to to Excel, change the stock values and import it again in Opencart.

The extension should have the features …

Create individual prices and stock levels for each of the product variations Individual stock control of each product option & subtract stock upon each sale Customer group pricing (default, wholesale prices etc) Unique image per option Multi language support Ajax loading of pricing, stock status and image Easy install under Extensions > Modules vQmod file modification – no core code changes Export / Import feature (via CSV) for product variants – allows bulk stock control Comprehensive Stock Reports (Excel exportable) with all products, inclusive product options with their current stock value, sorted by stock value Possibility to use costprice (import and export to excel) The report uses this price to generate stock value and margins Export facility for this report to Excel, so you can manage the data yourself (sort, pivot table etc) Stock levels can be updated in Excel and imported in Opencart.

Kindly quote me best & reasonable price. Thanks.

Please email us at developers@solvercicle.com for a quote. As, quotes are discussed only through email.

Can this mod be used “with” this mod?—> Opencart Custom Product Designer?

can you please elaborate a bit more regarding your need ? how should they work together ??

Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss more detail.

Opencart Custom Product Designer is featured here on Envato btw. Standing by…

Replied to your other message, thanks :)

I have bought it this morning but it don’t work. If I install it in the admin panel I get an blank page. I use Opencart Please help me!

Please submit your issue and site access info at support.solvercircle.com and make sure to select Opencart department and exact correct extension while submitting the Ticket. Thanks.

i am unable to get this plugin working. the file oc_sql.php is missing!

Please submit a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your site FTP and Admin access information.

work with opencart 2.2?

Is it possible to enable this quote request option for all products by default?

Sorry, will require customization at additional cost.

I have error…

Notice: Undefined index: sc_quote in /home/xxx/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_model_catalog_product.php on line 54Notice: Undefined index: sc_quote in /home/xxx/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_model_catalog_product.php on line 56

how to fix this ?


Need to implement in the email sending code.

what is the filename I should change and what code should I add there ?

Sorry, customization is beyond the general support of the item. But you can email us to discuss and quote.


I want to know if users can choose whether to show the “Add to quote” button on listing page or product page only or both?

Thank you!

need to tweak in the code at template to hide the Add to Cart.