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heb Purchased

Hello, can you guys help me to know if your player works with:

MP3 ACC (I don’t know if it is + or -)

once known this, we can proceed to buy licenses.

Thank you!


heb Purchased

Well, I already bought this product, I managed to configure it and all, but I have a doubt, I hope you can help me on this.

I’m doing a Web App, I mean, I’m running a browser within Android and iOS that summons a website with your code, and it plays and all. However, on iOS (not Android, in there it works fine) when closing the web app or receiving a call, the audio goes off. Can you guys help me or give me a clue what can be done? I believe this has something to do with Audio Sessions, but I don’t know if this can be done with PHP/Javascript.

Thank you in advance!

yesterday i publish a complete new version of radio player. Can you test it?

buying today the wordpress plugin install and de player dont show up on my site i put de code into a html widget this my site

yesterday i publish a complete new version of radio player. Can you test it?

Hi, I just downloaded the plugin and set it up yesterday but as I launched it in dashboard I come to realize it is not what I thought it to be. It does not have as many options as I thought it would have. It does not save my information to the plugin??

I love that you are able to insert Shoutcast listen link, but what I am disappointed about is that I cannot save all the information entered in the fields to generate code. It goes back to the default information that was there when I installed the plugin.

I have to enter all information again to get a duplicate code, this is no good, if I deleted the radio stream page where the code will be placed, I would lose the entire details. And have to start all over again.

It also does not grab meta song information from the shoutcast stream???? It only shows what I insert in title field of the plugins dashboard. Can you confirm if this in fact pulls titles or not?

I deleted the WP Rocket cache plugin and it is still the same state.

I would much rather request a refund and purchase another that will be suited best for my use if this plugin will not function the way it is supposed to.

Thank you Emergelab

Hello, can you send me a link from your site with the radio? I will look.

hi i am having problems with this plugin i cant get it to work on my template im building for nothing and i see it working on a website just like the one i have with other host i have and i would like it similar to that one

Hello, can you send me a link from your site with the radio?

PURCHASE CODE: 24de3c2c-c6a8-4f0c-bdc8-97a42f4a4320

Hi, I have installed version 4, but it seems that on iOS devices has a double PAUSE. This is normal?

VOLUME still does not work on iOS, will that be fixed in later versions? Thank you.

Hi, ist das nur bei iOS?

hab den Fehler gefunden. Nächste Update kommt.

We can confirm pablofra’s “double pause” button issue above also occurs in Safari on MacOS desktop, as well.

yes i have see this issue. Next update is coming soon.

Hi I’ve just purchased this plugin ..But the zip file doesn’t upload ..please help

Ok my friend this is the problem i’m having—Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

.................................... Not Happy at the moment!!!!

Hi just to let you know that I’ve got the player to work thanks for your help.

Please, can you assist in getting the player to show my stream’s now playing information?

Hi there. The name of the songs appear on desktop, but not on mobile devices. How I can fix that? See the link:

you can exclude this player from cache-plugin, and it works. The player used a php-file in the same folder from js-file and can’t find this.


flyivan Purchased

Thank you Sodah, you point in right direction. The player was exclude from the cache plugin and work perfect. The names of the songs show on any device check: I rate you plugin with 5 Stars.

Thanx for your rating!!!!

I am looking for a third party player and have yet to find one. Can you please check the link of my station and tell me if it actually works on your player. We use ICE cast 2 and use AAC version 2 streaming at 64kb

Hello, it works. You can check your stream on this site:

It does work, not in IE though, fine in all others. That being said it does not show the meta data, what can or do I need to do there to make it show? What it shows is the service I am with not the actual streaming content.

yes IE is old. IE not supported AAC, just MPEG-Audio format.

Hello, the name of the current track on the server is written in this style: Any ideas how to install it here? Sorry for my English.

Hello, yes i know this is new in icecast. I will look at a solution for the next update.


pablofra Purchased

Version 4 does not work in the SAFARI browser. I had to go back to v3.

hello, i have tested and see this issue: Failed to load resource: Cancelled load from ‘;' because it is using HTTP/0.9. Look at here: and update your header to 1.x


pablofra Purchased

Thanks for your time. Is HTTP0.9 in the streaming url? Could you tell me how I can upload to a higher version? Thank you.

hello, yes in your streaming URL is the old header. Update this on your streaming server. You have a very old shoutcast server. Update it and finsh.

Hello I am a purchaser of your native flash radio plugin and I am using it on But It is not working on Iphone with latest IOS 11. specially after Iphone 6. can you please check and send me the solution. Thank you.

It plays very nicely on all samsung devices but not in Iphone after they updated to IOS 11.

Specially on Iphone 6 plus and above.


sodah Author

Hello, please update your server to the latest version. Your header os http/0.9. Required for webstreaming is http/1.0

Hello Any news about the player that is playing on IOS 11 devices? If you can’t resolve it then I will ask for full refund. Thank you.

Hello You’re answer is not satisfactory to me. What is http 9.0 and 11.0 ? I am not a programmer. And When I check the player on Iphone 6 plus IOS 11.2 of your sample site , It plays well but when I play on iphone , the player looks wired. Just check this link on Iphone 6 plus -


sodah Author

i mean, you soutcast server is old. Please update to the latest version. Your not programming any site. Just update the server to the latest version.

am building an online radio website and was looking at your plugins/wedgets I was wondering if this one below can be made to float and keep playing even when one changes the page.

So basically this plugin does not render at all, I tried it on 2 different WP installs. All it shows is: Native Flashradio V4 and nothing else.

Can you send me a link from your site here?

Sodah, going to go ahead and renew support.