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Can I change everything ,all the answers in portuguese ?

If yes, is this easy to do ?


Hi, After clicking over the mouth on my sidebar, the answer show up, Ok But , it do not come back to the mouth againg , it stays on the answer , do not come back to the mouth is that correct ?

Tks in advance


at the first click you should see the answer, and at the second click (when answer is shown) all the page should be reloaded

I am currently running on WordPress 4.1.1 and wondering if the plug in is compatible with this version? If not, do you have an ETA on when the update will be available.

Hi Paula, I confirm that the plugin works well also with WP 4.1.1, the online demo has been updated to the last version

I Tried to install the plugin Magic Balls but when I do I got the comment that the plugin packet could not be installed because there are no valid plugins found. Can you help me?

Hi Glimz, you should upload the folder /magic-answers/ inside your /wp-content/plugins/ directory via ftp.
if you are trying to install it directly from the wp panel, you should have in your download, which is the installable version. if not, please send me a private message, i will send you back the .zip file

Thank you verty much for your Help!

I got a question. Where can I put or download my own created tarotcards?

I still got a question. I want to put more than 1 card in to the system. You only talk about 1 card.

Yes you can! ;)
you can add as many cards as you want, so if your custom card is called my-card.jpg, the shortcode will be
[magicanswers type="tarot" card="my-card"]

if it’s called my-card-2.jpg, the shortcode will be
[magicanswers type="tarot" card="my-card-2"]

..and so on.. just put card=”...” with the same name of your .jpg, without the extension .jpg

Maybe I can e-mail you. Cause I got another question. I want on the frontpage 1 base backside card shown and when you click on it another card (with a picture I made) will come up. I want to put 20 cards in the system! How will I do that?

Hi, nice plugin
Is there a possibility rather than text, display images at random?

Hi Pixavi, I’m sorry, text only (at the moment i’ve no quick solutions to replace text with images)

Hi there! I’m wondering if it would be possible to have a short audio clip played when a card is turned over?

We’d essentially be using the short audio clip as explanation instead of the text.

I realise this would need custom development. Would this be something you could do and if so what sort of cost would be involved?

Many thanks

Hi Samoca, i’d say that would be possible, maybe setting an mp3 path instead of the answer, and setting a player inside the script (but in this way you will not have the text, if you want both text and audio, the modification would be even more complex). But I’m not available for customizations, I’m sorry.

Hi, i need a tarot flipcard system, but when i do click appearsme other image, and not a text. Its possible? thnks

Hi, no with this plugin, I’m sorry.

Thx Nicola for update ;)

I installed the plugin and used the shortcode in my homepage, but the tarot is not showing. I tried default and the other options. Please help.

Hello, please be sure to go under

Settings > Magic Answers

and click on Save Settings, also if you want to keep the default answers, the plugin needs to save them to the DataBase the first time.

I just bought it. It looks great! Q1: What px size should I make the card designs? Q2: If I have 10 custom design cards and 50 possible and altered answers, does that mean that I will have 60 shortcodes (hmmm if I changed your 20 answers and added 30 answers of my own)? Q3: Will the card designs be random or does the same answer have a different design on different shakes? Q4: Will an update over write my custom card designs and changed 50 comments?Q5: Is there a character limit for the answers? Q6: Is there a limit to number of card designs Q7: Is there a limit for the number of answers?

Update: I figured out Q1 400×605, Q2: No Q3 (just use one card) Q4: Still don’t know if “card” folder gets overwritten. Q:5 Still want to know Q:6 does not matter now Q7: no limit. Q: 8 BUT there a way to change the color permanently of the answer side of the card? not a priority…just curious.

Hi, and thank you.
1- yes, the ideal size is 400×605, you can use the file /psd/tarot.psd as template.
2- the custom shortcodes are related to the back-cards, the front side (answer) is the same for all, with a random text answer on it, so for 10 custom designs you will need 10 shortcodes, regardless of the number of possible answers
3- as said on 2, the front-card design depends on the shortcode
4- as written inside the documentation: Take care of /images folder if you added your custom graphics (replace everything but that folder). The answers are saved inside your database, so they will be preserved
5- No, there’s no limit, but maybe you should edit the file /css/style.css to make the text smaller if the answer is too long to be fully viewed inside the card.
6- no
7- no
8- yes, simply edit and replace the file /images/tarot-front.jpg
please send me a message via the support tab if you need further support

Thank you for your speedy response.

Hi! Nice plugin! Will this plugin work with WPML? Is there any way that people could share the answer on their social networks? Thank you!

I have another question. How long can be the text? I´m planning to use the tarot card template. Can I use all the space in the card for the text or just one line? Thank you.

Hi, the plugin does not support WPML, you can set only one language.
There’s no lenght limits, but maybe you will need to edit the file .css to make the text smaller if the answer is too long to be fully viewed inside the card.


1.)I want to know how to show this plugin on home page only instead of sidebar i want to show right on home page under slider,

2.) I want the cards 2 be 22 and all 22 cards have 22 texts not random and when the card flips i want that text also to be show as written below the card and below that a call to action that says if you want to know more BOOK Appointment and on booking user should pay a fee of $10 via paypal.

Please guide how to do that.


Also when we click the card it shows text while i want to design own 22 cards and show those cards not the text the text should be visible below the card.

waiting for you reply

Hi, to put the card in homepage you can use the shortcode, as written inside the documentation: <?php echo do_shortcode('[magic-answers type="tarot"]'); ?>. For support requests please send me a message using the support tab

Can the image of the eightball be changed?

Replace the files ball- inside the folder images

Another thing as well….is there a way to make the answers in larger fonts and center the answers on the middle of the ball? Answers are currently shown on the top half of the ball.

Send me a private message, it can be done with some changes to the css

Hi Nicola, plugin not work on last wordpress installation

Ciao Nicola,ho appena acquistato il plugin ma funziona, non visualizza niente. Grazie Jacopo

Ciao jacopo, una volta attivato il plugin ricorda di andare in Impostazioni > magic Answers e clikkare su salva (anche se vuoi usare le risposte di default)

Hello Mate, please tell me how I can put a link in the “back image”? (Not in the text, in the back image).

Hi, the whole card has a click action on it to flip the card when clicked, and once flipped the card has another click action which reloads the page to generate new answers. I think it would be quite hard to insert a link. Please send me a private message, possibly with an image preview of what you are trying to do, maybe I can better understand. Thanks.


bgmars Purchased

I am very pleased!

Can I install and allow visitor an option to chose from the ball, tarot and the mouth ?

Hi, you could put something like a tab switcher in your page, and a different shortcode inside each tab. Or simply 3 different pages to be linked in a menu.

Hi, i have tried to add this plugin on two sites nand when i add the shortcode nothing shows up

Hi Jonathan, be sure to go under Settings > MagicAnswers and click on Save Settings (also if you want to keep the default answers)