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Good work! we can add m3u list? or file? thanks

Yes you will able to add m3u link

Awesome app.. how can the admin add the channels

admin will be add/edit/delete channel from web admin panel

Android Studio or Eclipse, please give both options, specially Eclipse.


Android Studio only

I just purchased this app but I am satisfied with this app. Lot of issues I had to fix to run the application like JDK1.8 we have to install.

Nothing is documented like how to configure to setup the PHP service. I had to research myself to configure it correctly.

It does not support RTMP streams. It is throwing errors if I try to play RTMP streams.

Can anybody tell me how to get my money back?

Please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia so we will solve your isssue now

whether to add the channel and category? to how many channels and categories can be added?

You will able to add/delete/delete category and channel using web admin panel

how many channels and category can be added and is there any docummentation how to setup

we have added more 10 channels and 5 category on ours app but you will add more category and channel base on your requirement using web admin panel. Yes, we have already added document for how to rekine and setup

can you please include a demo for the admin cp?

Yes, web admin panel where admin will be add/edit/delete app detail

can you show a demo?

i have not put on live but you will able to put live using PHP/MQL file

Do you have a link to download the latest demo

m3u8 working?... Thanks

Yes, support

rtmp works ?

also can you watch the channels via a webpage?

or just the app

Yes work also rtmp

does it include any ad placements?

we have given category base display channel list, if user like channel then add to favorite

can u set this up for me if and give me the apk file?

APk file of app : https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8w5v8yik2696h7/LiveTV-20-12-16.apk?dl=0

please add me on skype id : niteshsuvagia

Nice job

Kanallar gözükmüyor test edemiyorum. Yönetim paneli demosu varmı?

crashed on start. Note 3/4.4 kitkat

let me check and solve


dppaki Purchased

I got wrong app by isstake how can I contact you to sort it out

please contact me sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

Please add some features, such as the Report link, the Ads unit, push notifications, etc.

Yes sure, i will add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

Can I play videos from openload.co, nowvideo etc.. ?