Discussion on oClassify React Native Theme

Discussion on oClassify React Native Theme

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Hi, did you use common CSS for component. I mean is there inline CSS for each component or you used common functional component?

Good luck with your sales

just download app again and run npm install then pod install on ios folder then run react-native run-ios then got this error. TypeError: An error was thrown when attempting to render log messages via LogBox.

React.useEffect is not a function. (In ‘React.useEffect(function () { if (log) { LogBoxData.symbolicateLogNow(log); } }, [log])’, ‘React.useEffect’ is undefined)

This error is located at: in LogBoxInspector (at LogBoxInspectorContainer.js:29) in RCTView (at View.js:34) in View (at LogBoxInspectorContainer.js:28) in _LogBoxInspectorContainer (at LogBoxData.js:433) in LogBoxStateSubscription (at renderApplication.js:45) in RCTView (at View.js:34) in View (at AppContainer.js:106) in RCTView (at View.js:34) in View (at AppContainer.js:132) in AppContainer (at renderApplication.js:39)

LogBoxInspector LogBoxInspector.js:41:2 renderWithHooks ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:10073:26 mountIndeterminateComponent ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:12882:27 invokeGuardedCallbackImpl ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:265:4 invokeGuardedCallback ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:476:2 beginWork$1 ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:19207:27 performUnitOfWork ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:18085:22 workLoopSync ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:18013:38 renderRootSync ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:17977:18 performSyncWorkOnRoot ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:17674:33 performSyncWorkOnRoot

runWithPriority$argument_1 ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:5321:31 unstable_runWithPriority scheduler.development.js:653:23 flushSyncCallbackQueueImpl ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:5316:21 flushSyncCallbackQueue ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:5304:28 scheduleUpdateOnFiber ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:17125:30 updateContainer ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:20527:14 render ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:21068:17 renderApplication renderApplication.js:54:4 AppRegistry.js:117:25 runApplication AppRegistry.js:202:4 __callFunction MessageQueue.js:416:4 __guard$argument_0 MessageQueue.js:109:6 __guard MessageQueue.js:364:10 callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue MessageQueue.js:108:4 callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue


Please add our skype:, We will help you to run the build on ios.

Thanks, Charles S

Im Tring to reach you more then 2 weeks, for a small request according to google i need to install the new version of the app) and stiil didnt recive any answer from you.

please gert back to me ASAP


I have uploaded the latest version of codecanyon 2 weeks before and informed to customer who had purchased thr script. Please download it from codecanyon

Thanks Charles s

Thanks for your answer and Support !!! :)

You are welcome

hi, does this app works properly? because i have downloaded in play store but i cannot register, cannot post ad… and does it comes with a backend? or its only the react native mobile code


oClassify is a react native theme not a fully working app

Hello, So currently built apk app using the template and i discovered that when i click on the left drawer menu the app crashes, is there any way i could get help


We will upload the latest version today,

Thanks, Charles S

Hello, i installed the app on android, but sometimes it crashes… why is that


Could you please let me kno what android version are you getting error?

Hello, do you update the app for newer versions? And is there any Documentation or info how to install it and how to edit and customize the app? Trying to buy this app, but need some info and i buy it. Thanks

Hi, We will provide it tomorrow, This is react native Theme only,

Hello, does it work with laraclassied ads as a backend?


you must by this web script and backoffice first.

we have developed app for this script.

when I install the app always ask for the font unrecognized font family ‘Montserrat-Regular’ and every page that I clicked just random different font but when I did this command react-native link then it work but when I clicked around again it will give errors again but I don’t want to do command react-native link every time that I clicked on other page and I also try using this react-native.config.js };

module.exports = {
 project: {
   ios: {},
   android: {}, // grouped into "project" 
 assets: ["./assets/fonts/"], // stays the same

but still not working any solution?

As I remember it was have Intro page but now it doesn’t load intro page. So how can I point back to intro page?

Ignore this I found solution already. thanks

We are working on 62.2 we will update soon

Hi how you doing? I see you are offering the react native full app with admin panel as well for $3500. How can I purchase this please? Please get back to be ASAP.


Thanks for contacting me, You can reach me Skype: or whatsapp +919444495566

app demo is not working would love to see demo


Thanks for contacting us.

You Can download the app from Google Play Store.

Thanks, Charles.S

Hi this app is not supported 64 bit architecture.. play store gives error. please help me out.


Could you please share the screen

Any upcoming update with new features?

We are upgrading the React Native and React Navigation Version


Upgraded 0.61.4 and React Navigation

Thanks, Charles.S

hello include arabic language?

Sorry, we did not support arabic language at the moment

Is this have option to connect to some API and get the listings?

We are selling only UI, If you required, we will customize and give you

does it have an admin panel?


We are selling React Native UI only on this cost.

okay, does it mean you have full app and admin to sell later?

we have full app and admin panel and the cost will be 3500 USD

I suggest you make it computable with one of the largest ads theme so people can buy theme from there and adjust design from you.. right now I am planning to buy adforest theme.. please let me know if you can deal with it and remake the same design I to it for web and apps ?

Hi it’s really creative design I hope it works good… do u have web view ? If no you sail on Feb. Still not released! Please advice


We have a React Native Theme and Full app only at the moment

Thanks, Charles.S

what do you mean by full app ? dose it has admin panel ?


We are selling React Native UI only on code Canyon, Ui does not have a Admin panel.

Thanks, Charles.S

did both sudo react-native run-ios and react-native run-ios both are not working can you help me? that is the errors error Failed to build iOS project. We ran “xcodebuild” command but it exited with error code 65. To debug build logs further, consider building your app with, by opening



Could you please add our skype id:, We will help you where is the issue.

Thanks, Charles.S

Hi yesterday I was waiting for you but no response?


We need to connect your device and need to check your device configure all or anything missing pls share your device through any remote desktop application

Thanks Charles

Hi.. Does this template support React Native Web ?


Thanks for contacting us, React Native can be support only Mobile App, for Web we are using ReactJs


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