Discussion on Loading Icons

Discussion on Loading Icons

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hi, great job, can u send me a working example for html page i have a table that loads data from mysql but is very long, thanks

Send me email address

hi, great job! can you send me a working example to thks

HI there, icons which i sai are ther included in the files ?

Best regards

Hi, these icons are not images its created by use of HTML and CSS and animated by use of jQuery.


So every icon i saw i can get it in my product ?


Can this loading be used when a customer clicks on a server button to boot or shutdown the server using api call



I have little bit confusion in your question but basically this is java script code so it is working in all type of web pages.


Sorry to bother you again, but could you explain more specific how to incorporate the code into the html for loading the spinner before the website. I’m not familiar with jquery. An example for method_12 will do.

many thanks

sent you again please check your inbox…. thanks

many thanks for the enlightment ;-). This helps me a lot! Keep on the brilliant work!

Thanks man… :)

Can I use the loading script for a form? The form takes some time to process so I wanted to start the loading script as soon as the user clicks submit and stop it once processing is done and the next page displays.

If I can where would I need to place the calls to start and stop the script.

$(”.formclass”).LoadingScript({ /set parameter/ });

by use of this you can start loading effect


by use of this you can stop effect

demo is not working please activate the demo . can i download the gif images ?

demo is working now. and there are not gif images “Generally we use GIF animated image for loading. By use of this plugin we can set loading animation effect without GIF image.”

Hi, Is it possible to customise the text as well, i.e. to replace ‘Loading’ with another text ? Thanks

Yes It is possible. By change of plugin parameter you can do this.

Hi there – I know this is going to sound ridiculous…but I have NO IDEA how to use this. I thought maybe I could figure out after looking the instructions, but I can’t. Would it be possible if I could pls PAY you to make me a sample page with one of the methods on it?

I don’t really care which one, as I think after I see how it works I can get a better understanding of how to customize it. But, if I can pay you to make me a page that shows one of the loaders spinning until a photo/image is displayed on the page and then how to “destroy” it … it would be great. My email is ... I am so grateful for your assistance. I need this product, so I really hope you will work with me. Thank you :)

I send you example page. pls check your inbox.

Thank you :) .... Will go look and try it now. I appreciate your speedy reply. Have a nice weekend!

it seems like these are all just small icons in a sprite or something from different angles.. so can I also add e.g. my company logo if I am smart enough to handle the graphics and keep the same size.. or is it more complex ?

sounds awesome! I suggest you to write this into your advertising text and market the product like this. It will lightspeed your sales because something like this everyone wants ;)

such a function comes prior to white labeling a theme… better watch out for copycats, this plugin in is pure gold for any designer.. its like a wow effect selling this to your clients, they will be blown away right from the start!!! Awesome !!!

I am going to change my advertising text… thanks :)

Do it work on mobile sites as well?

Yes its working.

with the response for the above i need to understand

so one need to call the $(element).LoadingScript(‘select_method’, { set perameter }); at the start of the page in the head

and this in the footer $(element).LoadingScript(‘destroy’);

$(function() {

$(element).LoadingScript(‘select_method’, { set perameter });


$(window).load(function () {



can i use as pre-loader for my site. plz clarify the matter. will it go when the entire site is loaded?

for start loading effect

$(element).LoadingScript(‘select_method’, { set perameter });

for remove loading effect


total 12 method available in this plugin for loading effects.

Hey great idea and good luck with sales. Do you provide any documentation on how to use this when uploading an image from a form?

Thanks Zenguy,

To display loading effect need to just make a single line call to the plugin and set parameter

All documentation is available in attached folder.


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