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arteton Purchased

I was on the main page am using local HTML file. As the link in this file to assign the event like we click on a menu item in the side menu…. how assign this item to html-link in local html-file?

At the moment we don’t have a WebView support from the menu, i.e. you can’t add web page to your menu now.

We’re still working to improve Modulio now, so I’ll note this down as a suggestion.

please add fiture offline browsing

Thank you for your suggestion.

If I have a wordpress site with posts. Can I install a plugin and create app to work with modulio?

At the moment, you need to install our custom backend (it won’t work with your own backend out of the box).

However, if you’d like to switch from your current WP backend to Modulio, you can import your current Wordpress posts, comments & users into Modulio.


arteton Purchased

I already bought this template and I want to run my app in the play market, but are unable to do this, waiting for your IOS app. How soon can you make it? {tell me approximately the time IOS}I’m sure if you make an IOS app, and Android and IOS apps will be sold very quickly.

We’ll be awaiting how Modulio for Android is received before starting development of an IOS application. After we’ve established this, we’ll start development of the IOS application. Feel free to go ahead and publish your android application in the meantime.

Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.


arteton Purchased

Is it possible to add these important functions: 1) add to favorites. 2) WebView 3) Viewing local html 4) Show places(one category) on map

At the moment, we do not offer this functionalities. But as Modulio matures, we’ll be looking to add more features, so I’ll certainly keep this in mind.

you never fail amaze me sir.

one question, for future, this app can support WP api and Radio Stream like universal app?

Thank you. This app does not offer WP JSON suppory or Radio Stream support, these features are exclusive to Universal for now.

Please what do you mean by “we have build-in support for banner ads?” Does it mean that I can add my banner ads manually from the backend not neccessarily form google admob?

2) Can I install other wordpress plugins like woocommerce or others in your customized backend

You can link to 3rd party links, however links to 3rd party services will open in the web browser (or respective app). If you’d like let users view/download the media from within your app, you should upload the content to your dashboard directly.

All dashboard-uploaded content will be downloadable for users.

Please add webview and offline capabilies ASAP I’m waiting to buy immediatly. You might want to add a link in the content loading a personal website with external browser from the app is not too good

I can’t disclose the content of future updates at the moment, but I’ll keep your suggestions in mind!

can i only specify one components ule for example make a mp3 app i dont want use all components in one app

Yes, definately. If you want to create an app to share mp3’s only, you definately can do so!

is it straightforward or needs coding background?

We consider Modulio very easy to use, and it requires no coding background. All installation and use instructions are step-by-step documented in our documentation.

1. Can I disable the comment system? 2. Would you be adding a webview, bookmark and offline content capability soon? If you have added these capabilities from the beginning your sales would have been much by now. I love this concept especially for navigation drawer and tab design. I will like to buy now.

At the moment, we don’t offer an option to disable comments, but this should be easy to accomplish in code.

I can’t disclose the content of future updates at the moment, but I’ll keep your suggestions in mind!

Urgent support please the generated config.json file not working.Have submitted a ticket with the sample. Please respond.

I’m not happy with the level of response to support so far. I have supplied everything asked by the supports and the configuration files that is not working. This file should have been tested to know the actual problem.please respond to my ticket reply

I’m sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the support you have received so far. I hope you can relate to the fact that this is a relatively new product, so our support staff might need some additional information on your problem to determine the cause, but please rest assured that they are doing everything they can to assist you.

If there is anything else we can do to improve your support experience, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

reply to ticket sent please

Hey, gives for the News a Favorite and Category Feature? And coming a IOS Version?

I will buy it when it gives the favorite and category Feature


Thank you for your suggestions. We will keep them in mind.

In the meantime, you can already enjoy all the current features we offer (or extend the template as you wish manually).


RafaGass Purchased

What about the IOS version? Is it coming soon?

We’ll be working on the IOS version as soon as we find that there is suffcient demand for this. For now, we’ll be focussing on the Android version to optimize it and see how we can improve.


RafaGass Purchased

Hey! I have just bought the app template but i’m having some problems in the backend setup. I’m using hostinger’s free plan and i can only upload files with less than 9.54 MB so it does not allow me to upload backend_installer.zip.I was only able to upload the installer.php. What should i do?


RafaGass Purchased

give me your contact email please

To contact us directly, please submit a ticket to our support center at sherdle.com/support/ticket Thank you


RafaGass Purchased

ticket sent. I hope we can solve my problem :)


ErioniX Purchased

Hello. I like this product and would like to use it for my new project but i have some little problems and I would like a little help from you.

1.) featured image shows on attachments no matter what.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7003107/Screenshot_20161224-173044.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7003107/Screenshot_20161224-173355.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7003107/Screenshot_20161224-173540.png

2.) user can be registered successfully on the app and it shows on backand but if user logout and try to login from app it shows password error but with the same credentials it can login from web browser.

3.) comments do not show username on the app and on backand shows Author : Anonymous ip :

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7003107/Screenshot_20161224-175813.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7003107/Screenshot_20161224-175908.png

Thank you for contacting us about this. Regarding your first question, the header image of a post is the featured image (and not an attachment). I.e. the behaviour you are seeing is normal at the moment, attachments only appear at the bottom of a post in a horizontal listview (excuse me if this isn’t completely accurate, but your photos appear to be offline).

Regarding your second question; Did you ensure you are using the correct credentials (I.e. correct password, and the use of the email/username where appropriate)? If the problem persists, please submit a ticket to sherdle.com/support/ticket with the log and I’d be happy to take a look.

And finally regarding your third question: Did you ensure that your user is logged in with a valid account and has the permission to make a comment? Again, if the problem persists, please do submit a ticket with us.

If any further questions come up, please let me know by leaving a ticket with us. Thank you!

Hello, can i manage (adding updating deleting) the menu and tabs and content for each menu item from backend ?

You will not need a developer, these features are included by default (json generator, and option load json from url).

You can fully customise Modulio, so you’re definately free to add a WebView to your app if you’d like.

is there an option for webview ?

We don’t have an option for WebView build-in no.

Can we check the Admin Demo ?

At the moment, I can’t provide you with a live demo of the Admin area. However, you’ll find some screenshots from the CodeCanyon description’s ‘screenshot’ button.

Are you using Wordpress as Admin ?

We use a Backend based on Wordpress, so you’ll find the interface very familiar (it’s a custom backend though, so you can’t re-use your own Wordpress backend for Modulio).


ErioniX Purchased

Can I have an exchange with your other app ( Universal – Full Multi-Purpose Android App ) because you just implemented every good and special thing that Modulio have to “Universal” while we were waiting for updates. Now I have to buy your other project and let all the work I did with Modulio. please in the future try not to do these things because it costs us money and time.

If you’d like to switch, I’d be happy to help you with this. However, please keep in mind Universal and Modulio are still very different templates. For example, Universal does not come with a backend, and it is less ideal if you’d like to create a City Planner, Restaurant, Wallpaper etc app.

You can go ahead and purchase Universal if you’d like, you can then submit a refund request for Universal at CodeCanyon (providing a copy of your new Universal license) and I’ll accept it.

Hi, Can you tell how is the content delivered with this app?

Is it a custom cms or is it a custom wordpress installation?

Can the wp install be used as a native desktop website as well? i.e. with theme and plugins while the app just utilizes sections specified in it’s drawer navigation for posts?

While you could definately do this, this isn’t something that Modulio’s backend is designed to do, so it’s hard to make any promises about how well this will work.

Okay, I trust your judgement, I will make a purchase soon to test it out. Thanks

Hello, I try to generate the APK but i’have this message of error :

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processReleaseGoogleServices’. > No matching client found for package name ‘myname_app’

What is the solution ?

Thanks in advance