Discussion on Newspaper Flipbook -jQuery

Discussion on Newspaper Flipbook -jQuery

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Hi there,

Any idea if this will run on Wix?

Cheers, Lucy


I think you can add html code in wix. Ask Wix support for details.

Hello @flashmaniac,

Will you please tell me how to change the size of the magazine that is on the bookshelf? I only want one magazine on the shelf for now and I want it large like in the new demo. I changed the bookshelf.css but it doesn’t do anything to make a difference. I also tried to direct edit the magazine but to no avail.

Also, for the text on the actual “about me” section…I can’t get it to change the size either. I changed the style.css file and it did not work. It is just very tiny text and even changing the H1-H6 tags doesn’t work. I also tried changing it directly in the html and it only changed the color from black to white.


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One more thing… there isn’t an icon for sharing my book in the menu. I want to add this feature. Do I need to purchase a share button plugin for this to work?

I have replied to you by email.

We are interested in using your plugin for our SaaS product. Could you please confirm if the regular license covers SaaS usage, or if we need to purchase an extended license?


You asked the same question in an email. I replied to the email.


I am very pleased with my purchase of your flipbook script.

It came to solve an issue I had of being able to display single page or double page on mobile devices automatically just by turning to phone upwards or sideways. That is SO COOL.

I have two question so far:

1) How to I move the toolbar to the bottom and allow the flipbook to position itself automatically above the toolbar. Is there an option for that?

2) I have a predefine HTML5 content for each page of my flipbook. The background image works and loads fine, but I use forms with input fields. Your code blocks the sizing of my custom fonts and text content to be displayed on top of the background image of my custom book. How can I use custom CSS inside your flipbook to allow me to set my custom styling overlay the background image of each page.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Send me a private message.

Hello, first of all I would like to apologize for my bad english.

I bought the Newspaper Flipbook -jQuery today.

I want to put pdf files on a website as a bookshelf.

Unfortunately, this is not described in the documentation in such a way that I understand it.

There are no examples either, that would have been very helpful.

Can you please send me an example, that would be very nice!

And maybe you should design your documentation better, paste & copy is not possible as images are used.

Best regards Michael


There is a finished example for Bookshelf. Open/edit the “bookshelf.html” file.

If you need further help send me a private message here:
( the form is on the bottom right )

swslive Purchased

we are generating from pdf file, but in many cases it does not load fonts and images n different pages. How to make it work with any PDF file?


I have replied to you by email.

Hello, on the index page, when you click on the page numbers, does it redirect to the relevant page? does it turn there? Thank you


I will try to explain more clearly.

example, I put the table of contents on the first page. there;

Lorem ipsum …............... page 12

Lorem ipsum …............... page 17

Lorem ipsum …............... page 22

Lorem ipsum …............... page 37

When I click on “Lorem ipsum …............... page 22” from the table of contents, does it automatically redirect me to page 22? does it have this feature?

thank you so much, before you answer me I already bought it :)))

Hi ,

there I am trying to add a folder of pdf to the bookcase and PDF flipping from drewamweaver but I am not able to make it work even following the manual like you explain ! please advise


You are making changes to the file “bookshelf.html” file.
You need to change the path to your photo. See screenshot –
You set the link to the pdf file in the configuration file – “lightbox/config.html” ( “pdf_url” variable )

If you still have a problem send me a private message here: ( the form is on the bottom right )

Can the entire content of a page be fully html ? not a pdf or image . Any examples to show ?


simboyy Purchased

Hi. using images, Is it possible to increase the max zoom?


You need to have bigger images and increase “page_width” and “page_height”.

Hi there. Thanks for the plugin. I was having trouble with it but I figured out that I was missing pdf.worker.js – now that’s in place, all good, so no need for support – thanks! Ant

One question – is there a way to put the flipbook inside a container div? I can’t find that in the documentation and I’d like to have it below a header and above a footer if possible. Do you have any examples of this at all? It would help. You can see why here: Thanks, Ant

Yes you can add inside a container div.
You then need to remove this argument from your code:

Is there a way we can track how many users interacted with the pages?


Sorry, there is no such function.

I want to return the product and return my money, how it does not have a control page, HTML files only


Send me a private message.

my english is not good, please understnad

when page truning (on single page mode)

I want the backside to be transparent. (or 50% transparent)

like this :

is it possible?


Send me a private message.

I Want to buy this Plugins


Do you have any problems with your purchase. Let me know.

Hello, is there possiable to put comment on every slide ?

Something like this.


Not. You have to add this comment in the pdf file.

Hi, users should be able to click a button in our store to display the PDF for an product. But this link must be created dynamically for each product. How can I do this?


You can use Lightbox. See the file “lightbox.html”.

Code to open FlipBook as Ligtbox:
<a href="load_book_lightbox('your_book_name')" data-content="lightbox/content.html" data-config="lightbox/config.html" target="_blank">Link do FlipBook</a>

You need to dynamically generate the file “lightbox / config.html” because there is the name of the pdf file (variable pdf_url)

Hello, i want to use this with Joomla 3. Is it possible?


This is not a Joomla plugin. But if you know Joomla well, you can make the plugin Joomla yourself.

it always loading images from cache, how to force to reload the images from server not from cache ?


Cannot be forced. It depends on the browser and browser settings. Clear the browser cache.

hi i have an issue with the plugin. can you help me?

whenever i zoom the image on flip template it cant be scrolled down or up. please hit me back asap. thanks

this’s my purchase code 077e4fe1-62ae-4021-8146-3c2c0d6e950c


Send me a private message and give me a link to your FlipBook:
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