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How do I disable the “menu back button” so that it does not affect the “browser’s back button”?


Don’t quite understand what you’re asking.

Can you give me some more details?

Cheers, A

Great script, but your demo is not formatted properly in IE 8 .

Hello, How do I enable a sub-menu on page load?

Hi I was testing this in i.e. 9 and found one of the sub menus appearing on the main menu list. I had a look at the HTML and their appeared to be an extra
  • tab. It exists at the sub level headed….. Music, removing the extra
  • seemed to correct it (strange it didn’t show up in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Hi

    The example shows niceMenu at the top level, which makes sense. However it appears that you can set what level is shown on the NiceMenu.init function, is that right?

    I would like (for example) when the user goes down one level and clicks the link, that the menu on the linked page reflects the level the user last clicked. At the minute if NiceMenu is on the linked page it defaults back to the top level.

    I presumed it has something to do with setting the element

    i.e. element : ”#niceMenu”, but cant quite work out what.



    I would like to buy this, but its not displaying correctly in IE8 , is there a simply fix for this?

    (menu items overlapping etc.)


    Hi, is it possible after reload page, show slide of menu with is click on it. Hash in address bar isset but browser history want work….

    Hi, does this plugin have an option for subitems to open automatically when a menu item is hovered over?

    The Nice Menu is failing on install. First plugin to fail with my site. I don’t see another folder within the downloaded zip file that would be the proper one to install. Can you help? Thanks.

    Open a ticket on our support system: http://support.aa-team.com/ so we can understand this issue better.

    Best regards

    Okay, that’s the problem. I thought it was a WP plugin. Perhaps I can paste the html code into a widget. I’ll use the support page next time if I have a question.

    Ok then.