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Presale Question: Hi there, just wanted to confirm that widgets can be used for mega menu content? Beautiful nav solution, btw. Thanks!

OK, so if I use the “widgetized sidebar” Visual Composer widget, I would be able to use standard WP widgets? Just want to make sure ;) Thanks!

Yes, that could work but it would also depend on the widgets you use there. Default WP widgets would work with no problem but if you have some crazy ajax widgets than anything can happen. We really do advise to use Visual Composer widgets.

That’s perfect. Thank you for the fast reply!

hi, my client (petra m) have bought today your plugin, because i read it is compatible with The7 Theme, but after installing is see that i have no settings like in your video under the built menu, like witdh, left/right margin, centered ect. my client have writen a mail to with purchase code, is that plugin never compatible with the latest the7 theme version? We are using boxed layout with The7 Theme but i get only full witdh mega menu displayed because no settings option under the built mega menu page. Any fix or sugestion for that issue? Another question, is that theme also ready for “Consulting Theme” because this will be my next Theme to work for a client and it have no Mega menu? BIG THX!

Hello, we replied to your email.


I have a conflit problem with your plugin and my theme. Menu is always visible on page over the rest. I have checked the options. If I give you access to my site can you look and tell me if a solution exists please?

Thank you

Hello, please send access to

Done … thank you

hello, where can i find demo content? in downloaded file it is not demo and after install i can’t find demo too…

also why some elements (for example – like ihover, interactive-banner-2 from ultimate addons) don’t working correctly? they are working in menu only if i add the same content on page.

Demo content is among VC templates. Please look there. As for the Ultimate addons, please contact our support at for instructions.

hello, how about Uncode, a rather popular theme? thx!


rouge1 Purchased

I just installed Mammoth on Salient. It seems to work just fine (after the required code tweak that you provided .. thank you). But I noticed in one of the videos there is mention of installable demos. It shows them being accessed via visual composer? I don’t see those demos. I’m using the VC that came with Salient (salient visual composer version 5.0.1). Do I need to use a different one?

Hello, thank you for using our plugin. Demo content is available via VC default templates but they are not available in Salient VC. You can use regular VC (if you have one) to load the demos or contact our support at and we will send you shortcodes you want.

Hi! Is your plugin compatible with the Impreza theme?

Hi, it was not tested with Impreza theme. Please contact our support at to test this for you.

Hi there, just bought your plugin. But I only have the Mega Menu Content Box and the Mega Menu Icon in the Visual Composer elements. I don’t see any other of your elements which are seen in the video. Any idea why?

Hello, thank you for using our plugin. There are only 2 custom VC addons. The rest is built by using default VC widgets. Our templates are included with VC temaplates. For any further questions please contact our support at

With this plugin can I enter megamenu on my site For example if I insert a mega menu like on this site I found then I wanted to know if besides the top menu I can also insert a minus in the middle of the home page?

Hello, we think this is possible. For any further questions please contact our support at


I have contact you through the contact author since yesterday for a problem i have which the plugin dosnt respont on the values i insert for the width or the left, center etc but i havent got any response yet.

Also i have an other problem in which the menu gets desoriented when i scroll down and the menu gets in sticky mode.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, the link you sent in your email is not working. Please check that and send another email with correct link. Thanks.

Done. We have resend an email with the domain.