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have you the database of english-arabic and french arabic ?

Yes, I have database of english-arabic

You have German-English/ German Arabish SQLite Database ?

If you have data of German – Arabish, you can also make application. You need to add data in database.

I don’t have data of German – Arabish. if you provide me a solution i can buy

Do you mean German-Arabic database ? I don’t know about Arabish. I can arrange the database for German-Arabic. Please contact us on Skype. Thanks

Hello. Need demo apk. Then do you have database for English – Russian ? And also Russian – Tajik and English- tajik … i really need these languages

We cannot discuss the costing here…Please contact us on Skype or Email. Thanks

whats your skype

Skype ID : express.template

wow, useful stuff ;) very nice, all the best for your sales !

hello please accept us on skype

Still I don’t have your request on Skype. Please verify skype and send it again. Skype ID: express.template Thanks

hello send me on skype please i have a probléme


Hi, ExpressTemplate I am looking for English to English database for same app, as you mentioned for custom database. i wants to buy same app with E-E database

Sorry, But we don’t E-E database.

Hello.. What’s the difference between this app and your other app? Also, How difficult is it to use it as glossary app instead of dictionary? I do not want language translation

Other is for eclipse and ios. If you have same requirement as this template, you can use it for glossary app but if you want any kind of costumization, you need to pay extra. Thanks

did sqlite database are connected in webserver?

No. It’s completely offline.

Can i use my IOS databse in that too?

Yes, you can use same database of iOS in android too.

please.. answer my question, did sql database connected with webserver?

This is a offline dictionary, There is no requirement of webserver or sqlite database. It uses the sqlite database to store the data of dictionary. Thank you.

Did sqlite database can read html format? Like bold (b) and italic (i) and new line (hr) ? Because I have a long sentences on this dictionary.

There is code to do it. If you are looking to go for it. We will do it for you but you need to pay for it. Thanks

So, $34 + customization. How much it total cost?

Yes, We can’t estimate cost here..Please contact us on Skype. Skype ID: express.template Thanks

i know you don’t have database of English to Santali language.

Can i add my database, btw The Unicode block for Ol Chiki is U+1C50–U+1C7F

Yes, You can add your database

Just a quick question about the quiz, is that randomly generated from the words that we have in the dictionary or we need to make it manually? In case it’s manual, how can user take the quiz with the words that they added themselves. Thank you

App will get randomly generated words for quiz…Thanks

How can I easily add entries to the database? If on Windows, what SQLite client do you recommend to use so that I can add entries to the SQLite database?

You can go through the following link and download sqlite browser.


By this tool, you can easily add entries to the database. Thank you.

English to Bengali or Hindi?

Do you mean database for Bengali or Hindi ?

I have database for English to Hindi

Is it support Bengali language?

Yes, it support Bengali language

am looking for refund cuz u stop old one this not fare why u not just update old one

so i need get copy from new code this most be update for old one cuz no one use eclipse any more srsly this cheat for trust of buyer every update need buy new copy srsly i need refund for old one or at less or i get copy from new source o

we found solution after contact with him :) all happy end of story

Thanks…Each problem have good solution. Thank you.


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Hi there! Please tell me where in your code I can set the frequency of the Interstitial Ads? Thanks!


arthurlr Purchased

Also, how do I add or remove itens on the menu? Thanks

On click of list, you can set the frequency and to add and remove items on the menu, you need to update the value of ArrayData on each file.