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Has several issues –
1 – Not really compatible with Yoast. When editing a page there is a lot of spacing and wording overlapping.
2 – Spacing is extraordinarily large especially when editing pages
3- When selecting a pre-defined layout we are unable to upload our own logo to appear in the admin instead of the Material Admin on the upper left.
4 – When using GravityForms it is spaced weird and occasionally goes back to the default WordPress instead of using the design.
5 – Some admin dropdowns over lap with the rows below them. This is throughout the admin.
6 – When uploading an image, the wording on the right hand side overlaps with the field below. For example Alt Text overlaps Description and the lines are slightly uneven.
7- The main issue though is spacing, it is just a little much and I cannot seem to figure out how to make it smaller, more like the default WordPress in regards to spacing on lists of pages, customers, orders, etc.

8 – For the login page, I seem to be unable to remove the background and upload a new one.

All these issues are taken care in upcoming update. Thanks for your detailed analysis. Thanks

This may be a REALLY dumb question, but where do I put the purchase code so it stops telling me I need to enter it? Thanks!

No such notification thing is integrated in this plugin. Thanks

Is this compatible with wpmudev and/or mulitsite? Thank you

Compatible with both. Thanks

Does it work with any theme? I am using listify

Yes. It will work with any front end theme. Thanks

thanks for the answer. when will the next update be released that fixes the errors counted by gloryad?

Its scheduled after Christmas. Thanks

This is not working. I installed on multi-site and network activated it. When I go to the a site, I see the material menu, but when you click on, it has a js error and doesnt show any of the options, they are all blank and you can not even click the different settings types. Also, how does this get themed on the main MULTISITE admin as there are no settings for it?

Also, On multisite, is there a way to set up a global setting so that it doesnt not require setup per site?

Please install redux vendor support plugin included in the download package.

Also yes once you network activate plugin, You can set global settings from main site in network.

Thank you

None of the colors are working. I even deleted the plugin folders and re-uploaded them. Pretty much most of these setting don’t work, background uploads, etc. After hitting save for a background image the change doesn’t reflect.

It did the first time I tried but I wanted to reset it and start over, now its just not responding. Both on a local environment and a private test site.

Please clear your browser cache and check. Thank you

Pre-purchase questions:

1) Does it work okay with divi theme and the new front end divi builder?

2) I’m using WP MU and was wondering if you can set default global settings? or do you have to set up per site

1. It works with divi themes. 2. You can set site settings globally and for individual sites too, as per need.


usind123 Purchased

Tried to contact you via your support link for days and still no answer. I’m having an issue I need assistance with. Please get back to me.

Our support team will get back after 1st jan. We are on small christmas break. Thank you for your cooperation..

Hello, as mentioned in a post by someone 20 days ago, seems uploading of own logo does not work when using a pre-made theme… when is the fix coming for this?

This issue is already under review. In case you have to use the logo in pre built theme, you can always replace the logo in plugin directory and keep the same name of the file. It should work and you can move on. We will release an update for this anyways. Thank you

Is there a way to fix what the theme does to Woocommerce? Currently the theme seems to hide or disable the option tabs in Woocommerce settings area. You can recreate this by installing Woocommerce, installing your material admin theme and then going to Woocommerce settings, you will see across the top there is only a title for General Settings. If you now disable the material admin theme (revert to default), there is actually a series of tabs that are supposed to be there (shipping, payments etc).

I tried lowering z-index on #wpcontent:before as mentioned in post above but this has no affect on the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This issue is noted and we are working to release an update for same. Thank you

I have to login in twice when using your theme with the same wordpress credentials. This is when using custom login splash screen and it is turned on. When I deactivate the theme the admin login works fine. Any ideas for a quick fix.

This seems to be a strange issue. It is not meant to work this way. It seems like you have some other plugin installed on your site, which is causing the conflict here.

Our support team is back now from christmas and new year vacation already. But it seems you have already given negative rating for this issue and not waited for any response back from our side.

We can only offer help to solve this issue for you, if you improve your review and rating.

Thank you

This is the error code —ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see this documentation or try the support forums

Help me fix the problem and of course I would change your review. As of right now I can only go off the support provided. With all plugins uninstalled the issue still is a factor.

Do you have a support desk link?

Send me your logins. I will take a look. Thank you

any news about update ?

Still need statistics for all wordpress installation, as u remember i use a custom multisite feature with now a lot, very lot number of websites…

I try to instal : WP statistics who seems use GEoLite from Maxmind… but when i manage MENU using MENU MANAGEMENT :

• i discover that i can’t drag’n’drop item, save item available like new plugin then new “Stats” field is on but can’t be visible for other account,
I try to activate other field and it works

Conslusion, i suppose there is a big issue with WP STATISTICS v11.x

Then my question is : there is way to make it compatible quickly (because now i need stats to work and customers ask for it, or do u plan to release an update with working stats on multisite ?

Happy new year and have a nice day.


A bit disappointed with this plugin – so many conflicts especially with YOAST – this has been mentioned before so many times and a long time ago but no sign of an update as yet – There are a ton of Z index issues and conflicts with pretty much any plugin I use – Great potential but for now having to disable as it is just not workable. Please can you tell us when the known issues are going to be fixed? One major issue is using screen options to hide columns in the page list – it prevents hiding stuff other than the title of the column you want to hide.

I look forward to hearing back


First of all apologize for delay in getting back. Our support team is back from Christmas and New year Vacation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

This issues are already part of the the upcoming plugin update. Since our team is back and preparing an update for same.

Thank you


dahump Purchased

Hey when i try to Login i get this: ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see this documentation or try the support forums …. can u help please?

This issue seems strange. Can you please email me the details of your login with screenshots. Thank you


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Arkymedes Purchased

@websitedude1985 Me too had to disable the plugin for now due to compatibility. Plagued with z-index issues and way too much white spacing. Had to do so much custom CSS that I just gave up.

WooCoomerce product listing, editing, etc are all but unusable. Can’t even get to the settings page without editing the code since the plugin hides the tabs behind the title. YOAST have problems with it’s buttons and so on and on.

When browsing the plugin list from the WordPress repository, they are all in one single line with weird hover “effects” making everything jump around.

I really like the aesthetics of the plugin but those issues need an urgent fix by the developer.


First of all apologize for delay in getting back. Our support team is back from Christmas and New year Vacation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

This issues are already part of the the upcoming plugin update. Since our team is back and preparing an update for same.

Thank you


Pre-Purchase Question: I’m torn between Material Admin and Ultra Admin, as they’re both from your portfolio and they’re, at the moment, at the same price, what would you say is a better bet in terms of speed, user frindeliness, reliability, stability and over all options?


Both the plugins work perfectly fine and serve its purpose. You can choose anyone of this theme. Ultra admin is oldest and more stable. Material admin has 100 themes and new 20 dashboard widgets compared to ultra.

Other than that they both have different style login pages and different options. Though materail admin has more features, Ultra is better bet to buy since it is already used by so many customers and is more stable.

thank you


azo91 Purchased

when are you going to release the update? right now its impossible to use for me with all those bugs

The plugin update is already under progress and will be released asap. Thank you

There is a problem with some of the admin dashboard plugins…I have the same problem with your Legacy Admin theme…This theme doesn’t allow me to see a majority of my affiliate dashboard and membership dashboard

I am using UMP (Ultimate Affiliate Pro) and UAP (Ultimate Affiliate Pro)

Do you have a fix for this?

What it is a White bar right underneith the Admin Top Bar

Also on my admin the colors are not changing…only in the network of the multisite they are


manuelap Purchased

I have a problem with the footer. It shows through the submenu items and makes the submenu items unclickable. There is also not a way to get the Custom CSS to become visible. have deactivated all other plugins and changed to default twentyseventeen… Not very happy with these bugs.


manuelap Purchased

I would like to mention this admin theme is not compatible with Admin Menu Editor Pro for me a crucial plugin. How can I apply for a refund?