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Hello, running demos js get the following error: TypeError. $ (...) Is not a function turn How do I solve it?


Please read the documentation – installation.

Ok. fix the error by documentation. Now I have another error I did not see in the documentation. By occupying firebug mozilla me prints the following

book: ajax load cat = your_book_name onload.js (line 340) book: ready onload.js (line 560) book: jquery version = 1.10.2 onload.js (line 58) book: load all images in ajax onload.js (line 406) book: load onload.js (line 912) book: change address onload.js (line 1112) TypeError: position_left is undefined onload.js (line 1076, col 12)

These are not errors. These are special messages. They appear only in Firefox and are useful for debugging.

Hi, My team purchased this plugin and it supports for double page view.

We are expecting single page view for responsive design. Please guide on this.


Send me a private message and show the license purchase.


I have successfully installed Flipbook and use pdf files. Everything works well, pdf pages are showing up correctly.

Problem: However, it takes about 20 seconds between the click and the display of the flipbook reader with the cover page. The pdf size is 19MB. I have activated and deactivated lazy loading, it does not change this time delay of 20 seconds.

Is it possible to shorten this delay between the click and the display of the flipbook’s cover page?

If not, is it possible to display a loader icon during the time between the click and the dispay of the flipbook reader? Please note that the loader icon in flip book is displayed only when the flipbook reader is displayed, which is about 20 seconds after the click.

Please advise.

Many thanks. Kind regards


This same question sent to me by email. I wrote you by email.

Hi Flashmaniac, I’ve purchase you flipbook, it’s very nice by the way. I’m loading the book using pdf’s. now when I create the links to be on specific pages, they spill over to all other pages. so :

<section id=”links”> </section>

Any ideas Thanks

Sorry, was trying to show code, didn’t work. if you have data-page=3 and data-page=7 then page 3 links spill over to page 7 , if that makes any sense.


Send me a private message.


My organisation purchased this plugin to use. But i couldnt see pinch to zoom or double click to zoom in mobile working properly. can you help to fix it?


On the mobile device, use the icons to zoom in and out. To move the enlarged book, use your finger on the touch screen.


We are having the following issues when viewing a rtl PDF:

1. when the document loads, it displays the first two pages, unlike the default behavior and the one in ltr docs. 2. the shadows display at the sides of the doc instead of the center 3. prev page, next page are not functioning properly 4. when navigating to a next page, sometimes it goes to the previous one afterwards without clicking to do so

The English version works perfectly as expected.

I am putting the links for the English and Arabic versions for your ease of reference and so you can compare between both.

English: http://bit.ly/2gpWf4P Arabic: http://bit.ly/2fveqag

Thank you for the support

It works perfectly for even numbers. Thanks for the prompt support.

Another concern please, for the responsive layout. is it possible to adjust it to make the doc fit the page on desktops – without scroll bar? maybe change the default value for zooming when opening the doc at first time? the responsive layout works fine on mobile devices but on desktops I want to make it appear as the full-area one. Thanks a lot!


If you use the file “full-area-pdf.html” – flipbook does not have a scroll bar ( always full area in the browser ). Send me a Private Message.

about tooltips… how to change english to other language? thanks!

Please tell me your mail address, thanks.

he mail already be sended, please check the mail box.

I’m having problems with the newspaper flipbook download. When I initially downloaded the files, the flipbook worked on every browsers except for Internet Explorer 11. Now that I have downloaded the updated files, the flipbook no longer displays on any browser, just the background. Please help.

we fixed it. thanks!

i have purchase flip book jquery . when i open the full-area-pdf the showing blank. how can use pdf file?


Please read the documentation – “Installation.”


KiloByte Purchased

Hi flashmaniac : )

First of all, congratulations for improve new features like the bookshelf template. A lot time ago that I bough your theme, but I never used before until now, so I found you again looking for this kind of library : )

I know that my support has expired, but… Could give any clue in order to link a book to a local video with the Lightbox effect from the bookshelf? I’ll be very grateful.



Sorry but I give support only for the active support.


solymani Purchased

hello dear I use this script it work good in my localhost (by firefox) but I upload it to my online host, when I load page, show me a download window the pdf file (in all browsers) and don’t show my pdf as flip book please check it : http://demo.uhd.edu.iq/pub/index.php?jur=1 thanks


solymani Purchased

hello dear I fix it ! when I remove PDF file type on my Internet Download Manager it work Properly ! many of my user use IDM, how can I fix it please


You wrote to me on email. I sent a reply to the email.


adam8837 Purchased

hili flash maniac .. i just want to know how i want to create a hard page on the beginning of the flip book and last page ?


Sorry but there is no such function.