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Presale: can you edit register emails using html? thanks

Really bad service.. no replies in 2 days.. Its ok you can disregard it, i already purchased another plugin.


Hello, no emails are currently text only.


gtonge1 Purchased

hey the shortode [modal_login form= ”register” register_text=”Register” logged_in_text=”You are already logged in”] doesn’t work any idea why?

Thank you for your purchase, it is much appreciated.
Support for all our products is provided through external support system. Open a new ticket and we will gladly answer all your questions.

I have 6 months of support remaining. but I can’t Open a new ticket because of it’s show Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid. Why?

Apologies, please resubmit the ticket it should work fine now, thank you.


Reyes15 Purchased

In the pop-up login box the “log-in” button does not completely show, it is cut in half. The rest of the popup information shows including all of the text below the box (i.e., register, lost your password). How can I get this log-in button to show completely? Any CSS suggestions? Thanks.


Reyes15 Purchased



I have some questions. Are they available?

1- Add friend system. 2- Private message system. 3- Popup login and register. (Normal or with Social login) 4- Can i easily customizable it? (Popup, user profile etc.) I have my own design.

Kind regards.


1, 2 No. 3. Yes (not social) 4 plugin doesn have any profile features.

I opened a ticket and still waiting response after 3 days throw your ticket system. Now I come here and see you answering 1 day ago a presale question.

I’m not fluent in English but in Spain we have a name for this: “Take the money and run”

We appreciate your purchase, as you are aware customisation or extensive advise on customisation (and what you asking us is fairly involved) is not coved by support as it just not feasible. Regards, Ivan

Can you put up a changelog?

Will have at added in next few days, thank you.

Hi, Pre-Purchase question:- 1) Is the plugin having any profile, edit profile page and can I see the register demo ?



Hello, no the plugin desn’t have these features.

Hi, Ok and also not having register feature ?

Hello, the plugin it has registration form. It is just disabled on demo site.


I want each user register on my blog will be tracked by a generated code that your script generate once the user register. in fact in need that to know the all activity history of each user in a particular period of time, I need really to know what are the items that user clicked, what are the items the user downloaded in his computer, ....etc, does your script assist me in that purpose ?

Hello, no the plugin desn’t have these features.

before purchasing i’m curious about registration. I am hoping that when the user clicks the registration link at the bottom of the login modal that they are presented with another modal containing the registration form.

Also, if there is a modal registration form, can it be customized with additional inputs?


1. Clicking the registration will display registration fields in the same modal window

2. There are no custom fields options so you would have to modify the plugin.

Hi, I see in your screen grabs that you have a link to “Register” in the modal login window, but It isn’t in your live demo, and I can’t find a setting for it in the sandbox. Is this facility available (like in your graphics)?

Hello, yes registration form is available as per screenshots, the demo site has registration disabled.

Ok great thanks, one more thing. Can the re-direct after login URL be defined in the call to add_modal_login_link() like say add_modal_login_link(‘'); I need to have the user continue to the page they clicked to get to once logged in

Hello, no the redirect is set on plugin options page.

Hello, do all login attemps redirect to “Modal Login” pop-up System? I mean, if someone (not logged in) click on a link allowed only to registered users, or try to reach /wp-admin.. popup open? Thank you

Hello, no this is modal forms plugin only, there are no access features, unauthorised user will not trigger the modal.

Hi there
I would be interested in this plugin and see if it can fit my needs. Basically I have high value content on my blog and I would like to restrict it to registered / confirmed emails users. Is there a way that I can:
1 – Have the modal popup appear on the main blog page, blog categories and blog posts?
2 – Disable the ability to close the popup, forcing the user to register and confirm his email address?
3 – Still have search engines index the content of my site?


No it is not.

Hi, nice looking plugin and exactly what we need. Could you tell us if by using plugin settings we could set up login-logoff redirection to current page ?

Hello, you can set login redirect to current page. Logout redirect can be set to a fixed URL but not to current page.

Pre-sale question: I noticed on some of the comments about 5 months ago you were looking to integrate social logins. Is this option now available? Thanks.

Hello, no this hasn’t been implemented.


r3ny_92 Purchased

Hello is there a way to delay the redirecting / closing modal window after successful registration – may some customers not have enough time to read the message to check theyr email for password. Thanks!

I have submitted a ticket please take a look on it thanks…


BeEnvy Purchased

Hello, nice plugin, i have added it in the navigation bar and set a custom Logout Link. When i Logout through the navigation bar, it sends me to: and not to my set link. Would be great if you show me how to fix it or to fix it in the next update. Thank you Regards

Is it possible to change the register link to a specific page instead of the register modal?