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Is there a demo user login for the client side and admin side?

Login ‘company’ is client side.WordPress Admin Side Extension will be published soon.

it will be way cooler if you can develop it into php

Currently i do not have such plans, since i am WordPress Developer.

Nice. Love it.

Had allot of potential as a support platform but would work better independent of (without) WordPress.

I would buy a dev license in a heartbeat if it was in php.

Nonetheless, Good luck with sales.


Thank you.. :)

hard to see anything when there is no demo content.

I am currently working on documentation and content…

So does this plugin add a custom admin theme when you activate it in the admin?

I see, after playing with this. I see this requires a multi-site installation for it to work?

No, You do not need Multi Site installation, all you need is just WildCard Configuration.

It will not change the look of WordPress Admin, it uses its own template.

You have any planned to create extensions. for envato support ?

Yes something like that. This will be used for verify purchased

Thank you, I have added in my extension ideas, i will see what can be done. meanwhile i will also disclose the developer documentation just in case other developers would like to contribute. :)

Good plugin. Buying it soon. Any update coming up?

Not yet, but i will keep you posted if there is. :)

I couldn’t even manage to make the demo work!

Can you please explain what exactly do you mean by that?

Your major competitors give instant access to their helpdesk platform. This extra step of registering didn’t convice me buy your plugin.

Login is given in the image of item. i am not competing, just helping the community. the benefit of item is way more than the price.

Hi. I think you have created a great plugin.

However, I have two questions for you:

1. What new features will bring the next version?

2. – The extension ‘CREATE USING EMAIL TICKET’ send email responses to customer?


Hi, 1. The plugin itself is extendable, features can be added with ADDONS, i am waiting for few more sales and feature requests. Since Helpdesk System Business Model is already out there in market it would be good to have all the features available in any good helpdesk companies. 2. This extension will allow users to create tickets by sending email to specific email address.

Hi, if have 10 companies, can i be able to create company help desks with individual login details for each on my website?

Yes sure, 10 Registered Companies, With 10 Different Company Admins.

Hello. It has option to open a tickt without this logged in word press? But that is required insrir name and email? Wait …

As for the main plugin there is no option to enable guest tickets, however if you use the email ticket extension this will enable guests to simply email on specific address to create a ticket.

Hi , I liked your plugin so much , and I need to be sure about something before buying , My website is RTL direction , and my theme support RTL , Is your plugin support RTL ?? Aslo I can translate plugin language to Arabic language or not ?


Currently Arabic Language is not supported. This will require some custom work, You can place an enquiry of Envato Studio



It seems the downloadable is not working and cannot be installed. Either by Wordpress plugin installer or by manually uploading the files to the server. I believe it is missing a critical file in the plugin root folder. Can you please help?

Hi Ali, Sorry for that. I was just in desperate need to get this working. I can re-buy if it is now working. Please let me know.

Hi, I was investigating the issue with file, it seems the php files were removed, i have reported the issue to envato team, in the meantime i have re-uploaded the plugin files, but still not sure if that is going to fix the issue. I will let you know once the issue is fixed on envato side.

Hello, ok great. Please let me know when its 100% working and I’ll repurchase. Thank you.,

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS