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The plugin is beautiful but here I am to report the first bug. If you login from mobile and click on any of the items from the menu, it doesnt go anywhere. Please fix that cse sometimes I login from mobile to change something. Thank you

In front end product page? this plugin never change or affect front page.

Plz have a look before commenting. Nobody mentioned the front end. You go to the Products in woocommerce. You add a new product, description etc… then you go to upload images in the gallery and it doesnt. It takes u to another page and then u upload and try to.import into the product but nothing happens. Please address these issues.

I will look into this. Thanks


assyst Purchased

Hello! Amazing plug-in!

And also works with Multisite?


Yes. works with multisite, and the live demo is a multisite. Thanks

good themes, but.. should add option to display menu horizontal without hidden.. because most of us got wider screen and enough to show menu and content at the same time.. now, its too much empty space.. :3

Support horizontal menu, you can test it on live demo. Thanks

looks really nice, but the front end is a bit messed up. I suggest also loading the menu bar on the front of the site

This theme does not change front-end, even the admin bar. Thanks.

The latest update has adressed the problem of Mobile menu. It works fine now, but still the problem with the gallery upload is serious.

Tested woocommerce 2.5.5 with wp 4.5, the product gallery works fine.

this wont effect my site? i have already more than 25+ plugins and using 3 sites (multisites).

This plugin only change the admin layout and core style. no effects on other plugins.


Pre-sale question. Is this plugin effect all users writer content provide etc. the users has access to admin panel.

Yes. apply on all users admin panel.


cmisak Purchased

Enjoying the plugin a lot and everything not looking like “wordpress” I love wordpress – and this will take some getting use to. 10years of wp admin :). But a lot of people wouldn’t think its WP anymore.

The clients will love it!

My only suggestion is I would like to see:

A) freeze sidebar – I have 3 32” 4K monitors left/right real estate isn’t an issue. But does add an additional click every edit. Went horizontal, but again hard for me to get use to.

B) Add another Menu Bar for super users. Where I can edit what shows here for for Certain users. Lots of settings I want to hide, but annoying to turn on, edit, turn off. And for those moments everyone can see it.


cmisak Purchased

B. Just trying to avoid another plugin. I’ve used AAM pro, causes some oddities and issues. Don’t need “real” access restriction.

D. I think was permission issue I fight on server. All is good.

B, I will look into this. Thanks


cmisak Purchased

I appreciate it. I was just (and I say “just” like its flipping a switch) thinking. In the Menu admin area where the “Remove from Menu” is. There would be either a drag area that with a hard break and can be collapsed out of daily driving space. Or a checkbox with the similar toggle that’d show hide in its current location. But in a pinch you could get to 100% of your site. Sorta like “Advanced Menu” toggle.

Hello there, With your Materil plugin, how can I ensure that the WordPress menu is always visible on the left? The collapse checkbox doesn’t seem to work. The menu is only ever collapsed, as in mobile responsive mode. Thank-you.

You can show the menu on Horizontal. no option for left menu.

Hi. I want to buy a theme for Wordpress admin area. What will be important is the appearance of the User Profile area. Can you send to me screen photos of the User Profile area and the user list area?


assyst Purchased


Is WP MultiSite compatible ?

Yes. the live demo is under a multisite. Thanks


assyst Purchased


I’m love your plug-in, but, i’m think is not compatible with GravityForms. When go to manage forms, come back to old WP style :(

It works fine on my local server. can you send any screenshot to heyflat@gmail.com

Very good looking, any chance you provide a fixed left vertical menu in a future update (pretty please)? It’s the only thing holding me back from buying (horizontal menu – bahh)

I will look into this. Thanks

Demo page return error 500 Internal Server Error.

Back now. Thanks


qdpn Purchased

hy i put the template but not working very good

position menu not working and login change not working!!!! why

domain roevents.ro

Not working on what? can you paste a screenshot?


qdpn Purchased

hy guys i write last week but nobody hellp me plae refound all money back

Just replied. Thanks

How can I make sure this theme is standard on a Wordpress Multi-site install? It doens’t make much sense to go to each site and activate it there.

Config on the main site.

I am on the main site, and ticked all the boxes, but this is the result:


What should the folder permissions be in order for this plugin to work?

Seems to have some major issues with the horizontal menu. When there are too many icon they break and roll into the next two lines. Any help?

Rename the menu name to a short one. and hide some plugin if it’s not important.

I don’t think that this fix will be work. I don’t even have the majority of the plugins active I plan on using. As I said it’s for a client so it needs to be super easy to use for them can’t take away any of the items.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks again for your time.

The horizontal menu does not support slider. you can choose to vertical menu. Thanks.