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very good; excellent. :)

Thank You BinaryHat :)

I’m populating the timeline by pulling in a series of events from a mysql DB via PHP. That’s working fine and the timeline looks great and displays as expected.

My problem is to get the timeline events to filter via the icons at the top of the timeline. The ‘ALL’ icon works fine but when I click another icon (not ALL), no events display.

I know nothing about Javascript so would not attempt to mess around with your .js file but is it possible to do what I’m trying to do?

And cfoinfo, Thank You very much for buying my product. :)

The author solved this issue for me quickly and effectively and, as is often the case, it was not an error in his code but an oversight by me.

cfoinfo, Thank you so much for comment and rating. :)

Hi, i read the documentation but i don’t understand.

in life events, has two events at same side

https://0.s3.envato.com/files/176851824/theme1/demo.html (LEARNING TO CODE and SEE THE WORLD)

how it work ? how i put one event on left and one at right


I did not receive the email

i already did emai you twice, like 14 hour ago.. i think you gave me wrong email. Here is my email fullstackdev18@gmail.com Just email me something so i can reply you. i am waiting. :)

hey getulion, Thank you so much for comment and rating. :)

Pre Purchase Questions: 1.) Referring to your Demo, I would like the left side (the date 25/07/1987) to be the same format as the right side (BIRTH DAY). Is this possible? 2.) Draggable Slider – is there any way to have a Draggable slider bar you can use to click hold and drag down?

hi aaronkine, yes it is possible to create that style to date content. And it is possible to make it draggable with Overscroll plugin. It is clean design product you can add other functionality easily. Thank you for showing interest.

Hello, I just purchased this and I have a slight problem. Purchase code: 59a85dbf-ec24-4cdd-95f0-6370edbce31d

I’m using wordpress. I created a template file and in the header I imported the javascript file and css file…. it is almost working but I get console error “jQuery is not defined”.

also, when i open the javascript file (jquery.myTimeline.js) in Dreamweaver its showing errors on lines 39, 47, 63, 112, 114, 171, 185, 206.

also css issue… take a look. http://first5.loastage.com/timeline-slider/

sir, email me your detail so I can send you configured files like you wanted. Or give me your email address.

here is my email. i will send you login asap. aaron@loacom.com

did you get my email?

if you did not get my email then please contact me from my profile contact form. :)

Can this be used as a iframe or “code” in Wordpress please? Also I assume it is done in Html perhaps as I don’t see how it is created…

Hi ASmiles,
This plugin is created with html5,css3 and jquery. And it is not a wordpress plugin but if you want to use this for wordpress then you have to write shortcodes and plugin code yourself. Thank you for showing interest :)
is there anything you want to know?

Dear Full Stack Dev, i have bought your script yesterday. Can u advise me on how to integrate your script into a wordpress page. I need to create multiple wordpress pages with the timeline but i cant figure out where to put the css and js since it is not a standard html webpage.

Kind Regards

hi Chinabusinesses , :)
Thank you for buying my product.
Actually this is not a wordpress plugin.
But we are going to make this plugin for wordpress.
So please email me what you want in details to fullstackdev18@gmail.com.

Awesome Design & Great Product…!!!!!

Thank You, mywebwork :)

How do you add to the timeline? If had a folder full of docs pics and videos can it build a timeline based on the file date stamp?

Hi vetvetbaby,
well, you can add your pics and videos by adding html mark up as directed in documentation. And timeline is not based on the file date stamp. Actually it is more focused on event wise sorting. Thank you for showing interest in MyTimeline. :)

looks great !! But i wonder, does it work with a back-end where i can add items to the timeline or do i have to edit html? Or we need a database where items added??

Hi bastingsemile
To connect with back-end certainly you need to write extra script. And the timeline made with html5, jquery and css, so you need to add or edit html. after all it is a good product with clean code which is well documented. So it is easy to edit and install.
Thank you for showing interest in MyTimeline, Have great day…! :)

Hi I am looking to purchase a timeline plugin with horizontal views as well, is that option here or are you adding

Hi smartgrid
actually there is no horizontal option available now but in next update i am about to add this option. Thank you for showing interest in my timeline :)

Definitely great work. Goodluck

Thank you, st1s :)

Hi from Spain, Please let me know if I could use your script in this scenario or closer:

I’m looking to integrate a nice timeline maker like yours here in my website, where only autenticate users may be able to create timeline. They can bring multimedia supports somehow, photos, videos (links to), texts, and be able to put pics in “the head” to create a slideshow. And let other autenticatd users to update the others content with permisions… (The slide show is for head of each one if he selects to put here) then select the avatar for each user, to choose from a list that I’ll provide (images for sure). And maybe with some Ajax loading in case the thing is long as I imagine… like more ten 10 “slides”... load more you know what I mean.

I imagine those features doesn’t come all with your script so please kindly respond to Alin_too@yahoo.com in case you make customizations… I can’t put here all details and links to the project… Many many thanks! PS. My project is running laravel.

Hi bozzo22,

Thank you showing interest in mytimeline prooduct. :)
Please send me exact detail and requirements. Lets see what can i do.

The product seems lovely, but I’ve got few important questions. 1) we loooove how items appear on both sides of the “rail”. Can we dictate which item goes where? I,e., can I specify, for example, that all “Education items” appear on the left, and all “Career” items appear on the right for the rail? 2) “Read more” thing does nothing besides some jumping. I thought it would expand the item. Please explain? 3) are categories on the top customizable? 4) Backend—we have SQL database. Would the app read directly from an SQL table? what kind of inputs does it take? Thanks!

Hi fran_fig
Actually it distribute one by one. It is hard coded plugin. for database interaction you need to configure it yourself.
But i will try to update the points which you have mentioned above in next version.
Thank you for showing interest in MYTimeline. :)