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Can I customize design same this link http://ntcreatic.com/burgundy3/iCatalog-view.php?


This is possible but it requires a lot of custom coding.

i have design http://www.mx7.com/view2/Acnc2b2A24EY7g0j how to customize


The link is not working.

Hello, I purchased this item and i am running pdf file flipbook, the issue is when i open it on mobile it take too much time to load pdf flipbook


Send me a private message and give me a link to the flipbook.

prebuy question ,does this plugin require three.js and the webgl?


The plugin does not need these files.


I have purchased your product, firstly the turn.js was missing in the downloaded code and i copied it from your demo url and it is working now. I need to remove the padding around the page for responsive view. It should fit with toolbar without spaces in left and right, what should I do for that. If you can guide I can make the tweaks. Hope for a quick reply since I am running with a deadline to finish the project.

Thank You Anand


You must download the turn.js file yourself. It is forbidden to include “turn.js” in the main package on codecanyon. You can find more information in the documentation (installation).

If you have additional questions, send me a private message.


chekwan Purchased

Hai.. this flipbook able to rotate book for landscape view.? because some of my contents in landscape format


Yes. The size for page can be any.

means.. can put action button for user to rotate the book during reading.?

Sorry, there is no such function.

Hi, Pls I need you help to do some customization. Pls can you contact me on : ifyeswhyno@hotmail.com so I can give you details of what I want you to do for me.




I sent you an E-mail.

Hello I bought your Bundle – FlipBook jQuery. I want to use Newspaper flipbook but I have a problem. I am working on ASP.NET and I have some dynamic data. I got path of images from database and want to show them in the flipbook. As I have seen on documentation, I have to indicate a html page like “content/book.html” as data-content. Is it possible to show images without any book html? I wonder that can I show my images in the flipbook like a modal? Thank you.


“content / book.html” needed only if you use a lightbox. You can use “full-area.html” then you do not need “content / book.html”.

Hi again But in the package that I downloaded from here, full-area.html contains this line

... id=”fb5-ajax” data-cat=”your_book_name” data-content=”content/book.html” data-config=”content/config.html” data-template=”true”...

data-content indicates again book.html in content folder

You have an old version. Send me a private message

Hello Is it possible that using this plugin without any book.html? Is there any alternative way to show content? for example I got my image paths from database and query changes with respect to user request. I want to show only images that user requested in the plugin. waiting for your reply. Thanks


You can generate html code dynamically using php.

The project is a ASP.NET project. I can generate HTML code dynamically but how can I refer it without writing the code into any .html file. Is there a way to send generated html code directly to the plug-in?

Hello~ my email address is robo74@empas.com I purchased flipbook jquery and have some problem

When we click the pdf download icon, it looks like generating a rtp file and zipped, then zipped file is downloaded. Why is not pdf? How can we make this work to download the pdf?

file attachment dosen’t support here but I can send you captured photo if you let me know email or something


The link can be to any file. Set the pathway to your pdf file.
See this screenshot:

Hi i have one query before purchasing your product - can i use directly pdf instead of .jpg file in flipbook?


Yes, of course, you can use pdf instead of .jpg file.

thanks flashmaniac, i have one more query… can it possible to show single page instead double page in mobile version?

Yes, it is possible.

In pc it should be double pages, and in mobile it should be single page display by default. Does this flipbook have feature like i mentioned?


Yes. “page_mode” can have values – “single”, “double” or “auto”. With “auto” on the desktop is double and on mobile devices single page.

cool, thanks!