Memory Match - HTML5 Memory Game (Construct 3)

Memory Match - HTML5 Memory Game (Construct 3)

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Memory Match is a timeless game that challenges players to test and enhance their memory skills. This game offers an engaging experience suitable for players of all ages.

The objective in Memory Match is straightforward: find all matching card pairs as quickly as possible. Players are presented with concealed cards and must flip two cards at a time to locate matching pairs. Achieving a faster level completion time results in a higher score. However, players should exercise caution, as each mistake can diminish their score.

Key Features:
  • Varied difficulty levels: The game can be tailored to suit different skill levels, making it appropriate for both novices and seasoned players.
  • Attractive visuals: Captivating card designs and smooth animations enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • High Score Records: Players have the opportunity to compete with friends and attain the highest scores in this game.
  • Cognitive Enhancement: Memory Match serves as an excellent tool for honing and fortifying memory skills, making it a valuable choice for individuals seeking cognitive improvement.

With Memory Match available in HTML5 format, you can enjoy this game conveniently on your desktop or mobile device. Engage in the exciting challenge of uncovering matching card pairs while putting your memory to the test in this captivating game!

Additional Features:

  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Commented events sheets
  • Easy to reskin

This game is made with Construct 3. What will you get?

  • Construct 3 source file (.c3p)
  • All assets (vector .svg)
  • Exported HTML5 and Cordova

Sound Effect by Kenney

Cards Symbol by Freepik


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