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i have bought this app & i have problem with it i am trying to contact you by Skype & email why are not answering me!!

I am available on skype : viaviwebtech

hi good day i have purchased this product and after installing the admin and the apk on my phone i find the app timing out on the json fetch of categories.is there a way of increasing the time out?

Hello sir it depends on your server

What is different between yours two apps..stories and online stories?

stories apps contain offline data and online stories have an admin panel for entering data.

Can i use with google font api?

you have to used .ttf and .oog font file of changing type face of font.

Your work is good but i will like to reskin and add more functionalities.How do i contact you for this.

Contact on Skype: viaviwebtech

Hello sir, contact us on skype : viaviwebtech

what is minimum php requirement as i had to change api to make it work or json version

Hi sir, your php version should be 5.4 or greater.

Hello, the ads is with google play service? thanks

Yes ad with latest google play service

Does currently version is support utf8 or Chinese words?

yes it’s support utf8..

hello, I’m writing a text on Story Description and the application I find the text deffirent. misses the jump line and syboles @, # ..... help me! thank you

which language you write?

how to add pictures in the text story ?

Does this app support GCM Push Notifications?

No gcm push notification does’n support.

When we try to enter more than 200 records, the record cannot be opened and we return to the home menu. How can we solve this problem.

I don’t get an anwer when I send you a regular mail with my questions and problems but if I write here it is answered in a short amount of time.


Sir i have mailed you on this email – info@muratakdas.com , to send me apk after checking the server configuration.


presale questions: 1 – Do app support viewer change text size (smaller or biger ) ?

2 – How many character per chapter the app supports ?

Many thanks,

Hi Sir,

Will you upgrade this to one step install for the backend?

Hi, yes it will be done in next update but if you want it urgent than contact on skype

i would love to buy this app. but waiting for the android studio version in the future update. thank you.

This app available in both version with updates fetchers. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Is the server down for this? I tried downloading the demo, on opening the app it shows an error as server may be down. Please confirm.

Issue has been solved. Now please check again.

I’ve contacted Skype but not responded .. 1. How the separator between paragraphs? 2. How to remove the \ or / in the document, see the picture: http://prntscr.com/bik9ja ?

Hello sir,

We will contact you soon on Skype and solve your issue.

Thanks :)

Hi, please i want to purchase this App, but i have the following questions :

1- this App is created in 2014 , now we are in 2016 , can i have some problems due to Android verions evolutions 5.x…

2-the Android users can create a story with image and category?

3-in the Admin Side , there is an option to approve (make the story visible or not in the android App) stories created by Android users?

4-where you put the Admob Ads.

thanks in advance.

Thanks for your interest on our app.

1. May be it will work. 2. User can’t create anything in current version. 3. This features also not available but all features possible with customization. 4. In string.xml file

For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT


nkaila Purchased

what is new ?

Thanks for purchase our app. We update UI and add One signal push notification.

have you plan to release IOS version ?

Hi, Still we don’t have any plan for release IOS version but if you want then we will make custom app as per your requirement,

Interstitial ads?

its integrated..