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how many levels? is it working offline?

This game has not levels…it’s infinite gameplay. It works also offline.

Hello, please give me link demo

Hi, in PC fails, the buttons do not respond, is it possible to operate on desktop?

Mobile works with no problems.

Have you uploaded on your server space? What OS and browser are you using? What browser version?

Will I be able to change the images and sounds in this game? (i.e are the four paint colours all different image files?)

You just have to replace existing images in “sprites” folder and audio in “sounds” folder. Just respect image resolution and file format.

Dear CodeThisLab Team,

You are really doing very nice work of creating HTML5 games. This game is also very interesting. But before I buy, I want to make some queries to get their satisfactory answers.

(1) Can I add more images and sound? For example, 6 Images with 6 corresponding sounds.

(2) At the bottom of the game, Current Sequence remains almost 0 (Zero) all the time. What does that indicate?

(3) Instead of 3 chances (Heart X 3) I want to modify it to say 2 or 5? Is it possible with simple coding?

Thank you so much in advance..!


Hi! Thank you for your appreciation and for your interest in our games! Please send an email at support@codethislab.com with more details about your requirements

can play offline? and build in android cordova?

no, this game doesn’t run offline. Some customers use phonegap/ludei and cordova to port our games to mobile successfully.