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Happy New Year!

Plugin works very good!

One notice With wordpress 4.7 still everything works ok with the plugin but screen options at edit post disappear (i disabled one by one all plugins to find it) Tried with 3 themes, maybe is a conflict between this and other plugins.

Could you check it?


HNY you too.
It’s a simple CSS conflict. Please send your issue to our support email(
and we will fix it soon. Regards

Hi there,

i think the localization does not work very well.

I did not find a “load_plugin_textdomain” and this:

    // add localize script & style functions file

is commented out. Also, localize_inline_func.php does not exist.

I will check ir and send and update if you are right
Thanks for your advise.
Best Regards

Thx :)


tpphost Purchased

Just purchased this plugin. So far I do like it, but I ran across one issue that is making it difficult to utilize it fully: In the DESCRIPTION field any paragraph breaks or line breaks I add, it will ignore on the output page. See below for an example of one I did a paragraph break on, and its being ignored: (first logo). Let me know what I can do to correct this please.

Please send your issue to

Is there a way to prevent the animation when loading the page. Right now the logos only show up once I scroll down to a certain position. I just want them to be there when the page loads.

You can disable(set to None) “Item Animation” on plugin shortcode generator.

I did, but they still do a lazy load. [item_animation=”it-no-animation”]

I thinks it’s for your theme or any installed plugin.
Check your theme option and deactive lazy load image or remove plugins one by one and check issue.

Does this plugin offer a carousel that can also display logos in a grid… or is it a choice between these formats?

This plugin has carousel layout but what you mean about grid?

How can we add another detail field?

What field do you need?
It need some custom work for your plugin.

just one that says “LINE:” in place of all the social links

Please send your request to

Hi there, my logos are working perfectly on browsers but on mobile devices they don’t work. When I click on the logos the color changes as wanted but the pop-out doesn’t come up. Is there any mobile support for this plugin yet?

Answered on support system

And now in addition to a lack of mobile support, it seems the pop outs aren’t working when I click, it just suddenly stopped.

Thanks a lot

Hi there was no fix, what can I do? You said there is an error, but how can it be fixed? I don’t want a refund, it’s been working fine for a month

replied via email


dartco Purchased

There is a gap between my logos in the rows while scrolling. It creates a large gap between the rows in the grid section.

Please send your issue to

Is there an optimal size to upload the logos at?

And file type? png on transparent bg? or jpg on a white bg?

It’s better to make images with same size and upload on site.
Image file type isn’t important. you can use any image file type.

Is there an optimal size I should use when uploading the logos?