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I got error when setting the database

“No tables where created during step 1 of the install. Please review the installer-log.txt file for sql error messages. You may have to manually run the installer-data.sql with a tool like phpmyadmin to validate the data input. If you have enabled compatibility mode during the package creation process then the database server version your using may not be compatible with this script. ” can you help me

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

This error would usually indicate that you haven’t setup your MySQL database correctly. Please double check that your Database details are correct, and possibly run the installer-data.sql file manually to create the tables.

If the issue persists, please submit a ticket ( http://sherdle.com/support/ticket ) with the installer-log.txt file.

Hello, I’m having problem with user “Subscriber” comment.

” Failed to submit (rest_comment_invalid_author) “

Only an administrator’s comment is accepted. Any solution for this?

firebase – Notifications does not reach the mobile phone

Could you replace (the code you replaced previously):
Comment comment = new Comment()
                        .withContent(new WPGeneric().withRaw(input));
Comment comment = new Comment()
                        .withContent(new WPGeneric().withRaw(input));

It worked, thank you very much. I do not have picture yet, but is ok.

Suggestion to next update: 1 – Last message in first, 2 – Rating system ” * * * * * “

I think everyone will appreciate it.

We’ll be focussing on getting more users first (hopefully, more users can find us by high-star ratings like yours, thanks!). After we have a grown userbase, we’ll decide on what features our users like to see most (i.e. a rating system).

Is the _MACOSX folder inside backend_install important?

The _MacOSX folder can be ignored (it is automatically added on MacOS computers).

Purchased the license yesterday. It’s a revolutionary project. It’s easy to set up and yet really powerful. You saved me a lot of money. The idea of using WordPress was great, it’s secure and powerful.

Highly recommended.

I’d be happy to improve our docs!

Some things you’ve mentioned are already documented though (perhaps I need to make this clearer?).

For instance you’ll find info on changing your icon and splash screen here at ‘Logo’ and ‘Icon’: http://sherdle.com/support/documentation/index.php/modulio/30-configuring Similarly, you’ll find steps to get started with your configurator here: http://sherdle.com/support/documentation/index.php/modulio/28-defining-the-content-of-your-app

The installation process was smooth but I got stuck at setting up the configuration file. It’s complicated and documentation file for the configuration file isn’t clear.

I’ve drastically simplified the instructions for creating a configuration file, also putting less focus on OverView files. I hope you’ll find the document easier to read now: http://sherdle.com/support/documentation/index.php/universal/5-content

How to get a grid view as shown in screenshot, I could see only list and map view.

Great question! You can set the width for cards in dimens.xml for card_width. Based on the width you’ve specified, modulio will compute how many columns can be shown.

Thanks a lot!. It worked :)

This template is awesome, Eagerly waiting for offline functionality update

What’s new in the last update? “February 10”

Nothing but a name change :)

its not support RTL language..? please how I can make it support RTL ?

You might be able to gain some RTL compatibility by enabling RTL in manifest: https://sherdle.com/support/community/index.php?action=artikel&cat=1&id=36&artlang=en&highlight=rtl

However, this app hasn’t been tested with RTL, so I can’t guarantee a proper RTL layout at this time.

how i can increase the file size more than 8 MB ?

Have you read the article? What did you try, and what were the results? Any errors?

yes I read it . the error is when I try to increase the limit of upload size that is 8 MB nothing to change still the limit is 8 MB

Perhaps you can contact your Web Host about this? Because the limits are set not by our Panel, but rather by your web server. You Web Host should be able to help you configure the file upload settings, or you might find this option (to edit php.ini or increase this size) in your control panel.


manovee Purchased

1. User login system does not working 2. How do I disable Comments and User sing-in options

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble.

1) Could you please submit a ticket at http://sherdle.com/help/ticket with the details of this?
2) At this time, we don’t offer any option to disable comments/user sign in as these features are mandatory for Modulio to work. However, I’ll keep a close eye to see if more customers would like to see the option to disable this and if I can do something for you in the next update :)

It is support paging for large data set?

Yes certainly, we do support paging!

I am very interested in this great App, I have a question,

Can I put animated images (GIF) and view them on the screen ?, although I know that when you place them in Wallpaper possible does not work due to Android limitations

But can you put GIF to see them on the screen with movement?

Great question! You can embed a GIF in the description of an item, the gif can then be viewed animated in the app.

You can also attach a gif to an item, but the gif won’t be shown animated in this case (users can still press the download button, and then they’d have the ‘animated’ gif stored on their device).


Thank you very much for your answer,

Sorry, but I remain the doubt, what is the difference of Embed and Attach?

On one hand you say that Embed, yes it can be animated in the app, bu this on my side as admin or client side in your app?

I am interested to know only if in the user cell phone, he can see it with animation

With embed, you include the image in the body of the post. You should also see that some gifs in the demo are posted in the body of posts.

Attached images are displayed in the attachment list below the post, or as header image.

Hi, Quick question before I buy,

On the youtube view in the app, is it possible to make the cards appear like the way they appear on the facebook view (large thumbnails).

Currently, they have a small thumbnail and text description to the right.

I’m sorry, but you are commenting on ‘Modulio for Android’ which does not have Youtube/Facebook functionality (other than sharing to these services). Perhaps your question is regarding Universal for Android?

Yes please.. Sorry for that

i want this app for a tablet project and i want to keep the navigation drawer always on screen, is that possible with couple line of codes, or i have change the entire layout ?

First of all, thank you for your purchase.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to show achieve the behaviour you are after by changing a couple of lines. It will involve creating a separate layout (& implementation) for tablets.


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Quick Question, Is it possible to have wordpress as a backend ? I try to modify the wordpress but still have a problem on Map.

Best Regards

The backend that we use (= that you are currently using) is in fact based on Wordpress. Unfortunately, due to the extensive customisations we made to the backend, it is not possible to use your own (custom) Wordpress installation with Modulio.


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Hi, How can we display Categories and Subcategories of the Categories as Menu and Sub Menu Because based on my Project structure I have Categories and SubCategories and want to Display them in menu and if possible if Parent category selection Showing Subcategories in Overview so that USer can select the Sub Category to see the Posts in that Sub Category. Could you Please let me know if this is Possible and How

You can create subcategories in your backend, then you can use subcategories in your client app as if it was a normal (top level) category.

In the client, subcategories will look similar to normal categories as well. You can of course use OverView with (sub)categories.