Find a Place - Cms Directory Php Script

Find a Place - Cms Directory Php Script

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    Find a Place – Description

    Awesome features such as Ajax modals, live map results, beautiful markers, quick view on listings, Your project will look extra ordinary thanks to beautiful clean design. Locations can be used for directiories, coupons, real estate, car rentals or any general listing website.

    Management panel information for testing

    Management panel

    Username: admin

    Password: 123456Aa


    • Universal CMS Directory & Listing
    • 2 Map Homepages
    • 1 Hero Image/Slider Homepages
    • Live Sidebar Results on Map
    • Data for map loaded from PHP file – ready for DB connection
    • Quick View Modal Detail on Listings
    • AJAX Modal Windows from PHP
    • Google Auto Complete Address
    • Working Email Forms
    • Latitude, Longitude or Address for Markers
    • Item detailed search
    • Recently viewed locations
    • Specify an event while adding an item
    • List of most recently commented items
    • Add partners from the admin panel
    • Blog writing and blog features
    • Total and instant analyzes
    • Adding packages, limiting members according to packages
    • Total and instant analyzes
    • Video url limit
    • Limit gallery images
    • Social accounts limit
    • Manage packages from the administration panel
    • Zoom in and out of your homepage
    • Set the home map location
    • Currency setting
    • 2 different category page views
    • Facebook twitter Add your YouTube and instagram accounts, appear in the footer field
    • Page insertion and page editing
    • Adding bank information
    • Users can adjust their own maps
    • Add free package, every user can use it once
    • they can buy ads for their items

    Theme Updates

    Version 1.0

    • Initial Release


Version 1.3 - 16.01.2018

- ADDED: Google analytics code entry.
- ADDED: Featured and sponsored items. add, edit, order.
Version 1.2 - 12.01.2018

- ADDED: Added third homepage view.
- ADDED: Blog features added.
Version 1.1 - 02.01.2018

- FİXED: Header name surname visibility error.
- ADDED: 2 different map views.
- ADDED: Managing home map location.
- ADDED: Zoom in and out of the home map.
- ADDED: Currency regulation.
- ADDED: Meta description and title management.
- ADDED: Adding, deleting and editing packages.
- ADDED: Add a partner and management.
- ADDED: Add, delete, and edit bank information.
- ADDED: Control panel, total and instant analyzes.