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How can I change the facebook URL and the twitter URL in the game?

You need Construct 2.

I exported the game and uploaded the ZIP to cocoon (after I deleted config.xml and that file from intelxdk.xml)

And now, the project is called : HelloCocoon on cocoon.io, is it okay for now? or whats wrong?

You have a file in game folder “Export to Ludeei”

It doesn’t have many files, only sounds and images. But After I exported,

folder: www (contains: config.xml and I deleted it as you told me) file: intelxdk.xml or something like this name (i deleted it) file: TheEscapingNinja.xdk

And I did as you told me, I zipped them all and uploaded it, but it showed the name of project in cocoon : HelloCocoon

Shouldn’t I have deleted the config.xml or what?


Hi, I think there is an impossible jump. The bomb number 9 is over two boxes which are on a small platform, and it’s impossible to go ahead. I’m right? If yes, is it possible to fix it? Thanks

We need to make a jump on the verge of a cliff, and then everything will turn out! I myself personally went through the whole game several times before publishing.

Hello. Great job! It’s possible to have the ninja pictures in a big format? I need it to create my game logo’s.

Thank you.

Hello, how can I place a link in facebook icon and twitter icon?

Thank you!

You need use Construct 2 game engine.

How i fix this problem Exported games won’t work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)

Games need to be uploaded to the hosting.

Hello Muscle, How to Convert Game to APK Use Contruct 2

Hello, Good development. Now i want to change face of Ninja. Can you supply PSD for this? Currently for HTML5 version only.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility, since the game was developed long ago.

Hi! I’m new to this, sorry if my question seems stupid. Is this template something that I can modify and sell (or distribute for free) in any app store? I don’t mean the template, but the final compiled game. I couldn’t find any explanation about this in the Regular License docs. Thanks!

Ok, sorry again, I read carefuly the licenses again. So basically if I purchase the game under the regular license I can create an app, distribute it for free in different apps stores, and monetize it via adMob or other advertising methods. And to sell it, then I will have to buy the Extended license. Am I right?

Yes, now everything is correct!

how to make the game endless?

It’s easier to buy an endless game.

This game is not designed for infinity!

Dose this have add mod ?

Hi, mod?

Can i able to use Keyboard for control

Only mouse. You can do this, with Construct 2

Thanks very much, GLWS. Cheers


Hello, can you please tell me exactly what to do to make a Facebook button clickable? I have Construct 2, but I have no idea where to add a link to Facebook button. Please navigate me, thank you.

The game is old so the server does not work anymore.

So you lied. Because you told me, that only problem you will not support me is that I didn’t bought the game. Now it is a server problem? What a poor developer. I will not buy any game from you anymore, you are not capable to provide a basic service due to your funny excuses. Server issues can be easily repaired, do you know how? Change hosting or create some simple blog and put there your documentation with link. You can’t solve this in 1 month? This is really really bad man. This action take about 5 minutes! It you will continue with this ridiculous excuses, STOP selling this game!

Since the game was not purchased, support is not provided.

why have all documents leading to nothing? What was the point? Is it laziness?

At the moment, our hosting does not work!