Discussion on Multiple Wishlist

Discussion on Multiple Wishlist

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Hi! Your multiple wishlist works on magento 1.8.1?

Yes, Its work with 1.8.1

When I click to “add to wishlist” button it redirect me to account > wishlist page and then open lightbox to add wishlist to folder which I selected.

But in your screenshot I saw there is no redirect to account > wishlist page. Opened in product listing page.

Why this is not worked for me?

Hey, will you please provide us your Admin details on our support id : ? So we review your Error and help you to fix it.

I sent an e-mail!

I have 2 questions.

1- How can I get product count in collection? 2- How can I get first product id in collection?

Please Visit this links :

In right side There is one box For Create Collections :

I dont understand

I have installed your module on our 1.7 CE store. The wishlist is working on our main store, but not our second storefront. We get the error: Item (Mage_Wishlist_Model_Item) with the same id “77” already exist. Customers can not access wishlist page on the front end. Please advise.

We are really sorry alack but each extension have some own limits with coding.

As we reply you on mail if you want to install our extension in your multistore setup then its must charge you extra.

How can you limit a basic function of magento and not state the limitation up front before someone buys?

We have removed your extension from our website. Please provide a refund for our purchase.

I created new custom layout. But popup.phtml file doesnt include in that layout. How can I add?

Hey We like to support you on this but first will you please tell me your purchasing code of this extension?

We found “ibrahimmumcu has not purchased the item”. So from where you find our code and editing on it?

I purchased as a company account. “Sekizbit” is our company’s account’s username.

If you still wondering my purchase code is: f40d2b5d-7fc7-48a1-90ad-374cddba5c69

I created new custom layout. But popup.phtml file doesnt include in that layout. How can I add?

Here is my custom layout’s xml file:

<?xml version=”1.0”?> <layout> <collectionlook translate=”label”> <label>Collection Page</label> <reference name=”root”> <action method=”setTemplate”><template>page/collection.phtml</template></action> <action method=”setIsHandle”><applied>1</applied></action> </reference> </collectionlook> </layout>


If you need help we can customize the extension to make it work with your requirement. It would be eligible for extra customization charge.


Can I make a wishlist public with this extension?

I want people to be able to view wishlists without logging into Magento i.e. make wishlists public so that they can be shared on social media etc. and they are immediately visible to people who are not logged into the site.


This is not really possible using wishlist because how can you retrieve a customer wishlist without login if there is nothing linking that customer to that item. In addition we can’t give functionality in “Multiple wishlist”.

But We can develop new modules as per your requirement call “Guest wishlist”.

If you want to developed extension with this functionality please contact us on

I don’t mean create a wishlist as a guest. I mean share the wishlist and not ask people who you share it with to first register on the site before they can even see it. I hope that makes sense?

oh yes. thats good idea. I will add this feature. in up coming release.

Thanks fory our suggestion.

Hi Does you extension support Magento 1.9

Yup. its work with 1.9 Version.

Hi Guys, I love the functionality of this plug in however as a novice user and website maker I would like to clarify if this can be added to any Wordpress theme or just yours….

Its for magento only.

Oh my this is a real shame as I’d love to include this on a site I am building at the moment using a different theme. is there any possibility that you will release this for alternative themes or as a plugin ?

not now.. we can do customisation for you if you need.

Does this work in Magento 2

Hi, when can we expect Multiple Wishlist for Manento 2?

Hello ,

We are working on it we will upload soon.


Can contextual menu be localized in other languages (french) ?


Yes, it’s localized all wishlist related in other languages.


Hello! I am interested in purchasing this extension. However I would like to first confirm it works with Magento if possible. Thank you!

I have asked to our developer, he will look into this.

Thank you! The extension is perfect with PHP 7.1 and Magento

Purchased thank you! Now just waiting for license to activate.

Thank you! For license activation or any issue please contact us at