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Hi, I have a question if the menu looks good on mobile devices, because when I checked how it looks on mobile devices via Google Chrome the text from the menu doesn’t show up, just the menu button. I was told that checking mobile responsiveness via Google Chrome is not very competent. Maybe that’s an issue. My website is still on my local server so I can’t check how it looks on mobile devices.

Thanks, Tamara

Hi there.

Navi has been tested on multiple browsers on multiple devices, including Chrome on Windows, iOS and Android.



I have an issue with the plugin. When I wanted to move it on the right side I could only do that in css but when I do that the names of the pages of the menu are not visible on mobile. Is there any way to make it show up on the right side of the site on mobile?



Hi. Anything’s possible given enough know-how and effort but I really can’t comment on any customizations you’ve made on your own I’m afraid. Also, please post future comments from the account you made the purchase from as you don’t have a buyer’s badge.


Hey love the plugin dude. How would I go about putting text as the logo. Thanks in advance :)

Hi. It’ll show your site name (whatever you’ve set it to in your WordPress srpettings) as soon as it’s activated, no need to do anything more if you want to show the logo as text.

Ahh yeah, dunno how I forgot to check that . haha thank you though.

Is it possible to change the background when you hover over links such as this ?

HI. Not a feature at this time. I’m looking to update Navi with more interesting menu styles in the future though, so never say never.


Hi there, loving the plugin but it seems to be causing a slight conflict with my theme [The X Theme]. When I activate your plugin, none of the fade animations on my site work anymore, but when I deactivate it they work fine :-( Is there a simple way to fix this please? It’s not the end of the world if not, but it would be nice! Thank you.

Sure thing :)

PS. Noticed that now that menu item, when hovered, shows the text cursor, not pointer as links should have. You can add this to your stylesheet to take care of that as well: .navi-by-bonfire a { cursor:pointer; }


That’s what you call support – fixing issues before we even have chance to mention them! Thanks once again.

I have a standard text menu in place. Can I have the responsive menu icon only appear when the screen size is mobile-sized?

Thanks. Found it right after I posted. I have it set to show between 400 and 768 pixels. Right now both the menu and logo regardless of the screen size. How can I set this to have them show only on smaller screens?

Nevermind the second question. I found the answer.I am however noticing that no matter what I do the menu positions to the left of the screen, even though I have the right orientation checked. How can this be adjusted?

Hi. The menu positioning is at the bottom of the “Menu” section in the settings area. If you’re positive your settings are entered correctly and you’ve cleared your cache etc., send me an message through the contact form on my profile with your site address and I’ll have a quick look.


How can I display “Menu” to the side of the hamburger menu? So anyone who doesn’t know what the hamburger menu means would know its menu?

Hi there. That’s not a feature at this time but I do have plans to add it. I could just do a quick release for it as a few other customers have requested it as well. I think that’s just what I’ll do :) I can’t give a specific day but look for it within a week or so.


Curious if you could assist me in finding the right solutions within your suite of menu plugins that meet my particular needs?

1. I am in search of a full-screen (overlay) responsive menu that works across desktop to mobile, with a customizable activation trigger (button/link) of my choice, that also allows the use of multiple menus + triggers on the same page. Suggestions?

2. I am also in search of a plugin that meets the same requirements above (custom trigger, full-screen, overlay) but instead of displaying a menu, it displays a content page of my choice. Recommendations?


1. Our menus are single-instance, site-wide. 2. Get acquainted with our Nest plugin. Sounds like it could be what you’re looking for.


hi there,

is there any possible way to resize menu button and logo when window scroll? like when i scroll, the logo position (top and left) will change.


thanks for the fast reply! :)


can i make the overly automatically close when click menu list?



Not a feature out of the gate. Can be done of course but would again have to be quick custom work. Please get in touch via the contact form on my profile if you’d like to follow up on that.


Love the menu. Looks great and works so smooth. One feature I would love is to be able to change the background image on the second layer based on what the user chose. Thanks!

Also, any way to disable the menu on some pages?

Hi, thanks for the kind words :) You can hide it on certain pages with help of a per-post/page CSS plugin (google then, they’re free). Send me a message via the contact form on my profile and I’ll provide you with the necessary CSS code.


This was probably answered before… does this natively replace the theme’s menu? I won’t have a conflict?

Hi. Navi does not interfere with or alter anything in your WordPress installation. So no, Navi does not replace your theme menu.


I am really interested in using this plugin on my website and would want to buy it. But right now envato is providing it to me for free until 5th april it is downloadable it says. I did click on the link from the product page, it gets downloaded from this link, but a blank folder only. Uploading it on the website, I get the following eror: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed. Can you please tell me what’s wrong and provide me a valid link to the real plugin or is it just a joke (April fool!) :P ??? I really wanted to try this free download and then buy it with additional support which I know I’d need ;) Kindly help me on this. Cheers!

Hi. You’re trying to install the entire downloaded file. Unpack and install the plugin file only.


Looks great! Just curious, why is this item free until 4/5? Thanks!

It’s part of an on-going Envato promotion. Cheers.