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Hi, really looking forward to version 2. Got a very important question about booking time slots. If someone already has booked a time slot, will this slot be omitted to the next person that wants to book. eg. if my time slots were 7-9,10-12,4-6 and if I ook 10-12, for the next person viewing the booking page, will the slots be 7-9, 4-6?

have handed to you – bit of a hack, but very smart. So the tutor can craetae as many slot as he likes?

Yes, Tutor can create as many slots as Tutor can teach and as per Tutor availability. If Tutor cancels Student booked slot, then the credits will be refunded to that Student.

Now Version 2 is live :)

Menorah Version 2 Features

what about the slot, will it show up as being available? so can we do 30 min slots 10:30am – 11:00am?

Hi, Version 2 is already uploaded , waiting for approval from CC team, if you purchase now let me know, I’ll send you the Version 2 files.


will do … just need to think about doing some customisation … so will wait :)

i have tested your script. cannot find the BBB (Big Blue Button).

How can I test virtual classrooms???


Actually the virtual class is accessed by Big Blue Button, once the student selects the course for Online , the system will send an automatic link which is provided by BBB.

You can check more about BBB here: http://bigbluebutton.org/

They have the demo also Here: http://demo.bigbluebutton.org/

Thanks -Noah

I want to test virtual classroom on your demo site. how?

wow, the version 2 is ready, i will buy next week, please will you install for me? looks like the demo is down.

well done mate.


Yes, we do free installation and setup , demo is working .

Can you try the demo link in kproxy.com ?


please how can I disable BBB in V 2.0 ?

Contact me on Skype @ digital.vidhya

I’ll help you


Hi there, I have to test the virtual classroom feature first before I buy. Can you provide a fully functional and working site for testing?


Please contact me on Skype @ digital.vidhya

I’ll let you know to see the flow.


Give me a link for testing. Thx.

where are the user admin mail and pass on instalation folder?


Admin Login Details are : admin@admin.com / admin123

Just append “install” to your root domain / root folder.

If you wish, I can do free installation and Setup :)

Add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya


i already add you on skype, the admin login it is not the same.. yes it would help me so much to install and setup, i already install with steps but the login it is not ok.. you can add me skype @ ivancheaib1

replied on Skype , send me the details over there.

Hi, have you tested this script with heavy data i.e. 10000 tutors or students? All scripts looks good but problem starts after heavy data.

replied on email

It would be great if the video courses also apear on the tutors profile page. And what is the gallery for on the tutor profile page.


Thanks for the nice suggestion, we will definitely add it.Gallery is a just a showcase to upload images for Tutor.

Let me know anything you need.


1- Can Student Post Requirement without login? 2- Can we take payment off-line i.e. via cheque, mobile payments? 3- Can we hide location from entire site to make it only a online plateform?


1. No

2. Yes

3. Yes, it needs some tweaks to code

Thanks !


we cant find courses_curriculum in edit course url http://tutors.projectmenorah.com/tutor/sell-courses-online/9

It does not retrieve upload documents or sites


Can you please drop your FTP details to digisamaritan@gmail.com ?

You can add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya , for live support


hi very nice, do you have for wordpress too?

Hi Thanks friend

We have no WP version.


Hi, in admin dashboard – settings option is not working … – http://onlinecrm.vidyavan.com/settings/index....... The onlinecrm.vidyavan.com page isn’t working – sateeshh@gmail.com

Replied email :)

Hi All

Thanks for your support during these days, we just back to work, and resuming the the 5 star support.

We are working on brand new support forum along with Video Guides , we will inform you very soon.

Thanks -Noah and Team

hi i want buy this script but i have proble to pay… i not have credit card and manual transfer bank very expensive,. u have solution

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my phone number +6285788008588

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