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live preview does not work on iphone

Hey again, maybe the reason is ios safari does not support web gl I am not sure I will check it, but you can try this link if it works or not let me know please :

If you get it right you can have it bounce at exactly 90 degrees and walk off. That backfires when it gets to about ~50 as it suddenly shoots off to one side lol

Thanks for feedback

Hey there, Does the game work on android and iphones? Thanks

Tested on android but I am not sure about all iphones due to webgl support but new ones should support it. I tried iphone 4s on it works. You can try all device on browserstack,too.

Contacted developer with some help putting buttons in and he responded almost immediately telling me he will help!

Im Patiently waiting for his reply. Great support so far!


this game is on cssdeck for free

They are not same if you are talking about this game. If you look closer you can see that pong and color logic are same but my game created with construct 2 also screen size and some mechanics are different, too.


Why sound is not work? Can you to add sound and background music? Will be glad if you make it.

The game doesn’t have any sounds. You can easily edit the .capx file(with Construct 2 free version) and add some sound. I do not do it, but here’s the tutorial:

Please do not hesitate to mail if you have any problems: