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Hi pre-sale question, we are running a very basic community radio station and our computer is connected to the station for when we want to play any ads etc … am I able to stream live to our website through this plugin with step by step instructions? and am i able to see the instructions before buying it?

Thank you for the prompt reply. I have the streaming link for our radio, will the plugin play any streaming link under (Type of Shoutcast (1/2), Icecast2, Radionomy or other) ? awaiting reply thanks

what type is your radio stream? You can send here the url.

That is the link.

Awaiting reply

Hi there,

I’ve installed the plugin successfully, but I cannot display the song title information. When I tried the demo on flashradio website, the song titles were showing.

I read that I need to edit the ini.php file, but with yahoo this file does not exist.

What can I do?


Hello, your mountpoint is /stream . Look at here: And you can set corsproxy=’none’

Awesome thanks!


adfabri Purchased

Hi Again, quick question – I started adding the YEAR to the title track, the YEAR is showing properly in the player, but now I am not getting the album image that links to iTunes. Is there a better way I could go about this? thanks!


flyivan Purchased

Hi Sodah, I was trying to make my own create a own cors proxy using .Everthing was fine until 2:13 when I have to put my json file. I got lost. How I can find this file. My settings are:

[native-flash-radio userinterface=’small’ backgroundcolor=’#000000’ width=’100%’ height=’80px’ themecolor=’#ff0000’ themefontcolor=’#ffffff’ startvolume=’100’ streamurl=’' streamtype=’icecast2’ streampath=’’ streamid=’’ mountpoint=’/live’ radiouid=’’ apikey=’’ radioname=’’ scroll=’auto’ autoplay=’false’ useanalyzer=’real’ analyzertype=’3’ usecover=’true’ affiliatetoken=’1000lIPN’ debug=’false’ ownsongtitleurl=’’ radiocover=’’ bordertopleft=’0’ bordertopright=’0’ borderbottomleft=’0’ borderbottomright=’0’ songgooglefontname=’’ songfontname=’’ titlegooglefontname=’’ titlefontname=’’ songinformationinterval=’5000’ streamprefix=’/;type=mp3’ corsproxy=’php’ usestreamcorsproxy=’false’]

Can you help me? Thanks Ivan


flyivan Purchased

Never mind I fix it :-)


renetatu Purchased

Bonjour, Désolé je n’écris pas du tout en Anglais Je viens d’acheter le plugin Native HTML5, je n’arrive pas à le configurer. Besoin de votre aide


renetatu Purchased

Je suis perdu avec la traduction anglais francais avec la documentation. Je dois créer un fichier index.html intégrer JQUERY.


renetatu Purchased

Peut on trouver une vidéo qui explique la configuration du player


renetatu Purchased

Fonctionne pas.

Ici j’ai compris ce qqu’il y a à faire ( après ca problème.

Le code je le met sur une page html?

Le dossier wp_nativeflashradio4 je le copie ou?

je le met dans wp-content/plugins?

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edimedia Purchased

I bought it but it doesnt work on ios 11 iphone x….. both safari and chrome.

cesarhr7 Purchased

Hello! I’m from Chile and I speak Spanish. I am very interested in “Native HMTL 5 for Wordpress”. I have ELEMENTOR PRO to build my website and I do not know how I can use the “SHORTCODE GENERATOR” to try on my website. I NEED HELP PLEASE I want to buy it once tested.


Whatever I do, Native Flash Radio does keep on asking to register to the domain. What can I do?

send me here your website url. i can look. Normally I am running version 3 without any problem. Since yesterday there is an unwanted white layout covering the information. For this reason I want to migrate to the latest version. It’s active now. This site is live!

I solved it myself. Registered as without WWW and it works. Have to reconfiger some things I see.

I have just purchased your Native HTML5 Radioplayer V4 and have found it to be mostly good. However, after considerable experimentation, I’ve discovered that the player has a couple of problems on iOS 9.3.5 – namely, the Play and Pause buttons have to be cycled twice before the audio will start playing, i.e. click Play, then Pause, then Play again (other players, such as the free Muses player for example, do not have this problem).

The other problem is the Play and Pause buttons are of incorrect size and alignment and are larger than their containers (which I assume to be a CSS error).

These problems are also true of the player displayed on your own website when displayed in Safari or Chrome on iOS 9.3.5, therefore it is not due to any installation problem on my website

iOS 9.3.5 is the final OS version on the iPad Third Generation, which is the model I happen to have.

Could you please advise me of a solution to these errors – I do feel that having paid for this software these very basic problems should not exist, particularly since your website declares it being compatible with iOS 9.x

hello, you use autoplay mode?

No I don’t use autoplay. Autoplay doesn’t work on iOS !

I have the same problem with IPad third generation. I use an older version that works best for me. 0.23 When there is a new version I try it and when it starts not with one push on the play button I go back to 0.23. Don’t know why it doesn’t start. So I use the best working version for me. Titles and covers work very well and the music plays good. I like the player. It’s easy to switch versions.


sodah Author

hello, autoplay is currently not supported. The browser manufactor forbided this.

Yes I know, autoplay is not the issue. It’s start the music. With the software I now use it’s a push on the button and music. With newer software you have to push more then once to get the music. That’s only with Ipad third generation just like andyventon discribes. I mentioned this issue in Februari.

4 months ago I posted this:

I tried version .31 and 2.01 Old one .23 still works best for me .31 starts after 8-10 seconds on my ipad. And 2.01 starts not the first time pressing play but the second time after say 4-5 seconds. .23 starts in 2 seconds first time pressing. So i prefer .23. My ipad has ios 9.3.5, maybe to old ??? sodah

This was your answer

sodah Author 4 months ago

no, is a issue, i will this fixed in the next time.

Hi there, thank you for a great addition to wordpress :-)

I am having a issue with the plugin it does not seem to always play my radio feed.

It will occasionally work but mostly no sound can be heard, this has been tested and different computers and android devices?



sodah Author

look at here:

That is great thank you :-)


sodah Author

I’m also looking forward to a positive review. Thanks a lot!!!


libm29 Purchased

Hello Sodah We love your plugin but, we are having some problems. I hope that you can help us. Before we purchased, we were able to test out our stream via your shortcode generator with the information below and all seemed to work fine. After the purchase we tried it our on site. It seems that the player does not grab the stream data but the player does stream audio.

Just some background about our station, we are using Centova Cast v3.2.10 with a WordPress website and all of our music are in MP3 format. We also have some of our DJ’s spin live from time to time.

StreamURL: Streamtype: Shoutcast1 / Shoutcast2

Please check out our page and let us know what it could be.


i have look at the browser console and found any 404 errors.

I’m sorry but, what do you mean?

We have moved out player to



afn7 Purchased

Hello Sodah, I have 1 little question… I bought your player’s wordpress version.. My question is can I implant your player by using jQuery version?

yes you can do this. Copy just the js and php file on your site and use the code generator.

Update for chrome, pls

what do you mean exactly?