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I’m only posting again because I’m not getting a timely response. I need this refunded. Please.

The orginal request for a refund was 23 days ago.

No response received yet. We asked for detail explanation but did not receive anything back in response. Thanks

Hola, la ventana para iniciar sesión se rompe, se ve todo en la mitad izquierda de la pantalla, alguna sugerencia? no quiero bloquear esto porque es por una de las cosas que compre el plugin, me gusto mucho el inicio de sesión..

el problema lo tengo en el registro, uso wp-ultimo y creo que no son compatibles, alguna solucion?

It seems like you have some other plugin which adds some new elements to the default wordpress admin login screen or there is some other plugin installed which is altering the behaviour of login page. Thanks

Wp-ultimo can you please send me screenshots of the problem you are facing at email Thanks


ayron Purchased

Can I customize the dashboard widget to perform custom post types metrics? Thanks

You can customize colors and show/hide widgets from options panel. Custom posts type data are also included in certain widgets. Thanks

Hi, how would I exclude specific admin pages from the theme?

Hide using menu management addon. Thanks

For AgenciaCoder above, Wp-Ulimo has a option to disable styles for the login page.

Means? I don’t get your query. Thanks

I was answering the question from user AgenciaCoder regarding WP-Ultimo overriding Material’s styles. WP-Ultimo has a toggle in the Network Admin to disable its styles and use default CSS. Sorry, just trying to help.

you can either use 1 style from material admin or wordpress Ultimo. thank you

Hi, I bought your plugin and for most of it, I am satisfied. I can’t find how to display different menus for each role. There will be a bunch of users on the site I am working on, so I really need to fix this before launch. Thanks!

This plugin has an option to show original menu to admin users and edited menu to rest all user roles. this setting can be managed from plugin permissions addon page. thank you


emahi Purchased

when using user profile in menu , I cant see the picture but when using user profile in top bar it works and I can see the user picture but not in the menu thnx


emahi Purchased

dashboard content box browser used /update : no data even if i changed the browser / logout button isnot working in mobile view , as i mentioned before user profile picture is not shown in the menu and some other content boxes

Hi, Where do I replace with my logo? Thanks


There is a logo options tab under options panel. If you choose custom admin theme from pick theme options panel then you can change your logo from the logo options tab. In case you use prebuilt theme then you need to change the logo file keeping the filename and dimensions same. thank you

How do I get this overlapping image effect in login page? Can you help me?

Means you want to put a new image above existing image?

The same effect that appears in the demo. Exactly like the printscreen

Solved. The image has to be smaller than 1920×1080, to get the effect. Thanks

Where are the language files?

Ok. We are releasing an update (already uploaded) regarding some strings which are left for translation. We expect you to rectify the review as well. thanks


We expect you to rectify the review as well. thanks

i have another issue with divi library i cant access export and import buttons , when i install the material admin plugin , there is a css conflict thnx and i sent u guys another problem in the comment section and i had no answer thnx

Hello, thank you very much for this nice admin theme. Very functional and beautiful design.

But I have a problem. Some tables have column width problems. This problem makes it hard to understand the data on the table.

Here’s an example from the link below:

Do you have any other plugin installed that is altering the behaviour of the table? As this issue is already been sorted in past updates. thanks

Hello. Do can be use this plugin for WP Multi site?

Yes. It can be used for Multi Site Installation. You need to network activate this plugin from network dashboard. thank you

Need the option to change the width of the left menu bar. When you select setting for center menu, its not long enough for all the list items and they get cut off – including the user profile image & user title.

I only figured that out when I realized the theme also is not capatible with other plugins that have custom icons. They sit at the top(no padding) and don’t line up. Does not look good. So both ways the menu css in this theme wont work. Please advise a fix.

Any update on this or should we just request a refund. It’s really not a problem if you don’t have time to trouble shoot the theme we’d just need to know. Thanks :)

We’ll just request a refund since you’ve skipped us over on support. We purchase with the assumption the product is supported by the Dev’s or why purchase at all. Clearly others are getting responses back from you. But when it comes to our questions we get ignored. Your plugin looks promising but without support its worthless to us. Best of luck in the future.

Please send us your logins, we will check for your issues and help resolve them. And yes none of your request is ignored. Thanks


if I install wordpress in french is your plugin is also in french, thank you for your answer

Plugin is translatable. Yoy will need to integrate your language files. Thanks

hi, i want this admin theme for my wordpress multisite, have few pre-sale questions
1. Is it compatible with multisite
2. Does it have registration page for multiste (as it uses wp-signup.php)
thanks !!

Yes, it has both. Thanks


biztower Purchased

Hello Admin, please kindly respond to my following support requests. Thanks.

Already replied to your queries. thank you

It looks beautiful but breaks things at top of wpadmin. Buttons disappear. Hard time with new posts. I like it but i dont want to wreck my site …Seems like its conflicting with things. Is there an update coming any time soon ?

It can be some sort of conflict somewhere on your sigr. Please send the screenshots of the issue. Thanks


blitzind Purchased

Avatar on left menu for some users is not displaying but works for others, please advise.

It depends on the gravtar sett8ngs for individual users. Thanks