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I would like to buy your script but first I want to know if It is possible to accept payments with paypal, and I want to use the script to sell video courses, could you please tell me if it is possible to change the description of the pages, or instance I would like to change “Season” for “Unit” and “episodes” for “Lessons”. And Finally please tell me if I can sell “movies” or “courses” individually or as a membership site with free and paid content thanks in advance best regards


There’s no integrated payments currently, it would require custom modifications.

Whoops, looks like something went wrong. Accent characters? How to fix?


Could you please create a new ticket regarding this here and include your site url, thanks!

Bought this in the wait of the update, so please do update to latest laravel as promised as i just bought this today

can I see the administrative panel, how does it work?

for example, if I do not want to let users install movies on the site, does this have a script?

I want to ask for the addition of movie pages, there you can put the editor for example



You can admin panel here:

What do you mean by install movie specifically?

You can create custom pages from admin area, if that is what you mean.

how to make the access to the panel only the site administrator?

so that ordinary users can register, but there was no access to the panel?

i like your script, but small details need to be fixed, is this possible?

That is how it works by default, only on demo site admin area is accessible by everyone.

Is this also has complete database of all TV and Movies with all pictures?


Depends on what you mean by all movies, but it includes everything you can see and find on demo site.

any update of this script?


We’ve no ETA for it yet unfortunately.

so we wait another 24 months for cosmetics update, thanks!

Hello, Are you going to release any update regarding GDPR ? What should we do in order to be compatible with the new rules? Thank you

I’ll see if we can add that in a future update.

hello again , as GDPR will be Enforced in 25 May 2018 , it would be great if you could release the update on time . Hope you will

any news?


jonycash Purchased

Imdb Fetching is not working anymore. Could you please fix it!


Could you create a new ticket via support tab regarding and include your site url, thanks!

Hello Vebto after 4 years, and thank you for your development and so many updates (1.3 to 2.9.4) so far, but few things are missing in such type of website, and they are: that users can add/improve movie/serie details; this must be reviewed by admin (why this, if we are making a database for let me say on spanish language, even with this kinda good grabers from your side the movie database is not gonna be translated completly to spanish even if there is iso code available for spanish language, cuz many movies/series are missing the spanish translation on original source from where we grabed it before mtdb; imdb.. so imagine you have 25-35 000 titles, and affordable organic traffic where your users/visitors would extremly help to translate rest of the movies/series and to make a own image&series database in own language.. this would kinda help a little bigger websites to enlarge the movie database on own language by own community) and

maybe to add more few settings to embed youtube class? you can chose them anyway at the youtube embed settings: EMBED OPTIONS Show suggested videos when the video finishes. (this off Show player controls. (this off Show video title and player actions. (this off Enable privacy-enhanced mode. (this on

and the possbility to change amazon affiliate url, example for ger? cuz the original one is always redirecting to usa amazon website.. and that makes no sense if you are from germany/spain/uk


Something like this should be possible with next update, we’ve no ETA for it yet unfortunately.

Hello, how do I edit and customize this error?


Can you create a new ticket here regarding this, thanks!

I have fetch movies and series from tmdb and imdb. But how to play movies in my site. It’s showing trailer and information only?

There’s no such functionality built into mtdb currently.

Can you add this feature. If yes how much cost

We’ve no time for custom modifications at the moment.

Hi, before upgrading to Ubuntu Bionic my script was working fine, since then the script does not work. The main page loads (i.e. slider and css) but no information for upcoming or most watched is populated. No error is shown either (even with debug turned on). Also when clicking on any movie or series it always only shows one movie even though it has over 90000 titles.

PHP 7.0.30 MYSQL 5.6.22

All plugins/extensions are confirmed installed.


Could you please create a new ticket regarding this here, thanks!


Pre purchase questions: Does the system have pt-br translation? Do you have the option of importing movies from TMDB and in Portuguese? Comes with the installation manual? Does the system have api?


Translation is not included by default, but you can translate yourself easily.

You can import movies/series in any language from themoviedb.

There’s an installation guide.

There’s no built-in api currently.

Sorry to be a pain, but does anyone have any idea as to why the theme will not install/upload on to Wordpress? All I keep getting is an error message saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I’ve tried installing it with file named style.css and styles.css and the same thing happens.

If anyone has any ideas, i’d be most grateful.


MTDb is a stand-alone application, it’s not a theme or plugin for WordPress.


PHPDreamer Purchased

Can you add for the TMDb Scraper a option to scrap by keyword


I’ll see if we can do that in a future update.