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Please make it compatible with woocommerce setting page. The woo setting page is missing tab menu selection

This update will be ready in upcoming week and released. thank you for cooperation.


first of all great plugin, really looks and feels great.

But we don’t know what we did wrong, cause I think most of the changes we made with it, also colors, want change accordingly. Any ideas on what to do or what to check?

best regards

Can you please clear your browser cache and check. thank you


azo91 Purchased

still no update, i want my money back

This update will be ready in upcoming week and released. thank you for cooperation.

Loads of bugs and no response to issues, so ended up with a refund.

Emailed to your support request already. Please send the requested details. Thank you

Hello, I have read that there is an update to fix woocommerce csss etc? When will this update be released? I do not want to buy yet until this update is released.

This is released already and ready for download. Thanks

Thanks, just bought, how do you turn off the 3d hover? Also has this been tested on a full nginx server setup? I cannot seem to select any fonts and layout is a bit off place.

Did you install the vendor support extension included in download package. Thanks

Active/hover menu borders don’t seem to recolor correctly. Everything else works fine though!

Active menu borders are based on primary color of the theme under pick theme settings. Please try that option. thank you

This theme does not work perfectly, many look unsightly :(

You are free to send me the screenshots on email. I will look and relase an update. Send me links from profile page email contact form. Thanks


xparebox Purchased

please check email

replied to your email. Please maintain the email thread for communication now. thank you

How to set different admin page for different users?

i mean admin menu on the left

You can set edited menu for all users and show original menu to admin user with this plugin. To set different menu for different users, we will add this feature in upcoming updates.


I wish I never bought this, its the most annoying buggy plugin Ive ever used. They said to clear cache, stuff is still wonky and not working or clearing. I havent used it as not only the looks are all thats wrong but functionality. Any chance I could get a refund?

We will be happy to help anf solve tge issue you arr facing. If clearing cache is the issue you are facing and it doesn’t change the settings, means there is some sort of plugin conflict with other installed plugins.

Do you use any caching plugind on your site?

It would be nice if you use the email form and describe your issue in detail. Then if needed we might need your site logins.


Was the login error cookie issue fixed? I’ve dealt with this before with another plugin and it was a nightmare. This will be a deal breaker if it’s still an issue.

Login error cookie issue is based on some plugin conflict. In case you have any such plugin conflict with any other installed plugin, then you can let us know. We will be happy to help.


Hi, I just purchased and the Custom CSS function is inaccessible. Is this a known bug?

Nevermind. I just installed Redux Support and the issue was resolved. BTW, good plugin.

Please rate the plugin as 5 stars. :)

Hi, is there a way to change the link for the login image? It currently defaults to

I found it. I didn’t know that the logo url was for both the login page and the admin logo. It would be cool if they were separated so that the admin image could link to the dashboard.

Sure, will look into this. Thanks

On clicking Save Changes within Material Admin (3.1) a huge array of variables is output under the button. This looks awful and doesn’t disappear.

Also what is the Network/Multisite support? There’s no instructions and network activating it doesn’t produce any options. Does each site need setting up with the theme, or can you set it up once for all network sites?

The save changes menu is not suppose to display any array and work as expected. It seems like some other plugin is probably using redux framework and conflict with its behavior on your site. You can try to deactivate the other installed plugins one by one and check, if you are not sure about it.

For multisite network setup follow below instructions: 1. To apply a same setting on all the sites in network, you will have to network activate the plugin from network sites dashboard. Then the settings will be managed from main or primary site in the network. This way settings are applied on all the sites.

2. In case if you want to apply settings individually on different sites, then you need to activate the plugin individuall for each site and then can apply settings individually for each site.

I will be denying the refund request. thank you


aaronpie Purchased

I just purchased your plugin and have been testing it out on my multisite. I am using one of the pre made themes. I noticed when navigating to my Post and Custom Post pages the Add New button is missing next to the Post Name header. I have disabled all the plugins and tried multiple themes.

Also under Menu Management, I am unable to Drag and Drop any of the menu items. I have disabled all the plugins on my site and it still does not work.


aaronpie Purchased

I just sent you an email.

I also found a couple of formatting issues too.

1) There is a z-index issue with the user dropdown menu in the top right of the admin panel. The menu appears under the Screen Option and Help tab menus.

2) There is a z-index issue with long side admin menus appearing behind the footer text.

3) In the Network Admin menu under Sites and Users, the columns are not formatting correctly. Everything is justified to the left.


aaronpie Purchased

Also the User profile picture is not being updated when it is placed in the side Admin menu.

1. Add new button is z-index issue is sorted and will be released in an update.

2. footer text overlapping issue with open menu is sorted and will be released in udpate too.

3. network admin users and site menu is noted too. It will be improved.

4. user profile picture. it seems you have some custom plugin for user profile avatar, which is treating the image accordingly.

5. menu management addon. check on your site and the drag and drop is working fine already.

thank you


mzuker Purchased

hi, its possible to use your graphs with social media, woocommerce and google analytics? how?

The dashboard widgets take your site data and generate graphical statistics. social media, google analytics etc. are not implemented in this dashboard widgets. thank you


rdimascio Purchased

Hey, love the design. I noticed that the hover icons for the pages count & type and user statistics widgets output Japanese. Can you fix this please?

Ok sure. Let me check in this. Can you please email me the screenshot at thanks

Hi, love your theme. Would it be possible to have youtube video background on login screen?

Not tried it yet. But yes will consider adding it in future updates. :) Thanks

How to change the logo inside the panel? The option disappeared from the Logo Settings. Can only change login page logo now…

Logo options disappeared means? Are you using a custom theme or inbuilt theme option. In case of custom theme, you can change the logo from logo options panel. In case of inbuilt theme, the image can be replaced inside the plugin folder.

We have already added the feature to update the logo in inbuilt themes as well. This feature will be released in upcoming plugin update. thank you

(google translate) Hi. Could you tell me what is the substantial difference between the three similar plugins they have published? Since they look quite similar. I want to know before deciding on any. Thank you!

Hola. Podrian decirme cual es la diferencia sustancial entre los tres plugins similares que tienen publicados? Pues leo y parecen bastante iguales. Quiero saberlo antes de decidirme por alguno. Gracias!