MovieDb .Net Core Application

MovieDb .Net Core Application

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It is a .Net Core project with lots of features included.

You can add,edit,archive,rate,review,list,view movies

It can be a great reference for your .net core applications.

It covers lots of features, here are the features included;

.Net Core Features

  • Authentication with IdentityServer
  • Localization
  • Logger implementation with DB integration
  • Filter implementations, validate authorization and roles
  • Validate models
  • Caching implementation
  • Routing samples
  • Custom performance logger
  • Exception handling with middleware implementation
  • Validate entity exists actionfilter implementation
  • Encryption implementation
  • ImageHelper with resize implementation
  • Partial controls used to minimize and beautify code
  • Pagination user control for any model
  • Automapper implementation

Application Features

  • Signup/Login
  • Add/Edit Movie
  • Get Movie/Movies by order
  • Search Movies
  • Rate Movies
  • Add Movies To Favourite List
  • Add Movie Review
  • Upload Cover Photo
  • Resize Cover Photo
  • Add Celebrity
  • Get Celebrity,Celebrities by order
  • Search Celebrities
  • View Profiles
  • DB Scripts are included
  • Sample data scripts are included

Only thing you should do is create db from scripts and update connection string. Also you can import sample data from scripts too.

It is a great start for .net core or you may want to archive or deploy the application. It is ready to deploy. It is easy to implement new features or capabilities.