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I bought this plugin just days ago. Shortcode is not working. It wont display on pages. I did send a support with my purchase info.

Thank you for answering & getting back with me. It is working now. Love the plugin, only thing I would like to make a separate answer page for the cards. Also, if that is possible, then is it also possible to make the answers ‘images’ to fit in the border of the cards? Just would like to make is possible to show tarot readings. Can you help me do this? I have the images.

I’m sorry but this plugin can only handle textual answers, but I’m currently developing a new plugin called “magicards”. I’ve just sent you the beta version to test, please let me know if you received my last e-mail (from a @yahoo account)

Yes, I did get the email at my hotmail & the new magicards download too. So happy to try it out. I will email you back with review and my uses. Thanks.

Looking for a plugin fr tarot reading website.can we build on this? your revert will be appreciated. Regards

Hi, as explained in my last comment: this plugin can only handle textual answers, but I’m currently developing a new plugin called “magicards”, which will allow to decide how many cards put inside the deck to be shuffled, and how many cards display on the table, all with background images instead of text.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Great efforts and i hope you will have many more great features. Please do let me know if you need any insight on any logic concerning astrology,wicca or other exclusive mystic stuff. more than willing to assist :-)

Hi, I don’t know if you noticed, but the new plugin has been published!

This is a great plugin. I wish you could read the card again, without having to have it refresh the page though! Causes a lot of problems with web stats etc. I can’t wait for your upcoming Tarot Reading plugin. Please let me know when it is released, I will certainly pick it up.

Hi, I don’t know if you noticed, but the new plugin has been published!

Awesome, thanks!

Right now! ;)

Pre-buy questions:

1. Can I write longer answers on the cards (i.e. will the text look nice on 2-3 lines and not be deformed)? Can you show a photo of such answer?

2. Can we expect in the near future the turning again of the cards without reloading the entire page?


Hi, the text can be multiline but it’s not html formatted, you can’t set arbitrary text blocks, and only the textual answer will be randomized, not the background image. Yes, I will probably add the reload function also here, but for what you are asking you can already find all these features in the other plugin: MagiCards

I bought the plugin, but I have several remarks to make.

1. Please implement the reload function soon, because otherwise it is obvious that the answers are random and different after every page reload.

2. Can you implement different answers for different types of cards, i.e. have different set of answers in different pages on the website. Now you have only 20 generic answers that are not convincing enough. It will be better if you could define the answers specifically for the current post and not globally for all posts.


Hi, I’m sorry but the set of answers is only one, you can put your custom answers, they don’t have to be 20, can be more or less.
As said in my last comment: I will probably add the reload function also here, but that’s not a promise, and i can’t tell you when.


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Hi Nicola , how to remove plugin icon ( shortcode ) from my post editor ? Icon is also visibile for my authors :( . Thx and all the best

Hi, for support requests please send me a private message, you should edit a small part of code.


zlato Purchased

ok thx

I just installed the new version 1.8. Now the page does not refresh every time you turn the card, however there is another problem.

When you click several times on the card it shows different answer every time which is very awkward and it spoils the fun, because it shows that the answer is random every time and not specific to the user.

It would be nice if the answer remains the same for the session of the user and does not change on every click.


Please tell me how to disable the click on the already flipped card. Thanks.

Sure. Please send me a message with the support form, so I can reply privately to your email.

I did message you. Please answer.

what do I need to do to make “The mouth of Truth” shake and change color, when clicked on like in case of the 8 ball?

You can replace the 8ball’s pictures inside the plugin’s /images/ folder: ball.png and ball-back.png, then use the 8ball’s shortcode.

Hi Nicola,

I really like your plugin (MagiCards as well : – ). Two quick questions : is it possible to display cards in landscape rather than portrait mode ? Do you plan to update the plugin to make it compatible with WP v5.x ? (or is it safe to use it with a 5.03 install ?).

Thx !

Hi, you can use an horizontal format, but you can’t rotate vertical cards.
The plugin works well also with WP 5.x, also with the new editor, it already has the gutenberg blocks, you can find it under Widgets, when inserting a new block.

Hi Nicola,

Thx for your answer. What do you mean by “you can use horizontal format but can’t rotate cards” ? Will I be able to display landscape cards rather than portrait ? As demonstrated here :

Again : thx for your answers

Yes, you should change the image /images/tarot-front.jpg according to your format