Discussion on Menu by User Role for WordPress

Discussion on Menu by User Role for WordPress

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Hey there! I am looking into replacing the “Nav Menus” plugin I currently am using on my site because it does not allow for caching. (once the site is cached, the users, even when logged-in, get the same menu).

Do you know if your plugin will allow for me to cache the site, and still change the menu? Or do you have any advice on what to do when I get the plugin to make this work?


We use the plugin on pretty much all client projects and we have not experienced issues with our plugin and caching.

Been a while since an update. Can you or anyone verify that it is compatible with 5.4.x?

The plugin works just fine with WordPress 5.4.x. We use this little utility with all our projects. Let me know if you have any questions or any concerns.

Hi, is it compatible with JobCareer theme?

The plugin is not really depending on any specific theme. It allows you to assign different menus in the Appearance > Menus section. You can assign menus for users not logged in and the different user roles in WordPress (including any custom user roles you may have).

If you run into any trouble we will be happy to assist you.

Hi we purchsed you plugin and we think it’s a great idea, but everytime we try to save the selection it goes back to default

Go to the Menu Locations and assign the menu. We have discovered that in some sites the setting doesn’t save when you choose the “checkboxes” – use the Menu Locations or Theme Locations and it will work perfectly. If you need help let me know. Submit a ticket to our Help Center

Menu by User Role for WordPress a été supprimé du dépot officiel pour une de ces raisons : Faille de sécurité, demande de l’auteur, non compatible GPL, ce plugin est sous investigation. Pouvez-vous corriger la faille afin de pouvoir réintégré ce plugin au dépôt officiel de Wordpress ?

- English Version

Menu by User Role for WordPress has been removed from the official repository for one of these reasons: Security flaw, author’s request, not GPL compatible, this plugin is under investigation. Can you fix the flaw so that this plugin can be reintegrated into the official Wordpress repository?

I have no clue what that is. Our plugin has never been available in the WordPress repository and we do not have malware in our plugin. What is providing this message? Are you using some kind of security scanner?

Yes i using secupress

ok then that is a strange false positive. Our plugin has never been available on – and there is no malware in the plugin. We will need more information if you have any… Feel free to submit a ticket at and we will be happy to assist you.

Where is the documentation for this plugin? I cannot find it on your support site.

There is no documentation. Only screenshots that show how you use it. You will find in your Appearance > Menu a tab called Manage Locations and in this you can assign the menus you created (public, logged in and for each user role). That is pretty simple. If you run into trouble please let us know.

I recommend you use the Manage Locations tab and not the check boxes below the menu as some have experienced that the values do not save in the checkboxes. We are looking into this. However, the manage locations is the easiest way to assign menus.

Hi, support WP v5.5?

Yes, we have upgraded our demo site and live sites to WordPress 5.5. and the Menu by User Role plugin works.

Hi RightHere, I am a big fan of your wordpress plugins. I just purchased this one but I’ve run into a small problem. The problem occurs on the latest version of WP (not sure what they changed) but what happens is once i select the menu settings that I like. I hit save and all of the options are checked off. Can you possibly push an update that addresses this issue or advise how I can fix it, perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Thank you RightHere Cheers

Thank you very much for supporting our plugins. I have an update we will push to Codecanyon within the next hours. If you can’t wait submit a ticket to our Help Center ( and I will provide you with an update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wow, really excellent customer support, thank you RightHere

Let us know if we can Help you with anything else.


zatakk Purchased


Not working for me. Need help

I’m sorry for the trouble. Can you please submit a ticket at and provide wp-admin access. It could be a conflict with another plugin. We will have a look and make sure everything works.

Hi, I’ve been working on a new client site that needs some upgrades, and found out that your plugin is doing a jQuery conflict in the menu editor section.

Specifically what is happening is that all the blocks are locked and can’t be opened, so I can’t add new elements to the menu unless I disable this plugin, add menu elements, and activate the plugin again.

I already disabled all the plugins and left this plugin to see if the conflict was with other plugin, but the conflict still there.

I see that there hasn’t been an update of this plugin in a while. Could this be a conflict with the most recent wordpress version?

My client website specs are these: Wordpress version 5.5.3 Theme installed Woodmart Theme version 5.3.4 Menu by User Role for WordPress version

We recently updated the plugin but that does not seem to be related to your issue

Version – September 1, 2020

  • Compatibility Fix: Added compatibility fix for WordPress 5.5
  • Bug Fixed: Tooltip in BuddyBoss panel menu tooltip was broken

If you submit a ticket or contact us via our live chat we can help you. We need wp-admin access to review. Please notice that we use the plugin on many of our sites which are all running WordPress 5.5.3.

Great! I already asked my client for his envato credentials. As soon as I have them I’ll open a ticket

We will be happy to help if you need us to have a look.


Is this plugin compatible with latest wordpress version?


Yes, it is indeed compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Use the Theme Locations tab to assign the different menus for each user role and for logged in and not logged in.

If you run into any issues reach out to us via our live chat

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Where do I get an update for this plugin? Current ownloaded plugin release date was Version – August 22, 2017

It has been uploaded to Codecanyon and will be available shortly.

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You are welcome. Let me know if you have any questions. You can catch us at