Discussion on Modal Login Register Forgotten Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on Modal Login Register Forgotten Wordpress Plugin

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if I want to put in a page to request login or registration.

does the code work?

a href=”https://www/#modal-login” class=”showlogin”> Click here to enter

No, it won’t. Use the shortcode or PHP function from documentation.

Hello, just 2 basic questions please : 1) About the ReCaptcha feature on the form parameters, do you ask for Google ReCaptcha V2 or V3 ? It is not expressed on the plugin or the plugin documentation. 2) Even if i purchased this great plugin, i was also very very happy the the previous one you made called : Full screen modal login. I would like to know what was th emain reason to cancel this one, please… Thank you very much.

Also, it seems it doesn’t work (any change in the settings) when a cache plugin is active. (at least mine). I’m also having an error from Google reCaptcha from both V2 and V3 Recaptcha keys…

Hi, 1. V2, 2. low sales, at some point it is costing more to keep updating than the sales. Caching plugin usually have option to exclude caching of scripts. If you have have further support questions please use the support tab or profile form.

Hi i have a pre-sales question your plugin support login redirection based on CUSTOM USER ROLES or support only default user roles?

Hi, there is no setting for this, the login redirect applies to subscribers.

Hello, I sent you a message through the support tab. I want to know how to automatically log in after registering as makes a better user experience. Also, my login button does not work on mobile, only the register. I can’t use your plugin if these things aren’t fixed. Thanks

Would be great to see some upgrade/updates to this plugin – social features, white label wordpress login, or something :) thanks.

What is a white label login?

Being able to customize the default login page of wordpress…its more about new, login feautres :)

Not sure about adding that as we already have a plugin that does that, this plugin was kept simple on purpose.

does the plugin work with elementor?

Modal forms dont need adding to pages, for the login/register links we use shortcodes and page builders have shortcode blocks where you can paste the shortcodes.

The register form does not sign in the user and do the redirect link does not work.

Hi, if you are a codecanyon customer you can contact us through the support tab with details.

Hello, I need your help. 1. Is this plugin compatible with Super Socializer Social Login or Korea SNS? 2. I can’t use index.html in wordpress. How can it change this plugin? I don’t know about custom css. Please, explain me the examples of code to use custom css in detail.

Hi and thank you for your purchase. 1. No, 2. not sure what you are asking here. Support is only provided through the support tab please elaborate on your second question.

Can The Modal Login Be Linked To A Menu Item?

In other words, if I set up a custom “Login” link on my site main navigation menu, can I link the modal login function that way – and, if so, easily? (This might be a silly question, but I want to make sure before I purchase). – Thank You !!!

HI, yes we have built in an option in menus so you can add login and registration link to WP menus. The reason that we don’t advertise this feature is because it requires the theme menu to be coded to WP standards so we can hook into it, unfortunately not all themes are properly coded so we can’t guarantee it will work with every theme since it is out if our control.

I’ve submitted several questions via the Support Link/Channel … Hoping to hear from you soon.

Hello, I used wordpress AVADA themes & AWS lightsail. I could install this plugin very easy and drag & drop it in Blog Sidebar(In widget). But I can not see modal login in menu item add. I don’t understand why this plugin did not add in menu item. Please, help me asap.

Hello, could i add a social login buttons to your popup login and registration forms like here:

Hi, how can I integrate mailchimp with your plugin?

Customize the plugin.

Hi, this plugin has caused a conflict with ‘Bookly’ appointments plugin whereby popups in ‘Bookly’ don’t show unless your plugin is disabled… this is since the latest Wordpress update. Can you suggest a fix please? Has this happened to anyone else? thank you!

is there any documentation?

Yes of course

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I understand that it is obvious that there is documentation. What I wanted to find out is how detailed it is before buying the plugin. I have seen documentations that only explain how to install the plugin and just name the options (something you can see directly in the plugin itself). Is it possible to take a look at that documentation? Thansk

It is a PDF documentation so can’t attach it here, it contains installation and three ways of adding login register links to the site, shot codes, PHP codes or using menus (if theme supports it)

dg9ban Purchased

is it compatible to the Design Themen?

Leuchtbuchstaben –

Has anyone managed to translate the plugin and make it work?

I have followed the instructions and it does not work.

I have tried to contact support, and they do not answer tickets!


23 December 19

Is this WP plugin dead/abandoned and not maintained anymore? That is VERY long time ago (For a WordPress plugin to not be updated), it was last updated.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Kind regards

I have a Biometric plugin and i need to know if ur plugin can show the button from biometric login