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Hi Paulo. If i’m not in a mistake, th WP plugin is a free extra buying de PHP app ¿OK?



Sea1000 Purchased

Hi there! I entered purchase license number to get the extra WP plugin, but I haven’t received yet! How long does it take? Thank You!!!

Hello, if you requested the download using a valid email the system will automatically email it for you.


murrc2 Purchased

Hi I bought this , and added wordpress plugin….but what is shortcode???


Get the update from buyer dashboard


murrc2 Purchased

Hi Paul, I emailed you…Birth Date one does not work…

Double check your email, its working.

Be careful when buying this plugin. The wordpress plugin DOES NOT WORK and seller does not respond to support emails. Very disappointed

The seller does respond to supports. The plugin works, its a php plugin, the wordpress version is free plugin that comes as an extra, the free wordpress plugin does not work with the latest version of wordpress due deprecated functions, and a migration work is in progress.


abhkhan Purchased

Purchased for wp plugin, but provided wp plugin is not working on latest versions of wp?

Its working, the fix was in the works and its live now and you got an email of it already.

Hi, I like the way you design this numerology product but the outputs are wrong for you need the time of birth to get it correct and for being precise… e.g. 1000 people born on the same day will never have the same personalities due to different stars predominating at different time on that day.

Hence, You need the time to get higher precision based on the chi breath through the star dominating at that time… CORRECTness in numerology always depend precise time (year, month, day, minutes, seconds).. Exact time give the best precision on determining the personality.

Cheers.. Keep working on it.. It is the future…