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Is this script made with mvc or hmvc pattern?

And is it using CI 2 or 3?


It uses MVC & uses CI- Dev version!!

Is that CI 2 or CI 3?

Its CI 3 Dev version!!

I have a problem: If I like to add one or more images into a product, the script is dont allow to upload from my computer! How do I? Why do U not have same upload image on “Product Details” as “Thumbnail: browse”

see image

please I need this “browse”. can you fix it?

Its not related to each other!! Please contact through profile page.

Thank you

hello recently we bought the scrip and have entered 500 products and we can not enter more I wonder if is capped at prodcutos and as modified

No there is no such limit.

hello some time buy the scrip and I wonder if you can add an option inactive for some products and not be shown on the web


replied via email

The shop is great, but do you have these options:
- Whether the order is entered into the database for analysis
- That you can determine different prices for the product size

These are not available in current version but can be done. Please contact through profile page. Thank you

If you would please consider giving the Product details page an actual “dedicated” SEO friendly page instead of the Popup Lightbox, I would buy this TODAY…at least give admin the option of page or lightbox…I think it would be highly beneficial to some of us. ;) just a thought


Is this part correct spelling mistake I think

in file lw_application\views\bootstrap3\template.php

Line 70

Should it not be container-fluid

Maybe you corrected it in main-container as it does work so just confusing?

Please contact through the profile page with details.

Thank you

Sorry wrong item :( Ignore my last msg

Thanks for the information!!

presale question: can I import products and categories directly into database? I have list of items and I would like to import thousands of products. maybe you can share the structure of these two tables?

Please contact through the profile page.


I have a style theme, could I use your plugin ?

Didn’t understand plz contact through profile page.

Thank you

I have this one now:

my question: if I purchase your plugin, it will run properly with mine ?

If you knows HTMl/CSS/JS very well then you can do it.

Please contact through profile page. If you have any questions.

Thank you

hi, i am interest in purchasing this. will you help to integrate to website?

You can use it directly, it comes with installation guide.

If you want it to integrate in to another site then you should have good understating of PHP/CodeIgniter/JS/CSS/HTML etc.

Hello dear

In Turkey, PayPal, Skrill, Fortumo closed.

payza way of adding the payments ?.

can be done, please contact through profile page.


cr0co Purchased

Hello hotmail users become a blank email (in the sourcecode i see the content) whats the problem here?

Sorry, I didn’t understand please contact via Profile page with details.

Thank you


DonFar Purchased

Hi, how can i have product detail window close automatically after product is added to cart

You need to edit js in related view files.

Please contact via profile page if needed.

Thank you

Do I need anything else like any PayPal secret key for linking my account and starting receiving payments on my account or just the email that I configure in Store Settings?

No just Email will work!!

Hi there. Great cart, but I have an issue. My cart is coming up empty, even when I have added many things to it. I have sent an email, through the Item Support area, but I need to get this sorted soon as it will be going live at the end of this week. Thanks a lot :)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we didn’t received your email.

Please contact via profile page with details & url.

Thank you

I have 2 questions - When a client submits an order and pays via paypal, I need to send a copy of that email to the client too. How could I do this? - How can I enable the registration form for new users?

Please contact via profile page.

Thank you

I haven’t received any response from the email I sent. Can you please confirm you received that? Thank you

I already replied your message 4days ago on Nov 4.

Resent it today. You may need to check your SPAM folder.

Thank you

Hi, I would like to sell personalized products. Is it possible to add a message box for the customer to submit on the product page and I would get it in the email?

Yes it can be, please contact via Profile page.

Thank you

can you take the PayPal part and add it to your own site?? our do you need to use the themplate?

Please contact via Profile page with details.

Thank you


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I haven’t received any response from the emails I sent. Can you please confirm you received that? Thank you

Replied via email!!

In the most cases we get back to you within 24 hours on working days.

Thank you