MyTravel - Ultimate Laravel Booking System

MyTravel - Ultimate Laravel Booking System

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MyTravel is a Booking System based on Laravel, designed for a travel website, Marketplace, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Room Bnb, Villa Rental, Resort Rental, Make Travel website. With 6+ years working on travel products we confident to bring to you best product for your travel site with optimized UX/UI, friendly on mobile on the search engine.

Free installation service:

Server Requirement:

PHP: 8.0 or above

For now we only support MySql and MariaDB: MariaDB: 10.2.7 or above, MySql 5.7.8 or above

Demo site: (Data will be reset each 2 days)

Admin Sandbox: admin@mytravel.test
Password: admin123
Vendor Panel:
Vendor account: vendor1@mytravel.test
Password: 123456Aa

Version 2.2.0 – 10 Feb 2023

     -     Add validation for password change, now require symbol, upper and lower case and number
     -   Add verified badge for email in user dashboard

        + Fix issue when some social network does not have email address
        + Fix user plan report
        + [Code Improvement] Update ID for template Blocks
        + [Code Improvement] Using only search function for all query
        + Fix upload validation issue
        + Fix Pusher API  
        + Fixed media folder permission
        + Fixed detail booking history/Booking Report
        + Fixed plan issue
        + Fixed surrounding display issue
        + Fixed Filter issue

Version 2.1.0 – 10 January 2023

        + Fixed the Chat issue
        + Fixed Verify issue
        + Update Database issue

        + Add the Payrexx Gateway
        + Add Banner slider style for Form search all blocks

Version 2.0.0 – 03 January 2023

Version 2.0.0 – 03 January 2023
  Note: This version work on PHP 8.0

    + Cloud storage: S3, Google Cloud Storage
    + Laravel 9
    + Hide Template menu, now you will have a button for every page to edit template
    + Disable wallet function, will rebuild it later
    + Upgrade marker cluster to new version
    + Remove spatie/laravel-permission, using built-in RBAC module

Version 1.4.0 – 28 September 2022

         +   Add option for setting default Location for Map
         +     Add RTL option     
         +     Add News module for Vendor
         +   Add User plans module
         +     Add clear-cache tool in Tools menu
         +     Add Tour fixed date type
         +    Add option allows organize Media by folder
         +    Add iCal for Car module

         + Space by night remaining issues: Minimum day stay requirements + Ical + Extra Price
        + Update reCaptcha V3
        + Update Enquiry settings for each module
         + Add more Room Facilities to the Room Detail
         + Remove the Exeptional part
         + Update words for Translation tools
         + Update edit button for Location manager 
         + Fixed the Settings issue
         + Update Breadcrumb data
         + Update the Order status after checkout by Offline pay 
         + Fixed Enquiry settings issue
         + Update Stripe checkout  
         + Update smart search option for Flight

Changelog: Version 1.3.1 – 30 May 22

        +  [Fixed] Settings can't save data            
        +  [Fix] The issues ralated Multi-language
        +  [Fix] Hotel detail missed the Badge tags
        +  [Update] Include/Exclude section for Boat module
        +  [Update] Report commission for Admin + vendor

Changelog: Version 1.3.0 – 25 April 22

        + Add 2FA with Google Authenticator
        + Add the PopUp module
        + Add the Vendor listing (homepage block)
        + Add commission detail in the Report        
        + Add discount information in the invoice
        + Add "Radius" option + search option for Auto completed location from Gmap
        + Add "Delete button" allows User can disable their own account
        + Allow searching/Filter by business name in Dashboard > Users
        + Enable enquiry form for Boat module
        + Update icon loading for calendar
        + Update the Stripe to new version
        + Update boat section for Location
        + Update Stripe payment to the new version
        + Update pagination in the Map Layout

        + Hotel/Space by night from 21-24, but 21+24 is disabled so you can't checkout/check-in
        + Checkout page > Booking Detail has an incorrect detailed price
        + Fixed the Twitter Login
        + Fixed missing the target attribute for <a> tag
        + Fixed "Room not available for booking" on the checkout page
        + Fixed uploading image in the Live chat
        + Fixed the media upload issue
        + Fixed the 500 error in the Tour Attribute 


Changelog: Version 1.2.0 – 14 December 21

        + Add new Boat module and relates section(search, listing, detail, checkout)
        + Add Coupon code module
         + Update profile link use username insteads of ID

        + Fixed User chat issue
        + Mobile scroll in the Map layout
        + Fixed gallery issue
        + Hotel-room, validate the number of people before booking a room
        + Services can do booking the last slots at once
        + Modify the Tour include/exclude 
        + Fixed review criteria in the review form
        + Fixed Subcrible issues(add new / bulk action)
        + Tour Availability(Full Book status of Tour is marked for the next day - Case on Open Hours)

Changelog: Version 1.1.1 – 30 Aug 21

        + Add option allow using the image larger than 2500px
        + Add "Min day stay" option for Car  
        + Add "Min day before booking" option for Car
        + Add Homepage layout 2

        + Event can checkout 2 last tickets at once
        + Hide the Auto update tool

        + Multilanguage issue in the hotel booking form and Tour booking
        + Menu is missed in Location detail on Mobile
        + 500 Error when disabled the Event module
        + 500 Error when accessing log
        + 404 Error when accessing Contact report
        + Hide some redundant options

Changelog: Version 1.1.0 – 8 July 21

        - New layout Homepage for Hotel/Tour/Space/Event/Car service
        - New Map-Layout for Hotel/Tour/Space/Event/Car service
        - Add 4 layouts for Location List
        - Add new style for search form(Tab button Pills + Tab button Boxed + Tab button Shadow)
        - Add new  layout for 404 page

        - Update layout for Vendor Dashboard
        - Update new style for Header
        - Update the Space: Tearm Feature Box block

        - Selecting issue (cant able to select the Booking date) in the  Event/Tour/Space detail page
        -  Fixed creating "Flight issue" from Admin and Vendor dashboard
        - Fixed issue pay via Wallet 
        - Fixed Upload avatar image
        - Fixed not found Booking Report issue    
        - Fixed some option is missed in the Style/General/Service settings
        (Logo issues, Main colour, Custom CSS, some fields in the general settings..)
        - Missed default page/post list for menu
        - "Set Paid" feature cant able to update

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