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ajmoon Purchased

Hi How do I install this into a site I’m creating on Dreamweaver? Thanks

hello, you use the wordpress plugin. this plugin you can copy on your wordpress-plugin folder.


ich habe jetzt das WP-Plugin installiert und alles eingerichtet. Nun habe ich aberdas Problem, das die Interpreten und Titel nicht korrekt angezeigt werden. Meist wird nur ein Teil des Namens angezeigt.

Link zur HP: (Rechte Seite unterhalb derChats) Titelausgabe im Live-Preview läuft super!

Link zu den Streams:

OK erledigt! Jetzt gehts nach 10 Minuten….

PUCHASE CODES: 24de3c2c-c6a8-4f0c-bdc8-97a42f4a4320

Hi, The volume control does not work on iPhone OS10. This is something that will be fixed?

read the system requirements: Volume controllers will not work on IOS. You’ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.

Thanks, is this something that fixed in future versions?


Great player. I want it to add it for my internetradio station , i have choosen for the wordpress plugin . The question is , can the player conitinue with playing if visisitors are visitting my webpage page , with out interuption, what the most players have


Goos Mante

sorry this is a problem on IOS. IOS have no software volume controller.

Trying to install, WP keeps telling ‘no valid plugins found’ please help

I dont have access to server side files. I only have access to WP through the backend, not the server. Is that the only way to install?

I figured it out! Thanks!

Hi, I can’t get the songtitle string. Using Shoutcast 2 the url is

but it shows nothing at all

what can i do?


vwks Purchased

Hello. Today I’ve purchased your code but i have problems with the SSL Certificate… I’m receiving several warnings from many browsers. How can i fix it in order to stream via HTTPS without security issues? Thanks in advance.

59562dc1-8626-4b95-b47f-588bcf16fd91 – 6 Mar 2017

can you send me, your URL?

you can send me on my E-Mail


vwks Purchased

OK. I’ve sent you an email through the contact form on your website. Thank you.

Option allow_url_fopen is enabled in PHP 5, port 80 is open. No names!!! Server icacast 2 ,the firewall does not block. Please help. On your website only shows the station name

no support??? 678883f7-0eff-4d13-8870-eab3e26813e3

Hi I got the new update, but its not playing something went wrong?

[native-flash-radio width=’100%’ bordertopleft=’0px’ bordertopright=’0px’ borderbottomleft=’0px’ borderbottomright=’0px’ height=’40px’ themecolor=’#fa9127’ themefontcolor=’#ffffff’ startvolume=’75’ channelurls=’' channeltypes=’mp3’ radioname=’A9RADIO’ scroll=’AUTO’ autoplay=’TRUE’ debug=’TRUE’ songtitleurl=’’ infotext=’’ infolink=’+16476481491’ songgooglefontname=’Oswald:800’ songfontname=’Oswald’ titlegooglefontname=’Oswald:400’ titlefontname=’Oswald’ firstsolution=’HTML’ songinformationinterval=’20000’]

I don’t know Still not playing :(

Hello, i see it works. Wich OS and wich browser you use?

Yes it is Thank you. (Chrome, PC)

Hi, About this: “2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS. You’ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.”

I would like to know if they have any update in mind that solves this. Greetings.



1. The autoplay will not work because Mobile-OS disables autoplay feature and it can’t be controlled from JS 2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS. You’ll have to adjust the volume with physical buttons of the mobile device.


iOS Devices have no support for change volume via web app.


radiou Purchased

Hello… Your changelog shows a version from April 2017. But downloading the file seems to give us the May 2016 version instead? How do we get the most current version of the plugin?


afn7 Purchased

Hello, first of all I like your work. I want to learn something about licence, is there any protection for stealers? For example is it possible to someone copy my source code and try to use your product? Because i dont want someone to use this player without buying etc. Let me know.


waltpe Purchased

I cannot install your plugin! I get a message from Wordpress that it isn’t possible to install because certain parts are missing. Please help me or I want my money back! Thanks, Peter


waltpe Purchased

Hi, ich habe eben mal in der Console des Browsers geschaut. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) initflashradio.js etc. Es wird versucht unter die Scripte zu öffnen. Das geht nicht, weil da wohl nix liegt.

Hallo, hab nochmals nachgeschaut, Plugin ist installiert und aktiviert. Was kann ich sonst tun?


waltpe Purchased

Hello, a question to LBG AUDIO5 HTML5: The title information of my live stream aren’t shown. Look at my website I have activated the title information but obviously they can’t be found. Would be happy for any help, thanks!


sodah Author

yes, please look at here: