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I also contacted support to show them the translation bugs. They told me that everything is ok and i can translate it from the admin panel, which is right, but not all strings can be translated there. Also there are some notifications bugs, which are mandatory for such a platform. overall there are a few bugs left and i already told support 3-4 weeks ago but since than no update was available. So i wait a few more days, till i give bad review.

Hello I’ll personally follow up this ticket, May I have your ticket ID?

You can add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya

Email: digisamaritan@gmail.com

Thanks -Noah

There is no ticket. I was added into a skype channel with some developers and discussed with them. I thought you was working on some update and fix already. I like the platform very much, but without those fixes and modifications it is useless. I am no coder to fix it myself.

Can you add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya ?


I Can’t add your Skype @ digital.vidhya ? Please help me.. My skype zamzforyou90

Not found on Skype @ http://prntscr.com/fgh23e

Several times , I tried to contact you, but no result.

can you try with username zamzforyou or find with my phone number +6285788008588

Are you planning other 3rd party integration besides BigBlueButton?

Not now , Will see once we got sufficient demand.


I would suggest that this one could be good. It does have REST API. I think those that get traction and start to grow would select ZOON after BigBlueButton.


We will check it , if you want paid integration for this, let me know.

Does BBB gets installed automatically when we install your script OR BigBlue is to be installed separately and then linked

Replied on Skype

Any coming update?


Student needs to pass the address in offline. Whatever the updates we plan, they are compatible and easily you can upgrade.


Great, thanks … we are just planning the business model. But we really like www.Zoom.us for online meeting.

We will check it , if you want paid integration for this, let me know.

I would like to try the live classes feature both as a tutor and student before buying. Please advise.

Hello We have integrated BBB and we will help you in final configuration once your server UP for BBB.

Kindly check the installation requirements of BBB here : http://docs.bigbluebutton.org/install/install.html


Those requirements are unbelievable. Dedicated server plus so many other things, Way too complicated. Isn’t there an alternative to BBB?

We are checking , if you can come across anything , let me know.


Blank page after installation.Help please

Okay.More: 1.How many can i use on my 2nd Only domain?I need to install on my 2 domains. 2.If not,kindly give me a discount,am a student and have been saving for your script for the last 5 months.Now i have usd 20 after i purchased,Kindly help me.

Replied on Skype :) We always encourage students , Best of luck friend.


1.How do i add a sub-location? 2.When i change location from backend,front end still display the demo locations.What should i do? 3.How do i add an API for a payment method? 4.Consider Adding sms verification method after registration 5.The search box on front page doent load correctly on page load. 6.Are you considering adding up a blog? 7.It will be great if front page is editable from back end 8.On Meet the team at the footer,when the position title exceeds 3 words,some items on footer are displaced.

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I wish to test the big blue button functionality, please let me know how it can be done.

Hi Guru

Actually, BBB requirements are high , so the functionality is done with testing also.

We just installed Tutor system and tested BBB for one client, and it worked.

Everything is ready in code, just only need a exact server.

You can check DigitalOcean $40/m , this is what one of hour customer taken.


Already have a dedicated server, just need to test BBB functionality.

Then , request your server team to install BBB , once done you can setup tutor system . Thanks

Hi, When i run installer what i get is a blank screen, What is the issue ? You could see my server for reference. Please guide me

Where do i find my purchase key ?

Blank screen means, PHP version issue, I’m on Skype :)

Hi, i have seen that it has been updated today? What excactly has been updated?