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Hi, I have used your both Android and iOS universal. This one is little confusing. I am getting the following error

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugGoogleServices’. > No matching client found for package name ‘com.abc.xyz’

I think you should make screenshot wise documentation for installing the backend. As a matter of fact, I did a manual installation once. Now that I am trying to do the auto one, this is going no where. It is leading me to a blank screen. I am hosting with godaddy. Certainly, documentation needs a bit of work. Your Android and iOS documentation is just superb and smooth. I am really not happy with this one.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback about the installer. We have based it on an existing tool to ensure it’s reliability, but based on your report this is definately something to look into!

For support, could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket/?

I will now flag your comment, as it contains usernames, login urls and passwords.

I wanted to let you know something. Hostgator does not allow me to upload your zip archive. It says that it contains malicious files. i think it’s true. I uploaded in godaddy and configured. But today morning I got the error /wp-api-v2-afrozaar-extras/aws/autoloader.php not found. On checking I find that autoloader.php has been renamed as autoloader.php.suspected.

Kindly check and do the needful.

Hi! I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. It can be that HostGater prevents zip/wordpress zip uploads at all, please rest assured that our template has no malicious files at all (all files are open source, so you are free to review and confirm this: https://github.com/Afrozaar/wp-api-v2-afrozaar-extras ).

Great to hear you where able to install the template on another host though. It seems like your firewall or security system is incorrecttly marking autoloader.php as a suspicious file (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/aws-autoloader-php-file-is-getting-replaced-with-aws-autoloader-php-suspected/ ). Make sure that you mark this file as safe, or contact your administrator /host to assist you with this.

Hi,Before buying I have few questions

If Iam making a wall paper app can I embed images from third party hosting like imgur.com. Can users download the embedded images or set the embedded images as wallpaper ?

If the present app does not support setting embedded images as wallpapers by users,does any other projects from you support this feature?

Hi! We don’t support embed images from third party hosts. In order to appear in the wallpaper gallery, images must currently be hosted on your own site (or you must use a Wordpress plugin that allows external attachments, but we don’t offer this by default).

In our other template, Universal for Android, we do have a TUMBLR function that shows you tumblr images as a gallery and allows users to set an image as wallpaper.

does paperpro support the above feature.?Thanks for your time

Yes, PaperPro does support externally hosted images. However, I should warn you that PaperPro hasn’t been updated in a while and that you do need to know how to migrate an Eclipse project to Android Studio (and resolve compatibility issues) in order to use PaperPro. with other words, only if you have some experience with Android I would recommend PaperPro.


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Hi.., interest with this App, but my question about audio or music,how i can adding audio or music?

can audio & music still playing when i close the app for run other app?

Support intertitial ads or just banner?


First, the explained details are regarding the latest version of Universal (not modulio). Embed an audio file, and make sure attachments are enabled in Config.java. Now press the attachment button in the detail screen and swipe to your attachment.

If no attachments show up, ensure that your API response contains attachments.


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Just sendt email to freelance@sherdle.com regarding adding interstitial ads, do i need attach purchase code also?

Hi! You don’t need a purchase code just for informing :) As soon at it is required he’ll ask you.

Have a nice weekend, and feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

I used theme wordpress mylisting, this is support with my website?

Hi! No, Modulio won’t work with themes (it uses Wordpress only as a backend). If you’d like to show your wordpress theme, you can look into our other template Web2App.


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It appears you never interested in adding webview capability to this app after several request for this feature. I have purchase almost all your apps, web2app, universal android and ios and I can confirm that universal is different from modulio though similar. Could you please add webview capability. Thanks

Hi! I get a lot of suggestions for all of our templates, so I have to choose how to divide my time. Currently, WebView for Modulio is unfortunately not my list, due to higher priorities in other apps. Thank you for your understanding :)


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when you make the IOS version

Currently, I cannot say anything about a IOS version for Modulio. Sorry!