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is possible install in multiples sites?

you need for every site a own license.

that is, I need to pay a license for each domain, correct?

Any chance for allowing metadata on mobile? So in the mobile’s player it will list the song title and artist (not the flashradio player itself)

You must write a own function for reading the song title. The Plugin don’t have a API for this.

Presale Question: Is it possible to use every kind of streaming url and is it easy to configure your plugin? And do you have a good docu?

the documentation you can find here:

and the code generator here:

Hello, I was buy the wp plugin and I try to style the code with css but not working.

It’s locked?

for example I want to hide the volume bar…

all what you can do, can you do here:

for register you plugin, use this site:

It’s very bad that no one can be style the theme or remove elements.

I am very dissatisfied with the choice I made.

thanks for your time.


flyivan Purchased

Hi Sodah, something happen after the last update. On IPAD 10” Version: iOS 10.3.3 Model: MD513J/A Safari

The screen is not right, the player button is missing see: when you click on player we get this:

Plus is clicking noise on the top of the music. This issue is only on IPAD everywhere else working fine, any ideas? Ivan

i have test it on ios 11. hmmmm… i must look for a device with ios 10.

presale question: I dont´t know, if these url format is supported. Could you give me a response, please? https://xxxxxxxt.m3u8 and rtmp://xxxxxxxx/radiolive/livestream. Thanks for your help.


sodah Author

Hello, my player needed a stream-URL. m3u8 is a container-format and not a stream-URL. RTMP is currently not supported.

Hello.I want to buy the NATVE HTML5 RADIO Player.we use wordpress.Here’s my question.Can we use full pages in WordPress?


natoleal Purchased

-Is it possible to add to a domain itself, not only the exact website?

-Is it possible to hide the volume bar – i would like only the play button?

-I noticed it takes a few seconds to start playing the autoplay, how to start immediately ?


sodah Author


1. the copyright technic from envato/codecanyon needed a correct domain. You don’t need the complete url. Just the domain:

2. sorry no. the volume bar is a feature from this player. Why you don’t need this? Experimental solution: You can set the width in the same height then you see just the play-button.

3. the offset play is a buffer size setting in you stream. You can test it with your stream url directly in browser URL.


natoleal Purchased

1-i’ll try once again then.

2- once i set height to any % value it disappears ( get invisible); I would like to have the “play” button in the top of the “volume”-