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Do you know if anyone has successfully used this app for collating a collection of podcasts that one can play online and offline. There seems to be a lack of apps to accomplish this task , unless I am using the wrong words to find them. You at least mention podcasts so i thought…..

Hi! It would be possible to use this as a podcasts app. We do offer an option to download audio files. But note that playlists and offline podcast management are not features of this template.

dang! one needs to be able to save a podcast

Do you have video tutorial to create wallpaper / music post? i don’t understand in your document

Hi! I don’t have a video for this. If you have trouble with any particular step in our written documentation, let me know.

Adding posts is as easy as creating a new post in your Wordpress backend, and then attaching audio/images/videos as needed to your posts.

Just coming to grips with this app stuff. So. After one has purchased this “app”? “script”? to manipulate it to my needs do i use wordpress? of android studio or something else?

The backend is wordpress, the client is an Android app, so you’ll modify it in Android Studio

Dear Team, Plz help me on this: [#920686], thank you..

Hi! Thank you for submitting a ticket. I replied, make sure to let me know if you need further help

Please the support.. this apps not working for me..please the respond.. please the advise..

where ios version?

Hi! We don’t offer an IOS version at this time

any update ? last update January 18
on demo, i can’t find music/ringtone demo

Hi! If you are looking for a ringtone/music app, our other template Universal may be a better fit for you: https://codecan

You can checkout SoundCloud in our demo to get a feel of the audio player, but it’s also possible to use Wordpress as a source for the audio feed.


kumali Purchased


I purchased your product a while back and i must say it is a great app!!! I installed it again on my server with no problem and uploaded a post to Wordpress BUT I dont know how to assign a post to a tab so it displays. One of my category tabs is as follows:

{ “title”: “Events”, “type”: “List”, “filterOn”: “Category”, “filter”: “2” },

My Category ID for Events on Wordpress is 2 and on my post in the Category section I put “2” but still my post wont show up under the tab on the app. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks.


Could you please submit a ticket with us with the log at

Users can register and create their own content ? or is it just that only I can create content and users can only consume it and comment on it ?

Hi! You, as administrator, as well as any other users you give access to the administration panel, can post content. In the app, users can only view content and (register and) comment on content.

If I get your universal app is there a need for me to get this one?

Hi! Most features of Modulio are covered by Universal. Like videos, posts, images, and audio.

is it webview app ?

Hi! This is a native app, designed for Wordpress as a listing / directory app for locations, music, etc.

We also offer a WebView template if you’re looking for one: