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Hi I can’t seem to get this working. Screen is just blank after loading game.

Awesome thanks


hpmebiz Purchased

I have this issue on a new site and can’t remember the fix? Any help would be great!


please send me your URL and your WP login and I will check what’s going wrong.

Presale Question: I’m eager to buy this if I can implement it the way I’d like. Do you know if it’s possible to restrict access to games using a plugin such as WP Achievements? For example, in order for a user to access a game, they must “pay” x-number of points, which would then grant them access for only a limited amount of time. If such a thing is possible, I’ll be purchasing the pro version soon! Many thanks.


Thank you for your inquiry. It’s possible to restrict game access with MyCRED Plugin. There you can set how many points (virtual money) the user need to be able to play a game. If he hasn’t enough credits he will not be able to play games.

I’m not sure if WP Achievements comes with such a feature.

Best regards, Daniel

Thanks for the reply! I do see this functionality, but I can’t find a clear answer on the MyCRED site as to whether you can “pay” using these points rather than just achieve a certain number and then have access.

However, my bigger problem is that I’m using the LearnDash LMS plugin, which currently supports WPAchievements. I will inquire with the devs at LearnDash whether or not it could be possible to integrate MyCRED in the future, but if not, how difficult might it be to integrate the point system that comes with WPAchievements (which unfortunately seems to no longer be supported) into your plugin?


You can add negative points at MyCRED. Then they will be deducted. It’s the same feature then “pay”.

WPAchievements is a complex plugin and it’s not that easy to integrate it with MyArcadePlugin. I’ll contact the WPAchievements developer and discuss a few things with him :)

Can we please get BadgeOS support since the Achievements one isnt supported anymore?

I just realized that you do have mycred support. I’m interested but before purchase I got a question. Am I open to modify the code as I see fit after purchase? I’m developing a service powered by wordpress, but I’m going to need some custom functionality.


yes, The MyArcadePlugin Starter and theme source codes are clean and you can modify them.

please help me i have published the games but when i try to play games from front end it says page not found please help

my site is


it looks like your Permalinks have not been updated correctly. Just visit your Settings -> Permalinks page to trigger an update. You don’t need to update permalink settings. Just visit the page.

Best regards, Daniel

Great plugin! Implemented at

nice! :)

I bought this plugin, it already work well in my pc but always show page not found or games not found when i accessed with mobile device (include tablet, phone) This is my site: :(


I checked your site and noticed that you have solved the issue already. I assume it was a permalinks settings issue. :)

Thanks MyArcade, i already done with this issue

Hello friends, I want to implement good quality games on my site , I found this website, I want games that you can edit the description, and probably inserted advertising in the preload, so I want to ask if it is possible with this plugin It is plugin is recommended “MyArcadePlugin pro” but nose what would be the difference with this plugin “MyArcadePlugin starter” which is apparently well received, my inquiry would choose which … A complete plugin to add quality games and custom description where no connect to any outside site, ie give credit to the author, would not have to give credit anyone because I have paid for the plugin. I await your response as soon as possible good bye


yes, you can do that with MyArcadePlugin. You can edit game descriptions, instructions, titles and other details. With our themes you can display per-roll ads. For example our MyArcadeTheme is fully compatible with Adsese for Games. The theme is part of our Ultimate package.

Please consider that the starter package is limited. With the Pro package you will get access to our support forum and our bonus items.

You can remove our credits but games come from game distributors and game developers. So there is no option to remove credits or advertisements from games as they are not owned by us.

Best regards, Daniel

Difference between MyArcadePlugin Starter anad my arcade plugin on your site?

EDIT: I found that

Great :)

Hi I am trying to create a games page on my site that will view the games and have users be able to play them. I am having trouble with that, as it won’t let me create it as a page, and when I try creating it as a menu it creates multiple pages, replaces another menu, and views them as blog posts instead of games. How can I create a single games page to be in the menu bar?


games are published as posts not as pages. What do you exactly mean with a single games page? Please use the contact from on and we can discuss it in details.

Best regards, Daniel

Help: I bought this and it came with the FunGames theme, so I am using the FunGames theme, and I enable the mobile games option in the theme options, how do I tag the games with mobile? Also im not sure this feature works because even though I don’t know how to tag games with mobile, all the games show up, even non mobile games on my iPad/iPhone?

So yeah, I would like this feature because I want to add mobile games, but not having mobile games show up for computer users and flash games not showing up for mobile users. How do I do it?



navigate to Posts and add “mobile” tag to every mobile game. Then only those games will appear on mobile devices.

Best regards, Daniel


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from what I saw this version has a few new features compared to the free version of the plugin


metalrx Purchased

I’m with a doubt I’d better just import the games or should I import and download the games on my server?

you know why, if I need to reinstall wordpress and need to import posts again I’m going to be able to import the games too?

and sorry for having claimed its plugin I hired a hosting at Hostgator and now the plugin is working Very Well!

the problem was on another hosting 1and1 that was very bad


metalrx Purchased

one more thing why Lite version has the option of translating the games and this version does not have?


the lite version doesn’t have the translation feature. It’s only part of the Pro version.

Are HTML5 games from CTL Arcade compatible with myarcadeplugin and with score submitting? Or i can get anywhere other HTML5 games compatible with myarcadeplugin without embedding/ adds ?


I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with CTL Arcade games. The most free games games have ads. On GitHub you can download a lot of free games without ads.


I have purchased myarcadeplugin pro from and I have some queries in specific issues. Also I want to ask if you offer customization services. I have also messaged you via support form

Thanks Dimitris


thank you for your message. Today I’ll answer your support request.


i like to purchase Ultimate package , 1.possible to give a point for playing games in minutes . 2. possible to give referral earning in percentage .like 5% 3.possible to create or modify site like this site using myarcadeplugin reply me asap thank you


Thank you for your inquiry.

1. It is able to give points per game play not per time. 2. Therefor you could use a plugin such MyCRED. 3. That looks like a very simple design. You can create something like that. You can modify our existing themes to create a similar site.


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Hello, I think you’ve developed an amazing plugin. However I need some assistance getting my AdMobi and SoftGames Publisher ID/ Affiliate ID working. I’ve updated them in settings, however they are still showing your affiliate id for all ads served through the games on my website “A-MYARCADEPLUGIN”. If you can help me get this functioning with my affiliate Id/publisher id’s I will be glad to change my 1 star review to a 5 star review. Other then this little hangup I am loving the plugin.


Hello. I’ve checked your site. You are using a third party theme and it doesn’t support game videos. Thereby you can’t find that setting :)

Registration emails are handled by WordPress and have nothing to do with MyArcadePlugin. Did you try to switch to another theme and check it it works then?

Hello again. This theme is very important to me. Could I hire you to customize this theme to offer videos below the games? This guys arcade has it going on just how I wish to have mine:

I also cant get that sign up working. The theme Im using is very important to me. Anything I can try besides changing the theme?

Hello. I’m sorry but our time is fully engaged so we can’t do custom jobs. Your can hire a freelancer for that job.

Sign up has nothing to do with myarcadeplugin. Check your WordPress /Server configuration.

I have purchased your premium MyArcadePlugin off of your website and written you many times with no response within email. What is the best way to get a hold of you for support? Thanks


I’m sorry for the delay. I will check your emails today and come back to you.

Hello do you have to use the themes that come with the plugin or can you use any word press theme? I purchased this plugin and I can’t get it to work on my socialize theme.

The plugin works on the back end of my wordpress but when I publish it it comes in like a post and not a game on the front end.


no, you can use any WordPress theme. On MyArcade General Settings you will need to set “Embed Game Code” to something else than “Manually”. Then MyArcadePlugin will automatically embed the game to your posts. I would recommend you to use our theme integration plugin if you want to have some nice features in your standard WP theme:

Best regards, Daniel

Thank you I will try this out.


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hi man, first thanks for this plugin, i want to import my html5 game how can i do that, please man i need clear steps, also what do you mean “Game Code (required)” inside the plugin panel in the import individual games , thank you very much


Here is a step by step instruction for HTML5 games:

1. Use a FTP client to upload your HTML5 game files to a folder on your server

2. Go to MyArcade -> Import Games and select Iframe

3. Paste the URL to the index.html file of currently uploaded game ( and click on Add File.

4. Upload a thumbnail and fill out the import forum.

5. Click on import game.

Plugins can be installed on another theme? for example: goodnews theme OR sahifa theme?