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Awesome work! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Awesome work! Thanks. GLWS. I want to ask a question. Is there any callback when countdown finish? I want when the countdown finished, automaticly calculate other date or time and start countdown again without any refresh or anything. For example: First event on 05:45 am Second event on 12:15 pm Third event on 23:00 pm

Countdown started at 05:30 and when time come 05:45 countdown finished new countdown started for 12:15.

Sorry my bad English :(

Hi eralabs, thank you for your interest in MCountDown!

Now to your question: yes, there is a callback function that can be called when the countdown has finished, it is called onComplete. You have to set onComplete parameter in MCountDown initialization with the js function you want to be executed after the countdown is complete.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to send me an email to musings[at]musings[dot]it.

please tell me – is it possible to configure the counter for some time – for example in a week and 12 hours of and make sure that he was tied to a specified time GMT on your computer?

and every week and 12 hours, he started counting again

Please tell me I should next task. Set the counter on a particular day and a particular time And then, the counter should be repeated every week – ie start counting from the beginning of adding 7 days. It is very important – that the page is refreshed it does not reset – namely counted until a specified time)

How can i do it?)

Hi Anton,

you need to write a separate .js function that calculates and returns your desired end date (in YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss format) and then pass it as endDate parameter to MCountDown initialization. As I explained in the previous answer, this will not affect the counter if the page is refreshed.

Have a nice day!


Nice work, is it possible to show “days” as “day” when only one day left same with hours, minutes and seconds….


Hi Kim, thank you for your purchase!

No, it is not possible with this version of MCountDown, but I’m going to modify the label option in the next version that it will support singulars and plurals.

Thank you again!

How can I see another layout demo ?

as your live demo only provide us with mcountdown classic layout, where are the other layout demos ?

Hi simplebee,

thank you for your interest in MCountDown.

The other layout (working) demos are in the ZIP file that you can download after purchasing the item, but you can see the preview images on the screenshots page of MCountDown (

Have a nice day!

Can I have more than one countdown on a page at a time?

Hi there, thank you for your purchase!

Yes, you can have as many countdowns as you like in one page since MCountDown is multi instance.

Just call them like this: $(”#YourFirstCountdown”).mcountdown({your_first_param}); $(”#YourSecondCountdown”).mcountdown({your_second_param});

Have a nice day, Federica

Hi, Is there an option for a page redirection when time expires? e.g. (Seconds <= 0) {setTimeout (“location.href =” “);

Hi jparker, thank you for your purchase!

You can use the onComplete parameter which is a callback to a custom function that will be executed after the countdown has finished (see documentation for more details).

You can try this: $(”#YourCountdown”).mcountdown({ onComplete: window.location=”yourlocation.html” });

Have a nice day, Federica

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply. I will try that this afternoon. Just for the record, this is a great product you have developed! Thanks again!

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked my plugin!

Let me know if everything is all right with the complete call back.

Have a nice day, Federica

Pre-Purchase question, I need it to countdown to a specific time, such as 11:45am Saturday mornings, show the words, “Broadcasting Now!” on completion of the of the countdown (which I know is possible), but then an hour later, at 12:45pm, restart the countdown for the next Saturday. Is this possible with this countdown? Other options?

Hi benorian, thank you for your interest in mcountdown!

Now to your question: what you are trying to achieve is possible with mcountdown but it is not straightforward client side (with js only). You will need to write a quite complicated onComplete function to check if 1 hour has passed from the countdown end, then calculate the new endDate (1 week ahead until you’ll find a date in the future) and at the end update the countdown and start it again.

On the contrary, if you can set and control the countdown server side (with PHP or such) then your goal can be achieved quite easily with mcountdown because all the calculations can be done server side and mcountdown could be started dynamically any time.

I hope this will help you! Have a nice day and a great Xmas time, Federica


Your plugin works good. It’s that what I need. I have some question. I have timer How to know that hour or minute end? I want to change hour or minute block to another colour

For example I can use code like this but I don’t know how to get timeToLeft Please advise me.

Hi MatenkaAndrii! Thank you for your purchase and for your compliments, I appreciated. Now to your question: I had a look at the screenshot you provided (thank you) and I think you can reach your goal by slightly modifying your code. In the “onChange” function use this:

onChange: function() { var timeLeft = $(this).data( “mcountdown” ).secondsLeft; if(timeLeft < 3600) { // do something } }

Let me know if this solves your issue. Have a nice day and thank you again for your purchase! Best, Federica

Thank you very much! Your example solved my issue. Have a nice day!

Glad to hear it! Have a nice day you too!

Thanks a lot! I appreciated :)