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can I play music from url?

This music player only play local music files.

can i add some customized html page in this app

I do not get the point why you need to add a page, this is music player.

Gan, di deskripsi nya ini support admob (banner+interstitial) tapi di screenshoot nya ga ada contoh iklan admobnya yg tampil ?

Iya gan memang sudah support, untuk demo dan screenshot saya sengaja tidak aktifkan ads nya. Jadi nanti tinggal ganti satu variable saja kalau mau aktifin ads nya.

owh begitu , bisa pakai eclipse gak gan ? kalau bisa pakai eclipse saya mau gan

Gan bisa ngustom ndak, cukup mainin sama nampilin musik bawaan apk, semisal ngambil dari folder asset atau raw. Kalo bisa masalah tambahan biaya bisa dibicarakan gan. Sekalian rubah ke eclipse

Kalo bis, lanjut via email gan fnuryanta1892@gmail.com

Hi I need to Built-in music player with music files in “raw folder” ((The sound is running inside the existing files in a “folder raw” When you open an application )) * Not run music files saved within the device’s memory Thank

((( Hi I need to Built-in music player with music files in “raw folder” ((The sound is running inside the existing files in a “folder raw” When you open an application )) * Not run music files saved within the device’s memory Thank )))


I will buy this wonderful application But my application is described in the previous Post Which play audio files from within the folder RAW .

Do you agree with my amendment before buying the application.

Thank you

Sorry I am not available for that custom.

Thank you

Thank you for your reply

When you work the application of a new music player According to my request and asked a lot

Then I will buy it from you

Thank you

halo gan , kalau mau ganti background music playernya bisa nda gan ? ganti jadi gambar apa gitu , kalau bisa aq langsung beli gan

Background yang mana ya mas?

É possivel travar o apap para reproduzir de uma pasta específica? Ex.: /sdcard/ibl/nivel1

It is possible to lock the app to play a specific folder? (trad google) Ex.: /sdcard/ibl/nivel1

Hi, I think its possible :)

good app but I wantn’t file local I want the admin upload files from panal then shown to customers like Sound Board but I want if sound finish complate to other file automatically

Sorry I can’t provide app like that :)

if you can make like that I will pay for you more $ ..

Sorry I am not available for custom works :)

Hi I’m interested in this app. But before purchase can you add more tabs like GENRES, PLAYLISTS, ARTISTS, ALBUMS and MY FILES tabs in your Lite Music App. Thanks.

Hi, sorry I am not available for custom like that, Thanks

I noticed you have a database handler in this app. Could you run me through how I can use it to access a sqlite database? My idea is to store some playlists in one

Oh Ok, I see what you mean. I think to implement this you must have at least 2 new table, first is table playlist, second is table relation between playlist and song list. Then create form to add new playlist and create layout to display playlist. About feasibility to my system its possible, but need much effort. if you already familiar with android programming, so you only need to learn about sqlite database to make this feature.

Thanks :)

Great, that doesn’t seem too difficult. Thanks for the help!

Don’t forget your best rating here https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Thanks :)

i tried building the app, and installed the apk on my device without editting anything but it tells me that Unfortunately, Lite Music has stopped what could be the challenge

i have tried following the instructions in the documentation but still the app is failing to run. it stops

Hi, can you run the app using usb debugging, so we can know the error logs.

Hello.. Dream Space, could you help me i want to make a play home. so that if someone clicks on the song to play, it takes him to the player home.

Hi, You mean set Lite music as default music player on your android?

nooo… i mean having a home payer screen. i would have attached , the sample image here but .. i dont know how to attach her. in other players you click on a song then a home screen which may sometimes have photos, title of the song then control buttons at the bottom. you can check out poweramp, aimp3, boom player. to see that home screen

Oh okay you mean the display when music playing.

Sorry I don’t know how to make display like that.

No admob in app also documentation

yes you can disable and enable ads from AppConfig.java

Hi, when music is playing and someone press home button, one need to go to app again. can you please add the same shortcut in notification bar ?

Hi, can you please let us know what’s new in 4.1 version you just updated (Demo apk looks old one)

Or please provide the change log for version 4, it is becoming hard to compare each and every file. thanks in advance

Version 4.1 already available at google play, yes its similar because we only bug fixing by change one line code at ActivityMain.java.

about change log version 4.0, I already write at documentation at section changelog, I have wrong version text on that section, its should be VERSION 4.0 not VERSION 3.0

Thanks :)