Match Hole - HTML5 Game

Match Hole - HTML5 Game

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Use “Live Preview” button above to play my game but don’t forget to click “Remove Frame” at top-right corner of the screen to run it without issues.. or
Click here to play directly: Link Here


Tap to start… Waiting for the white dot to cross the circle and hit it. Made in Construct 2 (capx file included). Enjoy the game!

Modify the game and upload the folder to your hosting. Use the game as is, or as iframe.

Example: <iframe frameborder=”0” width=”1000” height=”500” src=””></iframe>


- Construct 2 Source Files
- HTML5 Files
- Mouse and/or Touch
- Replace Content With Yours
- Help Text Files

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- In case you purchase an extended license and you need a reskin service, i will help you one time for free. I will use your graphics, logo, links, media, whatever you need based on my game template.
- If you have any pre-purchase questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


- If you plan to use your own version of this game as a paid on stores (google, apple etc), you need to purchase an extended license.
- You are free to use ads of course by purchasing a regular license.
- You can’t sell (copy/modify/any) this game at envato or similar/any markets.
- If you have any query please contact me.


- Each license use is for one (1) website portal, store, etc. You can’t buy my game once (regular or extended license) and use it to unlimited website portals or/and stores.
- Please don’t portal my games (links) without my permission. If you like it, buy a license first. Thank you for understanding.
- If you have any query please contact me.


- Download for free Construct 2 from here:
- You can modify my game and export it without buy a license for Construct 2.
- If you want to export as HTML5 your version of my game from Construct 2, feel free to contact me, i will do it for free.
- You can replace all graphics, media with yours. If you have skills you can modify also any .html, .js files.
- In case you need any customization (build as android, ios, ads, any changes) don’t hesitate to contact me.


- You can use any browser you want like: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.. Recommended: Chrome.
- You can’t use (copy/modify/any for your personal projects, whatever) any of my content (graphics, audio, etc) of my current item here without my permission.
- If you have any query please contact me.



Even if i do all my best to minimize any inconvenience, i can’t ensure the full compatibility of all my games on every device and every operating system update. Thank you for your understanding.
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- If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact me at