Discussion on MyArcadePlugin Starter: WordPress Arcade Plugin

Discussion on MyArcadePlugin Starter: WordPress Arcade Plugin

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Did you see my email? Please i wanna launch my website asap.

Hello! Helllp. I need help with the translator, please answer my email.

Heeeeeelp, I sent 10 emails and no response. Help!

Can i update to myarcade pro version?I bought Myarcade pro version before. Now the myarcadetheme can not resize game fullscreen and i thought this is the same version so i bought here but turns out it’s different? Is it possible for me to update to pro version? thx

why no response

Hi. pre sale question. Is it possible to add game titles such as Donkey Kong, Street fighter from arcade machine?

What is the difference between this version and the version on the site

Hi MyArcade ,

Some of the games have stopped working for me – it shows up only as a post:

I have paid for the plugin – my order number is 45323

Please provide feedback to resolve this issue.

Thank you

Is this “MyArcadePlugin Starter: WordPress Arcade Plugin” contains MyArcadeTheme?

Just I purchased this plugin but that theme was missed on the bundle!!

Hello, I have bought the plugin with the installation included, I have sent the access data to my wordpress and I have sent many messages but nobody answers and they do not do the installation that I have paid for. What’s going on?

What is the difference of MyArcadePlugin Starter and MyArcadePlugin Ultimate?


- MyArcadePlugin Ultimate comes with two themes (FunGames and MyArcadeTheme). - It is able to save scores from games that supports score submitting - It supports more game distributors - It supports more game types - It supports automated translations - It supports game category mapping - It’s updated more often - ....

I want your AracadeXLS theme and MyArcadeContest, MyArcadeFeed, MyArcadeNotify, MyArcadePlugin Carefree how much total cost?

Hello , If im not able to use google/google Adsense do I have other alternatives ? Thanks

I can’t play html5 game please answer my email

it say can’t support flash but it is html5

Hallo, habe festgestellt das Ihr Support auf Ihrer Webseite zurzeit aber auch so schon länger echt Miss ist. Hatte ja auch im Forum gefragt ob Ihr Plugin mit BuddyBoss Funktioniert, da es ja nur ein Fork von BuddyPress ist. Es sind schon mehrere Wochen vergangen. Es gibt so viele unbeantwortende Fragen in Ihren Forum Ihrer Webseite. Das ist sehr Unseriös wie ich finde. Und ich bin bestimmt einer Ihrer längsten Kunden und schon lange dabei! Und auch hier waren Sie zuletzt vor 2 Monaten!

Wenn Sie gerade Probleme haben wegen Familie siehe Ukraine Krieg, wäre es super wenn Sie das kurz schreiben. Da mit man sich nicht in Ihren Forum oder hier Wundert.

Gibt doch nur Miese Stimmung!

Danke keppi2456

Hi, What does buying this plugin here include?

Hello, is it possible to remove the ads that load at the beginning of the games or does the advertising already come native to the providers? Thanks.

game publish not working


Did you check your browser console or the server error log? If you don’t know how to do that, please send us a private message or an email. Thx.

please check email


please check your inbox. We can use email to communicate about the server configuration.

Hello, i buy direct from your web site pro version! how you waste my money! and remove all item from my account which i paid for ! why you did this ? else i would buy from Great codecanyon! i learn 1 more time that! DO NOT BUY ANY SCRIPT OUT OF CODECANYON! this is shame


A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support.

Additionally, you will get access to our support forum and bonus items. After the license expires you can renew it with a 50% discount.

You have received already an email with your personal coupon code.

Our products are based on active subscriptions as the.most software products.

Best regards, MyArcade

Yes thats why we have to use only codecanyon! ones we use codecanyon, you dont rule people but codecanyon rule you! thank you for wasting my money! again why i buy direct from you that i didnt use here! 1 time indidnt use codecanyon and i saw your fair seller face! at least you should keep the file on user account! to wipe all from account is trying to suck blood. Thanks and i will never ever work with you at all…. Again the case was not coupon or renew! the case is you removed all of my purchad item from my account!!!! people renew any support when ever they want! this is your quality! keep on

A new update has been released. Enjoy.
v4.0.0 - 2022-03-03
  * New - Updated GameDistribution Integration - Use API v2.0
  * Fix - Usage of deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING constant (PHP 8.1.0)
  * Fix - Softgames integration. Now all games are added to cateogry "Other" because of missing category information in the feed.
  * Fix - Stats aggregator event scheduled too often
  * Fix - Site health loopback issue (cURL error 28)
  * Fix - Game count on the dashboard if custom post type is in use
  * Tweak - PHPCS issues
  * Tweak - Excape dynamic data
  * Tweak - Make sure data are properly prepared for database
  * Tweak - Make static text translatable
  * Tweak - Removed unused code
  * Tweak - Introduce of MyArcadePlugin class and start of refactoring

= v5.39.2 - 2021-02-04 =
  * Tweak - Updated play duration recording
  * Tweak - Updated bot / spider detection
  * Tweak - Removed MyArcade menu position to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  * Fix   - Error when enabling plugin on a multisite network
  * Fix   - PHP notice during the plugin update check

HI I am trying to help a client setup MyArcade on her website, she bought the plugin via her own CodeCanyan account.

I get this message when trying to load a game The content can’t be loaded, since it is not allowed on the site.

I have the http to https setting checked as the site uses https but still shows that error. What else would coause this issue?


the following error is display in developers console: Refused to frame ‘' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “frame-src ‘self’ https://*".

For me, it looks like a Cookie Plugin is blocking this. Try to deactivate all other plugins and then activate one by one to see which one is causing the issue.

Brilliant thanks, added the script url to the allowed scripts in the cookie plugin which fixed it. Excellent speedy response thanks

You’re welcome. Keep in mind that you will need to do that for every game distributor.

Quick question on the site regular price is ultimate is on 50 euro is there any differents with this plugin on codecanyon, is the same if i buy it from here?Thank you.


the ultimate version has more features, it has additional theme included, you will get access to our support forum….


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