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Hi ! I have 2 questions. Is it possible to add custom field and display it ? Can I assign marker to a post (or make a link directly) ? Thank you for your reply. Best regards Mathieu

Hi Mathieu,

Thank you for your inquiry, for custom fields you may need to request for customization via my profile page. As for your second question, yes you can assign a marker to each store and link to the location directly.

Cheers, Joe Iz

Although, there are sets of fields that you can change the labels, more info available here http://superstorefinder.net/superstorefinderwp/user-guide/#document-16

When I upload the plugin it says “Add-on successfully installed” but it doesn’t show in the add-ons section.

I uninstalled and and reinstalled the Super Store plugin and it seems to be working :)

Alright, great that it’s working at your end.

Can I upload custom markers for the cluster instead of the blue and yellow options?

Also, I just realized that my categories no longer filter after installing this plugin add-on.

Hi there,

You can customize the marker clusterer image by referring to this knowledge base article http://superstorefinder.net/support/knowledgebase/how-do-i-customize-marker-clusterer-image-styles/

If you wish to have our devs to customize it, you can send the details via my profile page and we can quote you accordingly. Here’s a sample that has been done by our devs http://www.desudio.com/penn-station15/index.php

As for the category issue, you can share the url, temporary ftp and wordpress admin access via my profile page with the screenshot of the issue, I can get our devs to check.

Our devs have checked, it seems that you’re using an outdated Super Store Finder for Wordpress which does not have distance settings filter causing a conflict with the latest add-on. They’re checking and try to fix this and we’ll get back to you on this via email.


I tried uploading this add-on, but it doesn’t seem to work… Is there any way to upload theese files via ftp?

No error message, but blank page except for the top menu…


Ofcourse I have Super Store finder, but in add-ons, I can’t seem to upload the .zip file… Is there a way to do this via ftp, so that I can make it work? or is it a bug?

Hi there,

You can try to provide the store locator url, temporary wp admin and ftp via profile page, we can get our devs to have a look at the issue, it could be conflict with other plugins

Sent you the login info now

Hello, wondering if this works on any template? Also is it possible to show for example only one country in the map?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, yes it works on any wordpress template and if you’ve entered locations within a single country, you can show a single country in the map, refer to real world usage in the description area of the core item.

Also take note the marker clusterer add-on is an add-on you will require the core item which is available here http://codecanyon.net/item/super-store-finder-for-wordpress/11334595


I just installed this addon. It says it is installed but the icons are not clustering. They simple overlap each other.

So what is happening is that when I zoom really far out the clusters show…but at a regular zoom, which users would typically use, the icons are not clustering and are overlapping each other. Can this be adjusted?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, if you can provide the url of your store locator, a location search and screenshot of the issue via profile page here http://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden/portfolio our support team might be able to have a look.


we buy this Marker Clusterer Add-on for Wordpress but it’s impossible to install via wordpress admin.

We have an error message:

””””Installation de l’extension à partir du fichier : ssf-marker-cluster-wp.zip Mode maintenance activé. Le site n’est plus accessible au public Réglages. Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

Installation de l’extension…

L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Aucune extension valide trouvée.

L’installation de l’extension a échoué.”””“

can you help us please?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, you need to install it under Super Store Finder > Addons page and not under Wordpress plugin page. Here’s more info that you can refer to http://superstorefinder.net/support/knowledgebase/how-to-use-super-store-finder-for-wordpress-add-ons/

Ever thought about doing this or something similar for WooCommerce sales? Would love to have a map like this where customers can check if there are other customers living in their area, with the option to contact them.



Hi there,

Thank you for your comment, sounds interesting and we may consider it, the only concern is the customer’s privacy if you’re allowing a customer to check other customers living nearby.

Hey, me again :P

I’m trying to change the text color on the cluster, but I’m having a difficult time understanding the instructions you gave here: http://superstorefinder.net/support/knowledgebase/how-do-i-customize-marker-clusterer-image-styles/

Interestingly, I couldn’t find any function named MarkerCluster in the main plugin superstorefinder js file. However, I did find it called in: /wp-content/uploads/ssf-wp-uploads/addons/ssf-marker-cluster-wp/mega-superstorefinder.js

I found the function called on line 2015, but I don’t quite know what I’m supposed to do.

var mcOptions = {minimumClusterSize : 2}; mc = new MarkerClusterer(_map, markersc, mcOptions);

Do I pass an argument into the function and create the clusterstyles variable? I only need to change the font color from black to white, I don’t need to change the size or the image.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Yes, you can include the styles attribute into mcOptions variable

styles: clusterStyles,

insert into variable like below:

var mcOptions = {styles: clusterStyles, minimumClusterSize : 2};

Example of styles:

var clusterStyles = [
    textColor: 'white',
    url: 'path/to/smallclusterimage.png',
    height: 50,
    width: 50
    textColor: 'white',
    url: 'path/to/mediumclusterimage.png',
    height: 50,
    width: 50
    textColor: 'white',
    url: 'path/to/largeclusterimage.png',
    height: 50,
    width: 50

Oh I see yeah, it was being passed into a variable, got it. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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Pre-purchase question. Can you use your own custom image for a map and place the pins with info on top of your image instead of using a google map? thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, yes you can use your own custom image for marker clusterer, you can refer to the knowledge base article available here http://superstorefinder.net/support/knowledgebase/how-do-i-customize-marker-clusterer-image-styles/

Hello, For some reason I am unable to install this add-on. I get this error message: Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in /home/boisfrancheritag/public_html/wp-content/plugins/superstorefinder-wp/ssf-wp-admin/pages/Add-ons.php on line 105.

Please advise… thank you,

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, for add-ons you need to install it under Super Store Finder > Add-ons page, you can refer to this installation guide https://superstorefinder.net/superstorefinderwp/user-guide/#document-26

That is where I tried to install it. And I got the above error message.

If you’re facing issues, you can provide url, ftp access and wp admin access via profile page here http://codecanyon.net/user/highwarden so our devs can have a look.

Jan 14, 2017: Thank you for your tremendous support. We greatly appreciate it!

Mar 7, 2017: Outstanding reviews from great customers. Thank you!

Hi there . I have just bought it. Is it possible to set the radius of the cluster?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, based on Google Maps API you can only adjust the cluster based on number of nearby markers not by radius, more details available in this knowledge base article here.

Jul 14, 2017: Magnificent Reviews! Thank you, we appreciate it!

I have this template on my website: http://demo.mekshq.com/?theme=voice. It is compatible with this plugin?

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, yes it is compatible with all WP plugin. This is an addon, it will require the main plugin here https://codecanyon.net/item/super-store-finder-for-wordpress/11334595


exmx Purchased

Hello Can you tell me how we can update add-ons ? without losing configuration `? thanks a lot

Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, you can delete the add-ons at WP Admin > Super Store Finder > Add-ons page and reupload the latest add-ons, your configuration will remain as it is.