Mathematical Game Template

Mathematical Game Template

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Mathematical Game Template

This game is a good template for learning how to use Android Studio, containing pdf documentation of all the steps. You can then generate your APK within a day. from the installation of android studio, its configuration until the generation of a signed file.


Mathematical Game makes it easier to learn math with enjoy.
Solve math questions and level up.
If you make 3 wrong answer within the level, the level will be reset.
The difficulty increases depending on the level.

APK Download


  • Designed for phones.
  • APK 64 Bits
  • Admob Ads : Banner and Interstitials
  • Ready to PUBLISH
  • Includes 5 game mode
  • Automatic difficulty
  • Automaticly generates questions
  • Each level has 10 questions
  • Infinite level

Change Log

version 2020-11-02


-Default values &ZeroWidthSpace;&ZeroWidthSpace;bug fixed<

version 2022-09-08


-Updated target Sdk version from 30 to 33
-Updated from version play-services-ads:20.2.0 to version play-services-ads:21.2.0’.
-Reward Ad and Intersitial Ad code renewed.

How To :

  • Open Project Into Android Studio.
  • Change the package name
  • How to Change Graphics game.
  • How to Change Audio game.
  • How to change the Admob Banner, Interstitial ID .

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
You’ll need only android studio.

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