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NIce app ! which app you are updating the most ? universal or modulio ? i fgure out that modulio is now not updating . it is necessory to update any feature. so want to know it for my purchase decision .

At this time, due to its popularity Universal is our most-updated application. However, Modulio is a fully capable template, and it offers very different features from Universal (check our descriptions) so make sure to include this in your decision as well.

Feel free to let me know if I can answer any further questions.

Nice app.

but see another app of yours “Universal – Full Multi-Purpose Android App”

whats different in both.

Thank You/

Modulio is for when you do not have existing online content yet. With modulio, we introduce a backend that you can use to upload your videos, locations, posts, news etc into.

With Universal, we assume that you already have online content available, i.e. a Youtube Channel, Wordpress blog, RSS feed, etc that you can use with your app.

Hello, this is a pre purchase question. I have already used Universal for Android. In Universal for Android, if I embed a YouTube video in a blog post, I can view it in my App and also I can save any images if I embed tgem in my WordPress post. But when I looked into Modulio demo, I was not able to save any images in the post other than attachments. And if I embed any YouTube video in my back end, will I be able to view it in modulio app?

Modulio also allows embedding content, as it is based on Wordpress for it’s backend. So you can embed youtube videos.

Embedded content however, is not displayed in the attachment viewer and can not be downloaded. Only content that is in the attachments can be downloaded, thus if you like to allow users to download an embedded image, you’d also have to include it as an attachment.

So if i embed a youtube video in my post will that be visible in my app?


i want to ask something, - When i try to play video content but it always show “Can’t play video”, it’s really works? - Is it self hosted video? - Can i use direct link to other server like www. domain. com/filename.mp4 ?

Thanks for answers! btw i’m your universal app customer, always happy with your app!

I’m sorry to hear video isn’t working for you. This is the case for our demo app? Which device and os are you using?

Modulio supports self-hosted videos only at this time.

Okay sir, i’m waiting for next update, please add external link video Thanks



mad99 Purchased

i try to change name package, then when click items link to articels, the app is closing by giving an error like Unfortunately, App has stopped.

error log : java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not inflate Behavior subclass com.example.fresh.modulio.FlingBehavior

please help me… T_T

Hi! I am currently on vacation. I hope you can find an answer to your question in the documentation or the knowledge base. In many cases, searching Google for an answer can also be helpful. If you would like me to look into this issue after I return from vacation, please leave me a ticket here. Thank you!

Hello sherdleapps, I am planning to buy this regarding one of my future project… so that can you pls reply to my questions..

1) will this app supports users with admin rights (to manage) and without admin rights (to update the app).

2) if i purchase this app, can i get new versions in the future, or i have to purchase the future versions again ?

3) How will be the support in the future ?? I mean for the future android versions…etc

4) Can I show the Categories and Recent Posts in the Drawer ?

5) Backup andAfter few years, can I export the data in the wordpress backbone and import to fresh wordpress installation ?


Hi! I am happy to answer your questions. 1) Yes, you can manage the account from the backend. Only admins can login to the backend. Existing admins can mark change any user’s role to admin. 2) Updates are included and free 3) When a new Android version is released, your app will automatically be forwards compatible (no update is required). This is standard for Android. 4) Yes you can 5) Yes, you should be able to install a backup plugin to our custom WP backend and make backups of your installation.

thankyou very much for your response, looking forward to buy this app

Great to hear! Just let me know if I can be of any further assistance


Will you be releasing this for iOS as well?

At this time, no release is scheduled for IOS. We hope to release an IOS version in the future though.

can we play youtube videos with this ?

Embedded Youtube videos are supported. But you can’t attach Youtube videos. Our other template, Universal, does fully support Youtube videos: https://codecanyon.net/item/universal-full-multipurpose-android-app/6512720

sir , I can’t pass this : image host

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. First, en sure that you are using a MySQL database and that your connection data is correct. You can also check the installer-log.txt file to see what went wrong.

Finally, you can use the compatibility option of the installer, or the manual installation (manually create DB using DB file in PHPMyAdmin) option of the installer to avoid any problems.

When are we expecting webview capability in this app? I have purchase your web2app webview and the Universal app as well, web2app is a webview only while the universal have much more capabilities but still have webview option. Add webview and local storage capability to this app and you will start seeing good sales.

Hi! Thank you for your suggestions. And great to hear you’ve bough so many of our templates!

We will soon release a new update to Universal as well, so make sure to keep an eye on our product page.

1 No tables where created during step 1 of the install. Please review the installer-log.txt file for sql error messages. You may have to manually run the installer-data.sql with a tool like phpmyadmin to validate the data input. If you have enabled compatibility mode during the package creation process then the database server version your using may not be compatible with this script.

2 INSTALL ERROR! A wp-config.php already exists in this location. This error prevents users from accidentally overwriting the wrong directories contents. You have two options: Empty this root directory except for the package and installer and try again. Delete just the wp-config.php file and try again. This will over-write all other files in the directory.

3. INSTALL ERROR! The database “u106219321_ghazi” has “13” tables. The Duplicator only works with an EMPTY database. Enable the action “Connect and Remove All Data” radio button to remove all tables and or create a new database. Some hosting providers do not allow table removal from scripts. In this case you will need to login to your hosting providers control panel and remove the tables manually. Please contact your hosting provider for further details. Always backup all your data before proceeding!


I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. The errors 2 & 3 you’ve provided above would indicate that you already have something setup in your database and host. Please ensure that the directory you are installing Modulio to (and installing modulio from) has been cleared and only contains the installer php file and the zip file.

Regarding your first error, make sure that external scripts have write access to your database, also make sure that your database is empty.

If the problem persists, please file a ticket to us at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket and I’ll look into this and provide you with alternative solutions if you’d like.

i do that but nothing and nothing>>

I’m sorry to hear this! Could you submit a ticket with us? Please include as much info about the error and your environment as you can.

can we offer in app purchases with this project ?

At this time, we do not offer IAP with Modulio. You can try our other template Universal if you’d like, which does have this option.

Hi. I am interested in your app but I need to know if this app allow see offline content. I turned off data and I get the message “no items”. Do you have any option to store data in the device? It is desirable that the application connects to the server and downloads the data so that it can be consulted at any time. Thanks

Hi! At this time, we don’t offer any offline functionalities with Modulio. I.e. users will need an internet connection at all time to use your app.

what should be my backened url ? can i get an example?

should it end with wp-admin/index.php ?

Hi! You backend url is simply the url to the directory you’ve installed your backend to (ending with a slash). I.e. http://mysite.com/backend/

is there any way to show embedded youtube videos by calling youtube api ?

Hi! Unfortunately we don’t provider support for the Youtube API with Universal. You can use self-hosted videos or embed Youtube videos with html.

how can i create layout like is in this image? https://sherdle.com/images/banners/modulio/description_retina.png

which displays grid like layout on front activity of app, in landscape mode it shows 3 cards. i want to do the same in portrait mode.

i want to show two cards in portrait mode.

In dimens.xml you can set the width of a single card. The lower the width you set, the more cards there will be shown in the grid view.

Please feel free to let me know if I can answer any other questions.