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Hi, I’m interested in your plugin but the live preview and demo links do not work.

It looks like there was a plugin which was outdated. We have removed the plugin and you should be able to access the demo now. Thank you for letting us know. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi i have a pre-purchase question, is it possible to show them a different color for each menu as well? like some users can see the menu in red some in black !!

thank you

Thank you for looking at Menu by User Role for WordPress. Please notice that this plugin will allow you to assign a menu to users that are not logged in and menus for each user role. It doesn’t control the styling of the menu. You can use any other plugin for applying special styling etc.

I am looking for an alternative to Nav Menu Role that will work with pages where the navigation is loaded via Ajax. Does your plugin work when the nav is loaded via ajax?

Menu by User Role lets you create a menu for users NOT logged in and for users logged in. And for each user role. It doesn’t style the menu in anyway .. it is for assigning menus to user roles. I hope this makes sense.

Is the plugin allow create menu for user who have 2 role? (ex: editor can create post, and seller can create woo product)
Is your plugin will work with custom TOP admin menu of this plugin? https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-admin-theme-wpshapere/8183353

I’m not sure I’m following you. A user who has two User Roles? This plugin allows you to create a menu for users that are NOT logged in. And menus for each user role. So you simply setup your menu for each user role and assign it to the location in your theme that allows menus.

Why is there no ZIP file included in the download. I just bought this plugin. The first time I bought it, I could install it with a ZIP.

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please notice that is a zip file that you download from Codecanyon. It is probably because your browser automatically un-zip the file downloaded.

I just tried to download the file from Codecanyon. codecanyon-3127921-menu-by-user-role-for-wordpress.zip. So, if you have a folder with this name just zip this and install the plugin.

YESSS.. ty for your reply. It worked. Me happy!

Great.. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for supporting our plugins.

Does not your “Pages by User Role” already include the same capabilities as this plugin? Why would I need both? Sell me.

This is two completely different things. Let me try and explain. The Pages by User Role for WordPress makes it possible to ALLOW or RESTRICT access to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Categories and Custom Taxonomies. This can be done by user role or by an individual user.

The Menu by User Role for WordPress makes it possible to assign menus to user roles.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi there. Have you heard of “Slick Menu” supplied here on CodeCanyon. Do you think your plugin will work in combination with Slick? Thanks.

Please notice that Menu by User Role does create menus and it is not a menu itself. It is a plugin that allows you to assign the menus you created to different user roles. I don’t see why it would not work with the plugin you refer to if that plugin follows WordPress Codex.

Yes indeed…..thats my concern. I think “Slick” is jQuery based and as such I doubt your plugin would work. Any thoughts?

Even though it is a jQuery based menu it still uses the WordPress menus right? You create the menus in Appearance > Menus (or assign them).


i saw in the comments that i can use this with white label branding to creat new roles so basically you can give every client his own role and own menu

but i want to use this only to give every clieent his own menu is it possible to chang the wp-amin page in away that it doesn’t look like wordpress and remove al the wordpress feutures like in your demo (dashboard and profile)

and does this also have feutures like redirect and forced login like you white label log in plugin

You do not necessarily need White Label Branding to create new User Roles. Put another way Menu by User Role supports the default user roles in WordPress and any custom user role. WLB can do much more than creating user roles (of course you are welcome to purchase the plugin).

Menu by User Role is not for wp-admin, but the public part of your website. Menu by User Role just allows you to assign menus to each user role. And set a menu for users without a user role (meaning not logged into your website).

Both White Label Branding, Menu by User Role and White Label Logi compliment each other well.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

oke so iff I´am correct i can creat new users using this plug in! but iff I creat a user in wordpress than you got to login with wp-admin section right?

sorry i’am new to wordpres this is mine first time trying to creat a member section maybe it’s better trying to explain what i want to do with this plugin

I’am making a product that’s specific for one clieent and other products that are for all clieents. So i want to give every clieent a menu, so only they can open their products

and i want them to have no impact on mine website or see that it’s a wordpress website

is this possible?

This plugin will let you assign a menu that you have created to any user role in WordPress. WordPress has 5 default user roles: Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, and Administrator. And then you can assign a menu for users that are NOT logged in.

This is not for allowing or restricting access to a specific Page, Post etc.. We have another plugin called Pages by User Role for WordPress, which makes it possible to ALLOW or RESTRICT access to Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Categories and Custom Taxonomies.

This way you can allow specific users to see certain Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types etc.

How are your products created? Is this in a shop solution?


Valiant Purchased

I hate you. I spent almost a week coming up with this, fighting with bugs and output errors only to find you’d done this already and 10x better. Well done matey.

Sorry…. but glad you found the plugin you needed. ;) Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi guys it is a way to create a custom menu for each user not user roles, “FOR SPECIFIC USER, EACH USER NEEDS TO HAVE A CUSTOM PAGE”

No, not with this plugin. We only allow you to assign a specific menu by user role.

Please notice that Menu by User Role uses WordPress menu and you simply assign your menu to the different locations in your theme that supports a menu. You can assign menu for users not logged in and users that are logged in (for each User Role). I don’t see why it should not work with the “Superfly menu” if you experience any issues we will be happy to assist.