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Very good game! Also want to engage in the creation of such runners. Good luck in sales!

Sergey, thank you!

Hi, is this unlimited/random? I tried the demo, and it seems like it’s the same run every time..

And there is.

Hello, nice game, can you make HTML5 version resizable to the window size? I don’t use Construct so I cannot make it by myself.

Nothing, send again. My address: muscle-ss@mail.ru

I sent it, check it.

Thank you for contacting your message has been delivered to me, I have already sent a message and put it into a file.

I would buy this if the gameplay is random and endless. Please confirm this so I can get on with the purchase.

Game with random, with added in the next update, follow me. Thank you!

How can I make the game HTML5 version resizable in the browser ?

Yes, two version, full window and resizable.

Thanks you !

Ninja Run – HTML5 Mobile Game (Capx)

Would you please give me to transform it directly into apk android? All the folders have contract2 bur I still can’t producing the apk with phonegap. If you help me I will offer for your job. Thank you

To make the APK with Phonegap need to use the program Intel XDK

And Construct 2 export game on android, and then loaded into Intel XDK, and then we get ready to APK

Nice game, good luck with the sale. By the way, i cannot set sound off using button ( right button)

Thank you :) , left button turns off the melody, and right button sound effects, if both push no, sound at all.

Cool runner))) Good work man!

Can I integrate AdMob in this game?

Need changes in editor, player animation frames, run and jump, see my screenshot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8II5tsNbfT2STVxZEJYR1h5eFE/view

Aah. I see. So you need a licensed version of Construct 2 in order to make any changes then. Are there any issues with uploading the app “as is” to Google Play? Thanks for the help.

Yes it can be done, but you need to have a personal or business license.

i have downloaded this apk by (galaxy tab 3) but didn’t open, why? what about button (facebook twitter)? Do it make share the score? and what i need to make it works? ............................................................... Do i can make all edit the game (reskin) by coco2 and intelXDK?


Hi, I submitted a request to add me to your list of contacts waiting for confirmation.

please answer on me email now.

As soon as we will be free, you will receive a response by mail.

Can you check the mute sound buttons?

The left (music) button works, but the right one is still playing the sound effects. It is the same on your demo on codecanyon and also the copy I have bought.

Otherwise, a great game. Could you please take a look and update or email me a fix? Thanks

The first button turns off the melody. The second musical effects !, where everything works well, tested on many mobile devices!

OK, if you use the buttons on the main screen first it turns off both sounds.

However, if you use the mute buttons on the ‘Game Over’ screen first then the sound effects still play. Trust me, try it!

I had only used the buttons on the Game Over screen because I could not see those on the main ‘playing’ screen as they are at the bottom and the game requires me to scroll down to see the bottom of the screen. I think must people would play the game with the sound once and then switch off with the ‘Game Over’ buttons, so these need to work.

AAA, I realized where this bug !, Thank you, soon fixed! Expect new update.


We are interested in customising this app but discovered only the windows version is available. We will like to know how much it will cost if you are to customise this game for us. Please note we are using a Mac laptop. We await your reply.


Well, I’ll help you, contact me at my email: muscle-ss@mail.ru

Is the game 100% mobile compatible? Is it possible to save each of the players score for it to be saved externally?

Yes it is possible!

Can you send me your email so we can get an idea on costs?