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Hello, can you help with a feature of the app staying in the notification screen when app is in the background playing. So that user can control from the notification or Lock Screen

I don’t know how to make feature like that, but its interesting, if possible I will add it for next update.

Hello, can i get some help on the app having the audioFocus feature, whereby if another application having sound e.g games, other players start playing this app stops. so that they don’t play simultaneously.

Oh okay, noted that issue, I will try to fins solution in next update

Hi…is the app integrated with admob?

Yes its integrated

Hello, Need your help you not given notification feature when the app is in the background it’s not showing which song is playing so can you help for this? We already purchase your code.

Hi, we running music on activity level not in services so there’s no any notification when song is playing

Hi, its been a long time since you updated this app. Can we expect your next app update with new features anytime soon. Please add more tabs like Artist, Albums and Playlist tabs and also notification control feature if possible.

Thanks for your suggestion. We still working in other project :)

OK.. Have no choice but have to wait for your next app update. Anyway I have to ask how do I change when interstitial ads are shown. Like I don’t want to show interstitial ad when navigation drawer is open but instead I want to show interstitial ad when some one clicks on particular menu item in navigation drawer. Please tell me how do I do that.

at ActivityMain.java you only need to move

from onDrawerOpened into onNavigationItemSelected

Hi, There is a bug in sleep timer feature in your app. If we drag sleep timer slider from left to right side and than drag back at zero minutes and lift your finger app crashes. How can I fix this bug.

at ActivityMain.java line 744 please change
if (count_down_timer != null) count_down_timer.cancel();

I intend to use this for a player that has a fixed set of media files, built-in within the app., i.e. the user cannot add/search for its own media. Can this be easily customized for such a need?

This app cannot do that