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Is player in app can play .ts files?

Yes, play

support youtube url?

no but you want to then i will add so please add on skype id : niteshsuvagia

please add feature youtube embed, so i can added youtube video to this app, and then i will buy it. thanks :)

Yes, i have already this one app source code so please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

Does this app support .MKV .X264 .MP4 .AVI ?

Yes, support and working good

Why the application does not work


please tell me which one device side not working

I sent you email

please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

it possible add user to app and manage via web app admin?

Yes possible do this one and i will do but please add me on skype id : niteshsuvagia

Does this app supports, Embed codes or Iframe Codes of HTML5 Videos.

Seems, Author is busy in something else. No reply till a week.


loujtv Purchased

hello how to actually have the panel (I send you a msg on skayp)

Application Has Stopped Problème

please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia


Zahid70 Purchased

I did not get document how to set up the app also developer is not replying me should I go for a refund?

i have already given document for how to reskin app

i see android documentation, but no documentation on admin panel install. any help would be great!

figured it out, but the app just gives “try again” errors,

4 days with no response?

please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

Hi, I have some questions,before ordering this app. Added u on skype,please accept.

1. I want to add live tv app to google play, can i do this with this app?

2. Any additional knowledge or something else required to set up this app with desired channels?

3. Do google play accept such apps?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia and Yes you will able to upload this app on market and playstore will be accept this type of app

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please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

The code contains many problems. Please reply via SKYPE

please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

in the images it is seen that the panel handles users but the app does not have a login

please add me on sky/pe id : niteshsuvagia

can the channel be edited to include your own channels?

My experience in support .. Yesterday I bought the program, all very well when I registered the php files on my server, the problem started when I wanted to mount the code in Android Studio I spent 3 hours so that I could finally upload it, in this time I followed the letter of the “support document” that they send you, I could never install it … I communicated by Skype for support .. Error! The only answers I got were “that you did not read the support document?” “There it all appears” reluctantly and rudely, to top it off, halfway through the conversation they left me waiting for 1 hour because it was their lunch hour and they could continue “helping me” (for help was just telling me to follow the supporting document, nothing more) at no time gave me real support, the images I sent to see the errors that Android Studio gave me just read them and told me what It was written there, but no solution at any time, they told me practically, that “you are not asshole”, Rude, bad support, they repeated me a lot that if I wanted “something else” I should pay .. It means that their support “Free” is just an answering machine that says “check the document, check the document, check the document” do not support you at all Given the above and I made my claim to Paypal because I do not consider that the service they give me after sale is the minimum indispensable, there simply is not .. If you are going to buy the product, think about it 10 times before paying .. I do not recommend it at all

your application has stop on load olso you should change code php on mysqli because you use the old version thanks brother