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Hi. I have MyArcade PRO License but i can’t download bonuss stuff

“Access denied – you do not have permission to view this page”


Hell, please contact our support trough our website:

I notice that there are ads before a game begins. Is there a way to make those ads ones that I add so I am earning the income?


those ads come from game distributors. Several distributors offer revenue share programs which you can join. You will get an affiliate ID for your site which you can paste at MyArcadePlugin settings. Then you will get paid is someone clicks on the in-game ads.

Best regards, Daniel

I purchased this Arcade Plugin Starter but when I tried to load it to my Wordpress site, I got this message – The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.


you will need to adjust your PHP settings. This post should help you to solve the issue:

Best regards, Daniel

Few presale question I have for you:

1. Is there a setting to disable the ads? 2. Can you choose what type of ad they see, instead of a video, they just see a regular ad? 3. Can you use this plugin w/ Paid Membership Pro plugin? My current theme is built for this, so this would be really helpful to have. 4. Is this compatible with Visual Composer? 5. Are there any short codes to use in the free version 6. Is this compatible w/ Kleo theme? 7. What will buddypress users see in their profile? 8. Is there a trophy system showing what their highest achievement is?

9. So i tested out the free version on my Kleo theme but it looks soo bad, the thumbnails is huge, it’s consuming my regular post and not creating it’s own custom post type area, so Games are gonna be mixed up w/ my blog items? how come?

10. If I end up buying a theme for this Pro version, how will that affect my regular Kleo theme? I’d like to stick w/ that theme.

Hello Mbx,

1./2. The most free games contain in-game ads which can’t be disabled. Those ads come from game developers or distributors. Several game distributors offer revenue share programs which you can joint to get paid if someone clicks on the ads. Additionally our theme (FunGames) offers you an option to display your ads before the game starts. You can use any kind of ads there.

3. The plugin will work independently of the PMPro plugin.

4. If you want to use the plugin with VC I would recommend you to buy the MyArcadePlugin Theme Integration Plugin – It will add a new game post type “game” to your WordPress. So you will be able to use VC and display posts/games from that post type.

5. MyArcadePlugin Theme Integration Plugin has a shortcode [myarcade_list_games] to display available games on your site.

6. It should work with any WordPress theme. We did not notice any issues till today. So if you have any issues with your theme then we will help you so solve it.

7. MyArcadePlugin is able to post events to users activities (e.g. achieved scores, adding game to favorites).

8. MyArcadePlugin stores all achievements and activities. Usually our themes offer specific widgets. So you can easy copy/paste the Widget code to your theme.

9. The theme integration plugin will create a new post type and handle game displaying. So will be able to adopt your template to the game post type and customize it how you like.

10. You don’t need to change the theme but as I already wrote above I recommend you to use the theme integration plugin.

Best regards, Daniel

Hi . Great plugin. I have been using the free version for over two years now and I am very impressed . I bought the starter version a few hours back.

I have a question, can you please guide me in setting up my adsense for games advertisements in my custom theme.

Also , adsense for games needs a sample page first to even apply. How do I make a sample page first before entering details ??

my website is at ?? Should I just add a link to the game with your advertisement there ?? There I have uploaded around 1000 of your games..

Edit: I will try to learn from your theme too and implement in my theme as well . It should be easy I think.

afg it asks me to do this

“To get started, insert this example IMA3 ad tag into your game launcher’s ad console, and generate a sample page running video ads from the example tag. The sample page must contain a working ad implementation and your full website template (i.e., header, navigation, content, footer). If you have issues with implementation, please contact your IMA3 partner’s support team.

Example IMA3 ad tag (testing only, as this tag will not generate any reporting for your account):

with a link code below it.”

which game launcher’s ad console is it talking about ??

or maybe I can make my own games first and insert the content there to get approved but it will take a while as I am still learning gameQuery ..

UPDATE—So I ended up making a child theme .. and now I will include my customizations to make a great website thank you .. you will soon be able to find it at .. i included the default-blue.min.css as well in my child functions.php .. :D . everything is cool now . don’t worry about adwords .. maybe i will wait for some more time and make my own game using jQuery and try to get my account accepted ..

- Hey, is this legal? Can I add all these games in my website? Because I am not the owner of the games. Won’t I get any troubles? I don’t want to get in charge. - Is there an option to show video ad before game. Also if you don’t use a special game theme?


yes it is legal. We connect to public API’s provided by game distributors.

If you upload games manually then you should check the license terms to make sure that you are allowed to use that certain game.

On the theme options page you can add your advertisements code. There you can put the game preloader ads which will be displayed before the game loads. There you can put your video embed code, too.

If you want to use a regular WP theme, then I would recommend you to use our Theme Integration plugin ( In that case you will need to implement your own pre-loader ads.

I am testing your free plugin. Will I lose my setting when I buy pro version?


no you will not lose your settings and already published games. You can upgrade without any issues.

Hey D, is this still your baby?! I sent you a note via Google Hangouts, not sure if you’re still involved or not but if so, check in and I’d like to see if you can help me out! Take care, talk soon?

Just checked and it looks like I was customer #8 :-) lol

Hi James,

Yes, It’s still my baby :) I’ll check your message later today.

Hello, can you check my paid order #20748 and respond to the email I sent you? The support service is not very fast…


sorry for the delay. I’ll check your email right now.

Hello, great plugin! However 2 issues. The full screen button goes to 404 page? Also Veedi integration doesn’t work properly. I followed the instructions here: but its not working for me the videos don’t load properly. I’m using the Kizi theme. Thank you.


404: Navigate to Settings -> Permalink and make sure that you don’t use the default permalink structure,

Do you get an error on Veedi? Did you try to contact Veedi support?

Best regards, Daniel

Hey, 1.) if a game has already ads, can I still put my own video ads before the game starts? There are going to be probably then 2 ads before game, (my own plus the original ad.) Is this possible? Or can’t I put my own video ad if the game has already their own ad? 2.) Can I put my own video ad during the game? 3.) Where do I put my own video ad? Where do I activate this if I buy MyArcadePlugin Pro. 4.) Can I make the games fullscreen in MyArcade Pro Version? 5.) The MyArcadePlugin Pro from your website, is this also a wordpress plugin? Does the Pro version (the version from your website, not the one from codecanyon) has Buddypress Integration?

Thank your for your answer


  1. Yes, you can do that directly from the theme options panel. Then two ads will be displayed as you described.
  2. You can add your video ads before the game loads but not during the game
  3. Theme options panel
  4. Yes, you can. That’s a theme feature. FunGames and MyArcadeTheme come with that feature
  5. Yes, it is a WP plugin. Yes, the there is a BuddyPress integration.

Best regards, Daniel

I have bought MyArcadePlugin Pro and it’s really great that you have put so much bonus material. Can I put my own ads in all themes? And how do I do it?


Yes, you can add your advertisements directly on theme options page. There you will find several ad-spots.

check the emails I sent you, after 21 days I have paid my site is not ready yet …

I solved the issue with the author who proved to be serious and professional

Just bought this plugin.Where can I find the shortcodes so i can add for my arcade page?

I purchased your carefree pkg on 2 of feb2018.and send you my website details but many time i contact your support and contact your facebook page.many e mail from many times you never write a single answer.its not shown your professorially .not a single answer your are given 48 h for installion for your customers.but your r nothing fullfill a single words to your purchased customers.and bouns is not avlaible for download.kindly at least answer so i will be thankful to you

Pre-Purchase Question:

Hi. I use Scirra’s Construct 2 for making HTML5 games. Is this compatible with finished games exported from that program?

PHP gives me headaches and I’d love to find an arcade set up I can easily use to host a bunch of my own games with a shared leaderboard and (optionally) a member based log in for keeping scores for individuals.

I’ve seen tutorials to make my own, but they would require I learn a lot more PHP than I have the time (or motivation) to learn.

Thanks for any answers you can provide.

hi i cannot access the premium content offered by your plugin purchase as promised – why not just include it with the download???

so this is the support offered here? none to zero??? i asked 3 or 4 times today for you to provide the additional plugin as advertised – whats the problem??? why are you ignoring me? lol so after i spend money to buy you plugin you think it is ok for you to ignore me???

seriously? can you reply or are you going to continue ignoring me? i payed good money t buy your product and i dont understand this type of behavior!! tell me how do i get the my scores presenter plugin as written in your main ad?


before you talked about MyArcadeContest, which is sold on but now you write about MyScoresPresenter. MyScoresPresenter is part of MyArcadePlugin. We have removed it from the starter package because the last game distributor that offers score games has closed their distribution service. So the plugin is obsolete for the starter package. If you still need that plugin (for whatever) send me your email address and I will email it.

Thx for the hint with the banner. We have to update it.

P.S. Please keep in mind that this comment section isn’t a live chat and that I am not always only. Sometimes it needs a few hours to reply.

Best regards, Daniel

Hi I installed everything and made settings etc. but when I publish a game and the post are being made but the post only shows the picture and the text, there is no actually game loading. I tried other games too, not one is being seen in the post, however the image and text do show. and in backend of post all embeded codes etc are there, please let me know if this is a common issue and how to solve it.


Sorry I overlooked the option of inputting the embedded code automatically, works now!!! thanks

Great :)

ok – here is mail for the myscorespresentorplugin –