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kitCreations does not currently provide support for this item.

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is possible to share on facebook final image?

we currently working on sharing option, you can Expect this on future versions

ok, i’ll wait the sharing option to buy. Thanks

It would be possible to superimpose hair on the face to make a change of hair style?

No , Now not have a any option for change hair style but you can customise or wait for future versions.

What does the feature “Dynamically add colors” mean?

we can add which colors we want at anytime after page load via javascript or backend.

Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)

Keen to buy but this is over-priced.

Hi,Then what is good price for this product?

Add an option to buy the makeup, a small shop like the big stores have and I will buy the script. Or help me add that option.

For that we want implement back-end process thats why i will not added in this script , we will have a method and events for each click on chart so you can add with your front-end developer with backend help.

How much would you charge for that.

Can you add your own makeup colors to this? I’d like my customers to be able to match my foundation colors.

Yes we can add our own color to this can get more information on documentation.

Could you add it to change haircuts in the future?

yes , have a plan for that, maybe in future updates.

The download button from the tester isn’ t working in mobile Android Chrome or iPhone Safari. It´s very important for me to be sure that this is will work before buying it.

this script not fully supported for Mobile browsers , we not recommended for Mobile phones.


We have problems when initializing the webcam, it only works in Firefox. How can we solve it? The error is “permission denied”.

Thank you

which platform you got error , ensure currently web cam work with secured https connection. please mail us more details for this issue.

thank you


We have tried with https but still giving error, does not initialize the camera. You can see it at:


it is working when we try from your site , which platform gives you error

The download button is not working. i’m using chrome on my laptop

Did you check on our preview site ?? Did you get any error on console when click download button?

nothing on the console. i’ve tweaked it with js. if you can add the sharing of the result it would be great.

i think what you guys should focus on for now is the responsiveness if the app.


mihaid Purchased

how can i add my own colors ?

Please refer given documents. In available option section you can find each part color option.

can your plugin be used on wordpres website?